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Monday, February 17

oh em gee..

Can you all forgive me?

I know I know.. I said I would write when I got home and I have failed. Miserably.

But let me explain myself..

I thought I would  know what to write about.. but truth be told, aside from missionary work and the gospel. Well I had just about nothing figured out. 

I suffered from POST mission floating disorder:

Post mission floating disorder: a made up disease I thought up to describe the symptoms of an RM who feels awkward, out of place, trunky and loads of anxiety.

DO NOT BE ALARMED.. coming home is not as bad as it sounds. I just was very poorly prepared for it! SO…. Ive spent the last few months getting my footing, finding my new curve for writing and figuring just HOW  I can continue to inspire my readers to come closer to god, be strong member missionaries and full missionaries all while having a little fun..

Because lesssss be honest.. im all about it.

So ill start from the top..

My arrival home was like expected.. I spent the 18 hours of travel hyperventilating, trying my hardest not to look at the airplane movie monitor next to me and ya know.. check my pulse every now and then to ensure I wasn’t dying. The man next to me watching Crazy Stupid Love with Ryan Goseling sure made it difficult to keep my composure.

Once we landed in america my mind was blown. EVERYONE spoke english, and worse they were all walking around and smiling. 

Lets get one thing straight..Germans are not mean people, but addressing complete strangers with a friendly hello is very un common for them. So you can imagine being in an airport where everyone is smiling, and saying “ hi sister”, and then theres me looking behind me and saying “ what?…. oh me!? your talking to me.. dont hurt me..  i have NO money." 

Most people when in america would do something exciting.

I went to applebees and bought a hamburger.

Getting off that plane in Salt Lake City was a feeling ill never forget. Seeing my closest family and friends all waiting for me, i didn't realize until i saw them just how much i missed them. My mom was convinced i was suffering from post war anxiety, seeing as how i was hyperventilating and crying so hard i couldn't even speak. I was happy yes, but scared out of my mind. 


As a family we drove to my Stake President office to be set apart, he gave me the most b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l blessing and advice for the transition home. The whole meeting he referred to me as Sister Diederich, then as we came to an end and my name tag was removed he said “ thank you for your service… Isabelle”


who da heck is that.

That first night home was pretty overwhelming. Surrounded by family and a few close friends my brothers spared no time in showing me the latest youtube videos, songs and everything else i missed. 

I can honestly say i felt a small part of me die when i was introduced to  “ what does the fox say” and a look at miley cyrus’s new look and video. I was also clued in on the news crazes of snap chatting and instagram.

i could've sworn in my head i was hearing the words “ abort. abort. abort”.

The last words my mission president told me echoe through my head every single day. His parting words of wisdom for my group of 3 missionaries leaving the mission home proved impactful. He gave me a small list of things to do to ensure a smooth transition.. so I thought I would share them..

1. continue your good habits – as missionaries our days revolve around reaching out to others, having the spirit with us, serving everyone else first, and also setting time aside to study the doctrine.. He PROMISED that if we made sure to study and pray every single day that we would remain active, happy and missionary minded.

2. Go to church all 3 hours. This was shocking to me at first.. being a missionary spending less than 6 hours in the chapel on Sundays seemed rare. But with the name tag removed I noticed how easy the ideas slipped into my mind to sleep in a little longer, leave a little earlier. Or do the infamous feast and peace ( get the sacrament and goooo)

3. be ACTIVE in your calling and serve diligently.. 

4. Give a vocal prayer at least 1x daily.. and if at all possible do it in your mission language.. Its been the greatest way to keep up my german.. I also study half of the time in my scriptures in german.

So aside from that wonderful advice a few things .. I also have decided to add on a few of my own.

1. To this day I STILL miss my mission.. I think about it daily and find myself always telling them mission stories I once LOATHED hearing around RMs… 

But I realized something.. I had to remember.. that if the lord intended on you to serve for the rest of your life.. it would’ve stated so in your call packet. However, the lord has other plans for you. He needs those strong soldier back on the home battlefield. He wants you to come home, get an education, begin a family, serve your local branch and pass on what it is you have learned.

2. Just because you no longer have a name tag to wear, doesn’t mean you cant constantly be a representative of Jesus Christ in all that you do. Since i’ve been home I made it a GOAL to find at least one missionary opportunity a day. I inquired of the lord, shared with him my goal and he has helped align our wills and make it happen!

3. Keep in touch with members, investigators, new converts and everyone you met while serving. All of the people you met had a BIG impact on your life, and you can bet you most likely had an even greater impact on theirs! By keeping in daily or weekly contact via skype, calls, letters or facebook. I have found it to be a great way to keep myself happy, avoid too much “trunkiness” and continue to motivate them in the gospel as well as myself.

Well as for me here today. Life has never been better. 
I am still as awkward as a clam, mutter to myself in german, and am less than comfortable talking about anything other than the blue book or my main man Joseph Smith. But im improving.

Im loving life as a full time student, Salt Lake City temple worker and having a full time job

I know this is where the lord wants me to be. 

k your still mad. i said im sorry for not posting sooner. 

stay tuned peeps. more to come. 

« « « «  SPECIAL NOTE » » »»

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts, questions, advice and things youd like me to 
continue writing about. Because, as we all have noticed. I did a horrible job on my own.

Some ways you can contact Sister D:

email: belladiederich@gmail.com
facebook: Isabelle Diederich ( yes.. i still use/love it)
twitter: @bellediederich
instagram: isabellediederich
pinterest: Isabelle Diederich

or just drive to the Shivers parking lot on 33rd South.. Im there once a day for a diet coke.. 


wir hören uns!



  1. yay! love you sissy.
    so glad you are home.

    (so i don't have to upload these for you every week ;)

  2. i LOVE this Isabelle aka(sister diederich) and also love your secret secretary for the two years (O)!!!

  3. HEY! sis isabelle, so glad you updated your blog, i always check your blog if you updated it.
    you know what, im leaving on my mission next week, feb. 28, 2014,. im excited to serve the people of Philippines Cavite mission. thanks for your update. love you so much. <3 <3 <3

  4. oh em gee your still cute as ever..and I'm still creepy as ever. Whatever I'm over it. Keep the dirty diet cokes rollin'

  5. I found your blog by searching for Sister Tolman (she was in the MTC with my daughter, a great missionary and example to her, and her aunt is my friend and just made the connection because my daughter is serving in Salzberg and a lady Sister Tolman's dad taught when he served there is in Sister Henry's ward...you will see German mission connections go on forever...) anyway, this is a brilliant post and I will definitely be bookmarking it to share with Sister Henry when she goes back to being Sherry. Thank you! You are darling!

  6. I'm so glad I came across your blog! I love when I happen to stumble upon a new Mormon blog that is seriously so hopeful. I'm a convert to the church and I'm from Texas so it's very hard at times to deal with the people. But I've read through your blog and it's so uplifting and helpful so thank you for that!

  7. high five woman. i got off the plane (a couple weeks ago) and first thing i did was get a drive thru cheeseburger. i don't even know if you're still using this blog or reading these comments, but i owe you a big huge THANK YOU. i've got a hardcore case of the RM blues and then i remembered you had the best pre-mission posts so of course you'd have the best post-mission posts too! needless to say, i found exactly what i needed to.