Saturday, April 12, 2014

april showers and may brides

today was the day just about every girl waits for.

the day she gets to shower her best friend and bride to be!

before i get to the pics let me tell you about the darling little bride.

madeline is perfect.



she is funny.. and i mean funnnnny

she is the most creative woman i know

she is always so giving and mindful of others

she will take over the Martha Stewart empire. mark my words

she is a go getter! always looking for the next big project

she is the life of the party.. when she gets warmed up

look up photogenic and you will find this bride to be
she is a loyal friend

amazing big sister to kate and lindsey

FACT: my parents were concerned in high school when
all they ever saw me on dates with was madeline..
i believe we even had like a 326 day record of seeing each other every day at one time.

i dont think ive ever heard of ANYONE who dislikes this girl

and last.
 she is the most deserving girl i know of a fairy tale happy ending

and she got it!! Her and Ben are the most adorable couple. They literally
are perfect together and a big example to me of what a engaged couple SHOULD be!

Despite the dramas and hectic days of wedding planning. the two of them have really
strived to focus on what is important..





the minute he put a ring on it i couldn't wait to host a shower for my best friend of 9 years.
ha ha it was quite an adventure the last few months trying to throw this baby together.
i turned to my poor boyfriend today after we cleaned it all up and said 

" hi. remember me? sorry ive neglected you for so long"

you read it right. chick-fil-a catered. i figured i would bring it to her.. seeing as 
how it was preeettyy likely she was going to end up there today sometime anyway

how adorable is this cake my little sister Olivia made! Seriously, this girl
saved my life when it came to baking for the party! i am NOT a baker

each guest was given a personalized mason jar to build their own drink for 
the afternoon!

 ben joined us later to surprise madeline with some gift opening and games

when it came time to leave the guests were able to fill up their jars
with some muddy buddy's to-go!

oh hi. meet jenny. the third amigo to this best friendship.
she is perfect. and for all of those of you who were with me in the MTC
this is the brides whose wedding i missed. thus. resulting in the one day
i cried on my misison. 

each guest also left a little kiss for the bride so when we are all old
and wrinkly one day she will be able to remember who was there.

it came together better than i could've ever dreamed and i decided i loveeee throwing showers!
soooo not my normal thing to do. and a lot more work than i expected

but a blast! but what wouldn't t be fun when you got this girl to 


Monday, April 7, 2014

your call is INSPIRED

2 weeks of being 23 and still no sign of maturity

as i was sitting in bed this morning with a nice large diet coke

( told ya that wouldn't last too long) 

i was trying to decide what to blog about.. conference

ehh ya i could along with every other lds blogger in the world

so i decided to cut down your load of awesome posts to read and instead
blog about something different 

this week was a special one in the diederich home.
my little brother mitchell received his mission call.


so here i was alllll dang week long since my family completely abandoned
me staring at his mission call.

it was a nightmare.

walking in late at night from work.. turn around


wake up in the morning go to open the drawer for a spoon


it was like that dang video tape from the movie the ring. 

cant get rid of it.

I will say that i list not opening his mission call for him in my top accomplishments of 2014.

the runner-up being when i was diet coke free for 2 whole days

but you know who was calm and collected?


now.. i dont mean to brag but here is a young man who cared more about the

WHY than the WHERE

He didn't overanalyze, lose sleep or sweat over WHERE it was he would be serving.

rather.. WHY it was he chose to serve a mission in the first place..

WHAT it was he was going to do to prepare, WHAT he would do once he got there

WHO it was he was going to teach and help

I learned my first valuable lesson from a young 18 year old today.. 

( ok not my fiiiiirrrst.. technically id count “ never say never” - justin bieber )

That people get so caught up in the moment of WHERE AM I GOING TO SERVE!?

Some even read their mission call.. read the location.. and then set it aside.. failing to read the amazing promises, guidance and counsel given by our beloved prophet..

I myself am guilty of that.

Through my adventures as an LDS blogger ive seen so my times where people say “ i wont go on a mission if they choose state side, or visitors center, etc etc etc”.
We are beginning to treat such a divine spiritual revelation as more of a study abroad.

My advice to these individuals as always been.. 
if you are SET on living in Paris, France.. then go study abroad in Paris, France.
But do not mess with the lords time.. or go for the wrong reasons and turn it into an extended vacation.

