april showers and may brides

Saturday, April 12

today was the day just about every girl waits for.

the day she gets to shower her best friend and bride to be!

before i get to the pics let me tell you about the darling little bride.

madeline is perfect.



she is funny.. and i mean funnnnny

she is the most creative woman i know

she is always so giving and mindful of others

she will take over the Martha Stewart empire. mark my words

she is a go getter! always looking for the next big project

she is the life of the party.. when she gets warmed up

look up photogenic and you will find this bride to be
she is a loyal friend

amazing big sister to kate and lindsey

FACT: my parents were concerned in high school when
all they ever saw me on dates with was madeline..
i believe we even had like a 326 day record of seeing each other every day at one time.

i dont think ive ever heard of ANYONE who dislikes this girl

and last.
 she is the most deserving girl i know of a fairy tale happy ending

and she got it!! Her and Ben are the most adorable couple. They literally
are perfect together and a big example to me of what a engaged couple SHOULD be!

Despite the dramas and hectic days of wedding planning. the two of them have really
strived to focus on what is important..





the minute he put a ring on it i couldn't wait to host a shower for my best friend of 9 years.
ha ha it was quite an adventure the last few months trying to throw this baby together.
i turned to my poor boyfriend today after we cleaned it all up and said 

" hi. remember me? sorry ive neglected you for so long"

you read it right. chick-fil-a catered. i figured i would bring it to her.. seeing as 
how it was preeettyy likely she was going to end up there today sometime anyway

how adorable is this cake my little sister Olivia made! Seriously, this girl
saved my life when it came to baking for the party! i am NOT a baker

each guest was given a personalized mason jar to build their own drink for 
the afternoon!

 ben joined us later to surprise madeline with some gift opening and games

when it came time to leave the guests were able to fill up their jars
with some muddy buddy's to-go!

oh hi. meet jenny. the third amigo to this best friendship.
she is perfect. and for all of those of you who were with me in the MTC
this is the brides whose wedding i missed. thus. resulting in the one day
i cried on my misison. 

each guest also left a little kiss for the bride so when we are all old
and wrinkly one day she will be able to remember who was there.

it came together better than i could've ever dreamed and i decided i loveeee throwing showers!
soooo not my normal thing to do. and a lot more work than i expected

but a blast! but what wouldn't t be fun when you got this girl to 



  1. Wait this is all so perfect. I love it! you're amazing at this stuff hahaha


  3. it was all perfect!!!

    literally perfect

    love you sis