Monday, November 26

This week even though being on the other end of the world I got to celebrate thanksgiving. 

My new companion is German an isn't a big fan of celebrating American holidays...because she's not one. 

But once I explained to her that it is a holiday to eat food... It was all gravy. 

Get it...?

Aahhhhhhhhhhhaha I kill myself 

We spent lunch in the Missionary Couples apartment with other missionaries. It felt super weird trying to celebrate something that felt sooooo wrong without my family. 
But sitting there looking at all the other missionaries doing the same thing I am. It hit me that this is my family for right now. 
You really never notice what you have until it's gone.. i miss you guys! 

We had a fun afternoon. I made a giant turkey picture named Tom and had everyone write what they were thankful for on feathers.  
It was a good reminder to all of us once we saw that things pertaining with missionary work mainly filled the blank feathers....

It was fun guessing who's feather was who's. I guess Ryan Gosling, diet coke and naps were a giveaway for me. 

After we were done eating instead of napping or catching up on a whole season of Modern Family/and watching nana Joyce krunk-karaoke rap (love her) like you all did back home...
we went out and got back to work. 

My new compy comp is good. She is a deutscher. She is really shy but a cute girl. 
Just when I thought I knew how to speak German.. I get a native. I have no idea what happens anymore. 

It's like a daily reenactment of Tarzan and Jane. When Jane tries to teach Tarzan to talk. 

Ooh ooh eeh ahh ooh

She is like a super genius and her hobbies are bird watching and her job is looking at stuff like fungi through a microscope...
I was always the kid in class that would find bugs and gum to look at in science under the telescope or burn things. Way more interesting!

So needless to say were quite opposite but in a good way. She is a good for me.

The dynamic is really interesting but it perfectly balances itself. 
We push each other and really help the other in specific areas. 
It has been a new experience living with someone from another country. 
We do lots of things so differently but it's a priceless experience to live and learn from a native.

We do NOT speak English. It's only been a week and I know so much more. Writing you is the most English I've spoken in a week. 

It's been fun teaching her about American things and words. 
the words swag, yolo
how to make nachos
mini golf 
fry sauce
Diet Coke
fireworks (explosions that do not indicate war)

Last night we took a train into a sketchy like skechers part of town hoping we could locate a less active member. 

There were two men on our train that the term intoxicated would be an understatement for. They were shouting, singing drinking songs as loud as they could. 
I couldn't help but laugh and enjoy the show.. Well my interest didn't go unnoticed. They both looked over and began whistling at us and making kissy faces and wouldn't stop hassling us. 
I'm so glad I didn't understand much of what they were saying. But by the look on my companions face... It was best I didn't need to know. 

 As the train ride went on more and more people got off the train...and nobody got on. Our stop was still a while away and we got super uncomfortable and worried. 

When we finally got near to our stop i said a quick 3 second prayer in my heart. Right after I finished I got an overwhelming feeling to wait longer before we hopped off. 
I looked up at my companion and she nodded at me and gave me a look like she agreed what i was thinking... Then without a single word between the two of us we waited till the last second before the doors slammed shut and jumped off and boooooollltttteeeedd. 
The timing was perfect. I looked back and sure enough the door shut right on the two men as they attempted to get off and the train pulled away. 

I couldn't believe how lucky we were. It's amazing what can happen when we live our lives in tune with the spirit. 

The work is progressing! We have been doing alot of work within the ward and contacting people and seeing the miracles that come from hard work. 

Every single day I go to bed more tired than the last. And wake up more sore and grateful than the day before..

Today we are all going on a hike somewhere to see a lookout of Leipzig...... yay my favorite thing to do..... wait...i have NEVER said i'm going on a hike before...that sounded weird! 

I hope alles gut.. Thank you everyone who sent cards and packages these last few weeks.. I am grateful more than you will ever know!!
The holiday season is going to be hard.. but I'm so thankful for friends and family like all of you to make it easier..

Dear Uncle Buck Toph and Mark.. I'm praying for all of you and am so sad to hear that things health wise are not going well.
You are and will be in my daily thoughts.. If there is anything i learned so far on my mission... is God has a plan. And every trial
on this earth.. is a blessing in the next..

Line of the week:

Sister Warncke (my companion): Ya there are alot of things about America i don't like.... ugh and RAP music that's the worst.. I'm allergic to it

 ahhh .... me too.. its... the worst....those Americans..



xx B

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