I believe with my whole heart that EVERY missionary serves exactly where they need to be..

some of my favorite stories of loved ones close to me:

my cousin Oliver Dibblee serving in the Oklahoma Mission . One night at dinner at a local diner a man across the way noticed the last name on the name tag and asked “ Hey, i recognize that name Dibblee.. do you know a Richard Dibblee.. he baptized me back when he was an Elder about your age".. Oliver replied. Yes.. Richard Dibblee is my father.. The mans love for the gospel was re sparked that night as they talked. The man received Richards phone number and later called him to reconnect. Talk about an inspired call and being in the right place at the right time.

my other cousin Anna Diederich serving in the Independence, Missouri mission spent most of her schooling learning Russian! She was very VERY good at it too. When she received her mission call to an english speaking mission i knew she was confused and perhaps a little disappointed. Since serving in Missouri at the Visitors Center she has had COUNTLESS opportunities to use her Russian with visiting Russians. She even had an opportunity to train a Russian Visa waiter. Now you tell me about inspiration right thurrrrrr

When i was called to serve in East Germany i was sent to open up the first Sister Missionary program in the city in which my family found the gospel. I was able to walk those same streets as my grandfather did, sit in the same parks, and walk amongst the same people. Knock doors of fellow diederich’s, visit the bomb shelter in which he hid. I was even able to do lots of family history that was seemingly impossible to do and find in america

You will ALWAYS come to find the reason in which you were called where you where. Even if it is in the last transfer of your mission like mine was. Whether we are harvesting the labors of those who came before us, or planting seeds for those who follow. You will ALWAYS fulfill your purpose and not a day will pass where you wont meet someone who was SUPPOSED to find you, you will learn lessons you were MEANT to learn.

you will GO where you are supposed to go


f.y.i mitchell is single. and i will begin taking applications however, wont submit them until august 2016

oh ya. my blog got a nice makeover this weekend by my adorable sister Olivia. yes the little sister who is married.. be quiet. she is lovely and you should glance at her blog for delicious treats and all things perfect

she also made this perfect little video

mitchells mission call from Olivia Gochnour on Vimeo.

Monday, March 31, 2014


this last week i turned 23.


from the minute i woke up until the minute i fell asleep i was smiling ear to ear.

my boyfriend alex went out of his way to make sure that my birthday was one to remember!

it included but was not limited to 

being woken up to donuts
lots of diet coke
more diet coke
dinner at the melting pot
close friends and family for treats
and being spoiled with gifts

lucky is an understatement.

throughout the day however i found myself time and time again thinking back and reflecting on where i was 1 year ago today. 

cold rainy days, recovering from my sickness and waiting on missing birthday packages 
in the german post.

although life has home has been beautiful

i missed germany.

i think any RM can tell you.. not a day goes by where you don't think back to your mission and the wonderful people you met and experiences you had.. 

its the o.d.d.e.s.t thing. 

at random for 2.45  seconds you slip into a tiny depression.. even missing being screamed at, spit on and eating liver. 

but then i remembered something.. 
( which is really rare for me seeing as how i have the memory of a goldfish )

If the lord intended for you to remain on your mission for forever.. your call would have stated so.. instead he called you for 18 months to two years.. after which he needs you back at the home battlefield

i cant remember who even said that to begin with

oh ya.


see…. like a goldfish

this week i’ve come to realize.. my life at home doesn't need to be a new one.

I can continue doing missionary work here in MERICA’ .. if not even more than before.

<< because now i have a cell phone that doesn't have an antenna, a computer that
isn't in a turkish internet cafe, a car, i can run faster to chase and talk with people without a skirt slowing me down. and no curfew >>

the possibilities are endless.

so with that said..

heres my recipe for a trunky RM:

read your missionary journal
share your testimony daily
study your scriptures as if nothings changed
set your goals, share your goals, accomplish your goals
buy a german chocolate bar
skype some members
stalk the full time missionaries in your city 
host a little mission get together
flip through old photos
make new photos
and remember.. the lord will not leave you comfortless

thank you to everyone who made this birthday week so special.

i will admit.. the company was a lot better than just a photo of the first presidency for my birthday cake eating

although. i am very excited to see my celebrity crush this weekend at general conference


other random moments from my week:

i got my car back. which had died a horrible death and needed a new transmission
my family left me alone at home. so i’ve eaten strictly macaroni and pop tarts
it snowed in utah.. which is proof god has a sense of humor
i bought 18 dollars worth of chocolate at rocky mountain chocolate factory
i went a total of 24 hours without diet coke. progress
i decided i need a new hair doo. so stay tuned
i killed my first spider
i saw my life flash before my eyes ^^
i got 2 new jobs for the upcoming summer
i.n.d.e.p.e.n.d.e.n.t do you know what that means?

