I Wish I Would've Known

Sunday, January 13



A lanyard for the MTC.. They give you a little card to get you in and out of buildings and you use it 200 times a day. And lanyards just look cute...My mom bought me a Vera Bradley one and also she sent some to my 2 companions at the MTC. You can get them up at Bloomingsales at Foothill.

A memory USB port for pics to store from other missionaries/yourself

Good old Dr.scholls shoe inserts

Your own sheets. The ones in apartments are disgusting. And the ones at the MTC should be outlawed and burned

Nail stuff to keep your nails up/ keep you sane

A small photo book of home for your purse. EVERYONE and their dog asks to see that

A Candle. Apartments stink like prehistoric elders

Rolling luggage. You'll be alone for transfers. Luggage you can push is so helpful!

A calender with pics from home to write down birthdays since a mission is a time warp-my mom made mine at Costco online and each month has a different picture of family and friends with birthdays written in for me.

Decorations for walls. Cute quotes etc. Makes it feel like home 

A small recipe book of your FAV recipes of your moms etc. You get cravings out here and will need to know how to make them! I also have been putting in recipes that I learn here!!

Print out from pinterest 30 minute workouts. Morning sport can be pretty pointless if not

An alarm clock that doesn't make you want to kill yourself. Or your companion 

Bring a copy of your patriarchal blessing you can laminate and shrink it in the MTC for like .40 cents. Nice to carry in your scriptures 

An address book for home and mission people

A spiritual journal. For firesides and conference etc

Your young women medallion...it's a good conversation starter

A watch!

Have family send you your favorite snacks. If your anywhere near to as picky of an eater as I am you will get ill from 9 weeks of 19 year old boy food at the MTC.  You literally eat then sit then eat then sit at the MTC. Microwave Popcorn saved my life.. 

Or have my mom explain to yours just HOW IN THE WORLD she managed to sneak in through UPS same day MTC service, cafe rio, the dodo, blue lemon, great harvest, Pei Wei and baked goods..

A comfy blanket from home. I am always wrapped up in mine the second we get home 

A study journal for scriptures and PMG (Preach my Gospel)

Personal stationary 

A backpack AND a purse trust me!!!! Some days your back needs a break! And plus backpacks make everyone look like hobbits

Hold onto every letter! Send them home. You'll want to keep them! ESP the creepy ones

I don't know if it's just a German missionary tradition but we have these " tschuss books" and it's like a diary you give to missionaries you meet and they write in it with pics of fun memories or a cute note/ uplifting message and addresses for after mission life!!!! It's a Fun Thing to do..
start the tradition there!!!!!

SLEEPING PILLS!!!!!!  Ibuprofen PM is probably the best with no side effects.. melatonin results in insanely awful dreams.. 
those first nights at the empty sea (MTC) you will need sleeping pills! Between the mix of girls crying and panic that will keep you up all night. They will save your life! And when you go abroad it helps you adjust quicker 

Your own towels and hand towels. Once again...the ones in your apartment were most likely used by elders 20 years ago 

You can buy them at the MTC. They sell black and white tight cap sleeve shade shirts!!!!!! Buy both. !!!!!!! It'll save your life. There's so many cute tops I didn't buy that i wish I would have because  they cut down low...but these shade shirt make everything work! Hella Utah mom status

H&M ballet flats are probably the comfiest shoes I brought. They also sell some with a hard back but get them! ( if you take scissors and snip into the shoe like a half an inch right in the back stitching where the heel is it helps give it more pull and relieves chance of blisters)

A nice BIG bottle of ibuprofen

If you going abroad.....tampons. They just don't understand that in other places. God bless America  

Scarfs...they make you feel not so worthless when you have to repeat outfits over and over and over again

Learn how to sew by hand.. Everything rips chips and tears

NO you don't need those " super comfortable" Mary Jane walking shoes. These shoes eventually make you delusional to think they look cute somehow. NO. Stay AWAY. There are better options!!!! 

Write down one miracle that happens every single day

A small mirror for your bag. You go all day with just nooooo clue of what's happening

If you can play piano bring cool sheet music you like! If you don't play piano....better learn. On a mission you become the involuntary pianist if your name tag says " sister"

Best places I found stuff and skirts long enough

Lands End (ghetto but has long skirts)
The Rack
Downeast... ashamed but yes
Asos....online website my life secret but I'm willing to share it!! Best place ever
Savers (someone elses junk can be your treasure) we found great blouses for 3.00

And last..... THE MIRACLE SLIP there is a store in draper Utah on 12300 south..
that sells a slip with lace on the bottom. Comes in cream and black. Buy both!!!!!! it makes every inappropriate skirt that barellllllly makes the cut work!! Cheatin' the system-also the Cotton Blossom clothing store in Holladay just started carrying them my mom says. They sell out fast!

