Tuesday, August 9

august ninth. twenty fourteen.

the sealing was performed by Elder Dallin H. Oaks
which was without a doubt the most memorable and favorite part of our day.
i cannot remember a time where i not only felt
so close to loved ones, my now husband and the lord
than in the temple that day. 

my lovely companions. 

hi mother.

my adorable siblings


the wedding party

he had to carry me most everywhere
that required going up or down stairs. haha

the reception was held in my backyard in holladay, utah.
our theme was romantic and timeless.
black. cream. and blush. 
bow ties and buble' 
instead of a regular sign-in book
we had guests sign their names inside of a 
vintage bakery book. full of recipes and adorable 
little pastry illustrations. 
we now disguise it as another book on our shelf which
we love having for easy access and get to look at from time to time

my little flower princesses

wonderful women from my mission. 

with my new last name being BAKER we chose to do a
" baker " theme when it came to wedding food..

serving only BAKED goods && sweet treats

hi big how.

and we were off!!

.... to find a mcdonalds that was open nearby our hotel at the
Grand America so i could have my diet coke

what else would we do?


and here is the final look at the amazing video 
our friend Egan put together for us! 

Baker Wedding from isabelle diederich on Vimeo.

Brides Dress: The Perfect Dress
Grooms Suit: Nordstrom
Bridesmaid Dresses: ASOS
Bridesmaid belts: Anthropologie
Sister Dresses: Anthropologie
Flower Girl Dresses: H&M 
Brides Hair & Makeup: Calle K Naylor
Photographer: Benjamin Combs
Wedding Singer: Paul Cave
Videographer: Egan Anderson
Wedding Planner's: Jeni Gochnour & Abigail Gochnour
Catering: Art City Donuts and Lizzy Lu Gelato
Floral: Julie Prince