oh ya…


my family is the BEST and we are all going back for an ultimate tour full of 
german pastries, chocolate, people and bratwurst

im so happy i could die

no that was a little dramatic. just really really happy

Monday, March 24, 2014

menopause and midterms

menopause and midterms

catchy title eh?

it seemed to sum up my week quite nicely

returning home from a mission has proved to be the most challenging, awkward and rewarding experience thus far.

looking back i can remember waking up the morning after i got home and saying


this is it?

after a few months of far too much down time I’ve been thrown into what seems to be a semester from ..

you get what I’m going for.

but.. i guess my advice is:

be careful what you wish for?

just to give you a glimpse of my schedule these days..

6:00 wake up jr. high children
7:00 make breakfast 
7:30 drive jr high children to school
7:40 wake up elementary children
8:20 drive elementary children to school
8:30 make beds. leave for school myself
9:10 visual rhetoric / math class
10:40 upper division german class
12:00 diet coke break
3:00 work in the temple youth center
3:20 pick up all children from school
4:00 help the kids with homework
5:00 help kids with chores
6:00 put dinner on the table
6:30 do laundry, dishes etc
8:00 get the kids showered
8:30 put the kids to bed
9:00 go home and lay on my bed and cry for 10 seconds
12:00 maybe if I’m lucky and not too tired see my boyfriend
3:00: go to sleep

chaos right?

not really.

and ill tell you why

see that little gap between 12:00-3:00

that is the secret to success

I have been BLESSED to receive a calling in the Salt Lake City temple working in the youth center.. 

at first when i received my calling.. overwhelmed was an understatement. i had NO idea how id balance everything and make time for the temple.. 

i even asked.. do people under the age of 60 even work there??

I had n.e.v.e.r taken such a heavy loaded semester homework wise before. some classes require 3-4 hours of studying/reading a day.. 

yes. i am guilty of reading and driving on the freeway

gotta do what cha' gotta do

and then i stopped myself

i can’t remember who said it << normal for me>>

but its been said “ if you are too busy to pray.. you are more busy than the lord ever intended you to be “

that goes for just about anything.. scripture study, church attendance, temple work and even missionary work ** cough cough** 

just do it.

I decided to accept the calling and see how things went..

At first i wasn’t too sure how i was going to like working there..

For starters, i did get quite a few interested looks when i walk through the temple and put on a temple worker name tag. 

fact: i was already asked if i was lost and looking for the baptistry

do i look like a beehive to you?

eh. apparently

after that awkward encounter what happened next was one for the books

picture this.

walking into the cafeteria trying to find a place to sit and eat and realizing……

i was the only temple worker in my wing who hadn’t yet graduated, been married, had children, gone through menopause and had dozens of grandchildren and or retired. 

then picture me carrying my lunch tray with a chicken pot pie and side of fries sitting down all alone at the end of the long table humming to myself let it go from the frozen soundtrack. and being so upset that they don’t serve diet coke and i had to resort to drinking a fresca

i legit felt like the new kid on the block without a friend in the world. weirdest feeling since I’ve never moved in my entire life

well.. not too much longer i was befriended by a nice married senior couple and made instant friends.

i guess eating with them gave me the COOL KID sticker and thumbs up of approval to everyone else to like me.

now instead of being ignored we all gossip, I’ve learned to cross stitch and been asked to go out with grandsons 

my three hours in the temple truly make all of the difference. i leave with a lifted spirit, a new perspective and energy to go forward and get what needs be done. 


if a full time student
if a full time nanny
if a part time dance teacher
in the middle of midterms 


can make it to the temple..

well ladies and gentlemen i feel we’ve run out of excuses

i can promise you making time for the lord will life your burdens.
will bless your life in more ways than you ever thought possible.
and will bring your more happiness that you’ve ever felt before..

how blessed we are to have temples on the earth.. living in utah i took advantage of the fact that i have 3 temples all within 15 miles from home. and yet i still found excuses growing up not to attend..

the blessings await you in the temple.. a GUARANTEED way to brighten your day, lighten your load and bring you peace.

i love the lord. i love this work and i love the person i’ve become through the atonement of jesus christ and the love of my savior jesus christ. 

well i love you all to pieces

<3 bella who once was in berlin. but not there anymore. but going back to visit next month and wishes she were there.

Monday, March 17, 2014



I got lots of emails this week from readers thanking me for my weekly posts about missionary work, and many readers asking to know a little bit more about me and who i am aside from Bella in Berlin.