And last


Remember he called you to this work because he trusts you. 18 months seriously flies byyyyyy. Do not count the time.. Make the time count!!!!!
The MTC was the hardest at first but has so far been the highlight on my mission!! There is no place in the world like it! I seriously miss it!!

I promise that as you serve the Lord, then your companion, then those around you and last yourself. You will find TRUE joy. 

If you have any other questions Facebook my mom and she will give you my email! 


Thanks for deciding to serve. I needed help out here!!!! 

xo sister d 


  1. ok i don't know you but I leave on my mission in just over a month! you are my new favorite person!!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for these tips!

  2. Bella!! Had no idea you went on a mission! Congrats- still funny as ever! Miss our old good Crimson Line days! Good luck & ich Liebe dich it's the only German I know lol!

  3. See you in berlin! Ill be in the MTC in 3 weeks and hopefully berlin in 5

  4. This post was super helpful! Especially the info on where to get the slip extenders because I have been looking for them EVERYWHERE and haven't had any luck 'til now :) Tell Bella thanks! and to keep writing, she's got a great sense of humor!

  5. Oh my goodness! I loved this post I just found on pinterest, and I am a 36 year old mother who never went on a mission. I am saving it and giving it to my kids in like... 8 years! Good luck out there, you are a good woman for serving a mission. Bless you.

  6. THANK YOU so much!!! I am getting ready to go in the MTC pretty soon and I seriously needed this list. You're an angel!

  7. Where exactly on 12300 is the store that you got the slip extender at? I must be blonde, but I can't seem to find it.

    1. I would also like to know the answer to this! What's the store called? Thanks :)

  8. This is beyond helpful!! Thank you so much for sharing! Love your blog.

  9. Seriously. This list is perfect. Also bring lots and lots of peds, the little hidey socks for flats. I served ibm the south and thanked the lord on regular occasions for elastic waist skirts. Just don't naked any drastic changes like a crazy new haircut or all new clothes. Give as you are because God knows you're awesome. Make best friends with the elders. And if you write awesome letters photocopy them so you can stick it right in your journal because chances are you won't have time to write both.

  10. Wow. sorry for all of the auto text mistakes.

  11. Thank you so much for this! I've been asking my brother and friends questions, but they're all guys so they don't really understand what I'm asking. I found this just in time!

  12. Thank you for tips even I don't know you. It's gonna help me before I'm going to serve on a mission :)

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  14. Love it. Thank you so much, you're a life saver! I love the list of stores, I was starting to think there may not be any cute options for the mission!

  15. I am seriously glad i'm not the only one who shares my views on the awful mary jane shoes my grandma wears. but thanks so much! this helped so much. definitely clears a girls head when she heads off away from home!! i'll be in madrid, spain in march!! huzzah for israel!

  16. Thank you!! A friend recommended your blog to me, my daughter is about to enter the MTC. Good timing for last minute ideas/suggestions! Good luck!

  17. He Sister Diederich! I am a returned missionary and I write a blog for future missionaries. I would love for you to do a guest post on my blog about a day in the life of a missionary. I would also love for you to feature my blog on yours! Let me know if you are interested. Check out my blog at www.hipsterrm.wordpress.com, or contact me at hipstrrm@gmail.com. Good luck, sister!

  18. Wow, this is SO helpful!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! You are wonderful. <3

  19. This was both funny and informative- thanks!! Iam leaving for England in a few months, and I am wondering about the "Miracle Slip" you posted about. Is there any way to find it online/ can you tell me the brand or name of the store. I've got some super cute dresses that barely don't make the cut. If you could let me know that would be great!!! My email is shampooster@gmail.com, or you could reply in the comments. THANK YOU! I appreciate this post :)

  20. THANK YOU SO MUCH, i already found what I'm looking for, this is exactly what i need. my decision to go on a mission was like on off on off on off, so now, i think i know what to do now, i Should go on a mission. wow,, thanks sis diederich, wish we've meet, your such a wonderful person.
    from PHILIPPINES with love.

  21. immabout to serve a mission (state side) and I've added a dozen items to my shopping list! this post and the follow up one were invaluable! thanks for being a genius and posting this! (i actually stumbled onto it thru pinterest so I'm guessing even more girls and moms have read this blog since you last checked lol)

  22. Some missions don't allow the skirt extenders anymore so check that out before you buy. Also, I have a cute online store geraed toward LDS sister missionaries- www.sistermissionaryclothes.com

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  24. I have a question that I haven't been able to find anywhere, generally speaking, what kind of style are you allowed to go for? I was told by my mom it has to be business-type, but I think thats more for her mission era. As in, can you wear tulle skirts and things like that? One blogger I LOVE is laceandlocks.com, and while not all of her stuff is modest, is the style acceptable or...? Thanks! Also thank you for being the only really cute and helpful RM. Much needed :)