Sunday, September 7, 2014

every little girl has a dream about what their wedding will be like long before the day actually arrives.

they know kind of cake they will have

they know which flowers they will hold

me. on the other hand

i knew one thing..

which photographer i would use for my formals

my dearest friend Tessa Barton is what you would call a legend

granted. when we were playing in the sandbox as little nuggets i didn't
know my best friend would grow up to be such an amazing photographer.

but boy am i lucky.


so. as a blogger i find it my DUTY to help you ladies. and gents.
with tips, guidance and counsel.

so consider this a suggestion..

a bold. BOLD suggestion

step 1: book tessa 

step 2: book Egan Anderson

We ADORED our videographer. 

Egan Anderson is a videographer
based out of Salt Lake City and just happens to be a dear friend of my lovely groom.

he has an amazing eye for what he does and is just darn right cute and..

he's single ladies...

First Look from isabelle diederich on Vimeo.