My life as a normal person is like .0000001 as cool as missionary me

because.. well lets be honest. 

Anyone wearing jesus christs name right next to their own AUTOMATICALLY goes up in the cool scale of things. 

so. without much further ado. 

heres a little 


1. my name is Isabelle Grace Diederich
2. i am turning 23 next week.


3. i love diet coke more than people
4. i love to travel 
5. ive read like 3 books..
6. i am absolutely awful at math
7. i love anything with a board involved
8. my passion is dancing i have since i was 3
9. i remain UNDECIDED on my major
10. i nap 1x a day.. or more
11. i love diet coke.. just to emphasize
12. i love lilwayne so much i plan to name my daughter carter
13. ive never read harry potter.. no desire
14. im the 2nd of 5 siblings
15. yes im the only unmarried girl
16. black is my favorite color
17. i love anything coconut
18. john mayer is my soul mate.. he just doesnt know it yet
19. rainy days are my favorite days
20. i am a nutella connoisseur
21. i am addicted to pinterest
22. ive never eaten a tomato
23. i love movies and popcorn
24. dieter f. uchtdorf is by far the most handsome
25. i have a wonderful boyfriend named alex who i love dearly
26. i have the diet of a 6 year old
27. i love the gospel with my whole heart. its become my life
28. i cannot NOT participate in jesus wants me for a sun


29. if i paint my nails. i will guarantee pick them off within hours
30. i stil use the term HAGS at the end of most every text/email
31. klutz is an understatement
32. im a belieber
33. i wish disney channel was still on channel 33

well. i feel that is enough for today

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

until next week! cant wait to come up with much more exciting posts for all of you!

keep sending me your emails, questions and ideas for posts!

hi. meet alex

yes. there is hope after the mission

my dad big how and my beautiful little sister

yes little. get over it


the end.

Monday, March 10, 2014

W H A T I W I S H P A R T 3


As promised.. here is a post concerning things i wish i wouldve known in the field!


When transfers roll around there is NOTHING worse than packing up and having to move to your new apartment and city! Especially when you have to travel alone, very far and well…. lesss be honest packed more scarfs and shoes then books and pencils. 

Go to the post office the day before transfers and ship those pesky heavy books and things to your next city!!!! It costs under 10 dollars.. it'll arrive exactly when you do and relieve you from ALOT of pain, trouble, missed trains and awkward encounter

If on the other hand you are the companion remaining in your city and awaiting the arrival of a companion.. make them feel at home.. Decorate their desk and bedroom area! Everyone likes a warm welcome and it'll start things off on a GREAT note by letting them you care and are excited to have them.

I enjoyed gathering pictures of each companion and or missionary/member i came in contact with.. and i had them write down their favorite scriptures, memories, recipes and even inside jokes..

^^ this one SURE helps the forgetful RM like me.. who spends more times awkwardly trying to find ways to figure out peoples names without asking directly.. 

A super fun way to inform your family back at home where your heading at transfer time is to SEND POSTCARDS to them!!!  My family loved watching the mailbox come transfer time.. they either would get no post.. or a fun postcard from my new city upon arrival! Its a fun way to document your travels as well…… and buy funny sometimes even borderline postcards!


SO… you've white washed a city eh? 
everyone is skeptical of missionaries eh?
you dont know a single soul eh?

perhaps the only thing worse then showing up to an area with an area book that hasn't been updated in YEARS is to find a ward list with outdated, weird notes from previous missionaries like “ she is nice.. but her husband resembles a troll”

no lie. 

ive seen this exact entry before. -_-

FIRST THING IS FIRST upon arrival find your bishop, relief society president, ward mission leader and get acquainted!! SHOW THEM you care and are ready to work, and request an updated copy of the ward list..

Once you have the ward list go purchase a blank calendar and begin going through the list and writing birthrates of members both active and less active on the calendar.. and hang it in your apartment!!! 

members who are active will love when you drop by with a little note or treat on their birthday.. it shows them you care about their welfare, not just strangers on the street or coming over to flip through their contacts and photos of friends and say  “ who dat.. are they a member..”

2. i can testify not one single less active member turned away a birthday cookie.. you WILL get let in.. and their hearts WILL be softened.. ( unless the elders bake the cookies.. in that case they will just be really really upset and sickened)

Being in a new city also means not only GAINING the members trust.. but KEEPING the members trust. Establish friendships and give them reason to trust you!

A great idea for making sure the members remember who you are and make them remember your visit.. is to take a cute little pic of you and your companion together.. Go to kinkos or any place where you can print photos.. and on the photo add some text!

for example: a scripture, a small quote from a religious leader..
and then sign it Sister… and Sister… 

Members in my mission had WALLS AND WALLS of missionaries photos from years past.. they'll love remembering who YOU are as well.. ( and it'll help them learn YOUR name)


In my mission.. a large part of our focus and efforts were geared towards member missionary work.. now i could create a WHOLE post on this alone.. seeing as how i created a whole book for it.. no really.. i did

its called the member area book ( stay tuned for next weeks post ) 

Of most i important when meeting with members

be on time…..
I was raised with the mentality if your 10 minutes early.. your on time. If your on time.. your late. If your late.. dont bother showing up

TIMELINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS.. but really.. nothing shows the members and investigators more lack of care then being late.. plan ahead and RUN!

2. dine and dash ( no im not referring to the old high school shenanigans of finish and then bailing without paying ). I am talking about eating with the family, leaving a spiritual thought and then leaving. I cannot think of anything less appealing then having two missionaries in my home who just lounge, meander, and try to waste a little time relaxing. 



go back to work.

3. When leaving those spiritual thoughts.. prayerfully and thoughtfully plan out each lesson before hand. When on transfers and serving along side missionaries, i always kinda got a lump in my throat when the time for a spiritual thought rolled around and the missionaries did the infamous “ FLIP OPEN THE BOOK AND PICK A PAGE”. 

I HAVE seen miracles that come from thoughtfully planning. 

Preach my gospel is an amazing tool for teaching.. Why not ask the members if you can PRACTICE teaching a lesson that perhaps your not so familiar with. This will show them that your working towards understanding and bettering your teaching. And in turn they get to hear the amazing lessons we as missionaries teach and have their testimony of missionary work strenghtened!



Just a few more great tips and tricks:

Nothing gave my mother more stress then shipping a much needed package and having it go missing or arriving 4 months late.

set up an amazon account under the country or region your missionary is serving
purchase everything from shoes, to deodorant and cereal online and amazon will get it to them in 3-4 days for a FRACTION of the cost.. ( especially if you have a PRIME account it will be FREE)

this was so much more convenient then waiting two weeks for a 75$ dollar package.. 

COMMON Q:s from this week:
1. where’d you get that green skirt - it is from anthropologie i believe!
2. where did i shop check “ what i wish i wouldve known” posts. I posted it all there :)! 
3. believe it or not.. my H&M flats were my favorite go to ( with dr.scholls inserted). Nordstrom BP also offers real comfortable shoes.
4. Advice when shopping..

ok.. lets take a moment here together..

Please.. steer AWAY from the orthopedic shoes and skorts. 



4. best way to prepare for your mission
Ive said it before and ill say it again.. you can pack and be p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y prepared with even 72 hours kits and tornado survival kits. However.. THE BEST preparation you can do.. is spiritual preperation..

You can buy more socks.. you can find that forgotten jacket.. 

but right now.. the best ting you can do to feel at peace and feel READY is come nearer to our father in heaven then EVER before.. fast.. prayer and brace yourself for the BEST 18 mo-2 years of your life..

<< old advice>>

I've noticed on my mission..Satan truly works the hardest on those that he knows is capable of making the biggest difference in building this kingdom..but you know who also knows that?

Your father in heaven. He called you to do his work because he TRUSTS YOU 

A few years back I was someone who would have bet everything I owned that I would not be where I am today. I made so many mistakes...spent more time running from seminary teachers ( literally) than learning from them. But I know the atonement is REAL. My words I felt would never be enough to describe what this beautiful message deserves...

God does not ask us to be perfect. But to give our best..and he fills in the rest. 

Remember he called you to this work because he trusts you. 18 months seriously flies byyyyyy. Do not count the time.. Make the time count!!!!!

I promise that as you serve the Lord, then your companion, then those around you and last yourself. You will find TRUE joy. 

if your interested in re-finding my Part ONE and Part TWO to this post.. here are the links!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

bella in berlin

hi bella in berlin readers! this is olivia, isabelle's sister, who managed her blog while she was gone on her mission! 

isabelle asked that i share this video i made for her while she was on her mission. 

we played it at her homecoming and all love watching her journey as an amazing sister missionary for the lds church.

we all love bella in berlin!

enjoy :)

**warning, if you have a missionary out you WILL cry hahaha**

love, liv.
Bella in Berlin from Olivia Diederich on Vimeo.