It's Christmas Time!

Monday, December 3


It's Christmas time!!! Finally my comp/district is letting me play Christmas music without getting mad at me!!

Ok granted September was a biiiiit early to begin it all but punctuality is better in the eyes of the lord than slothfulness. 

This week we had a mission conference with half the missionaries in the Berlin mission. 
We heard lots of good talks, good laughs and even got to do a white elephant gift exchange........ 

you better belie-dat I went all out. 

I brought a HUGE box and filled it with packing peanuts and inside at the bottom I had a life size movie quality.... 

mr.bean mask. 

I know what your thinking..

Well while helping some random guy move this week I spotted the treasure and used my bartering skills I've acquired from street markets in Mexico to get the mask!!!!
The elder that won it crept around wearing it the remainder of the party haha excited was an understatement. 
And in turn for bringing the greatest gift ever in turn I got....

A rubix's cube. 

The only thing in this world that is about as fun as lint. 

Ugh... I gave it away to the first elder I saw and just walked away haha

But my companion however won a banjolin

Banjolin: a mix between a banjo, and a mandolin. Sounds like nails

Towards the end of the meeting they opened it up for testimonies.. 

You know the feeling when it seems like a super good idea to go up there on the stand??
 then you get up there and just panic contemplating how to go sit back down not awkwardly.... or is that just me???
Well..... I was stuck an bore my testimony.  I was so nervous I was shaking. I think it went well!

What's great about a mission conference is the friends you make!! For example Sister Linford.
She and I are like twins!!! She kills me. Ahhh I hope one day we can work together. We wouldkill it. We made a goal together..
She has to baptize a little person and I have to baptize someone with an eye patch... 
This just gave " finding" a whole new purpose. 

First week with my new companion went well. I'm not quite sure I've ever met anyone more serious than my comp. 
I'm all about being serious when working.. I just wish she would get my jokes! Hahaha some of my best ones..... reaction...

There is nothing more awkward than explaining a joke.

She is VERY blunt too. But it's a good thing. 

I'm just use to the American
 " hey does this look good?"

O_o....... Looks great!!!!

Nope not with Sister Warncke hahaha she tells you straight up what she doesn't like or what doesn't taste good.

It's refreshing just sometimes catches me off guard. 

She is sweet and shy which is different for me but i couldn't do it without her! I love her!

For the last 6 months of my mission. I've done about 2 hours of finding each day. 
Giving away 15 cards perhaps in that 2 hours. In the last 6 months I have given away about....
(insert math answer that I can't do)

All of which NOT one person called or showed up to an appointment....

Until Friday. 

We were sitting at our centrum getting ready to pack up to go back out finding since our appointment hadn't come (we usually give up after waiting 10 min....)

PAUSE &Rewind....

On Monday we did a few hours of finding. I'm use to speaking with every single person I see. 
But one man in particular I just KNEW I needed to talk to. He was a BIG buff guy. Kinda like a Viking..

I had soooo much angst but I talked to him anyway and gave him a card. 

Fastforward :

Our centrum doorbell rang and my companion and I looked at each other in disbelief..... "NoOoOoOoOoOo" we both said... There is NO way he came!

But sure enough. Standing at the door. Florian

We had an amazing first lesson and he loved it! He is sooooo prepared. I was overwhelmed the entire lesson I was soooo happy my heart was racing. 
Finally someone showed up.. FINALLY all those hours in the cold and rain and first 6 months of rejection finally paid off!!!!

I found someone!!!!

There are Germans out there that are prepared for the gospel!!!!!! Their just better at hiding....

I learned a good lesson about not judging by the way someone looks this week.

Deutschland is bitter cold. It's that kindof cold where you have to move your face around and look weird just to make sure it's not frozen. 
I've been shoving hand warmers everywhere to try and keep warm!

Still waiting on a snuggie mom.. They don't have em here........

Line of the week:

(teaching new members son)

Me: Christophe are you excited to be baptized in February!?

Christophe: I'm not going to make it..

Me:  your 8...... What else could you possibly have planned!?...

Christophe: the world ends in 23 days.. The mayans said so plus I learned it in school. 

Kids got a point. 

Happpppppy birthday shoutout to my besssttfriend Madeline! 
Ahhh I hate that I'm not there to give you a birthday party but I love you my dear!! 
Zum geburtstag viel gluck and happy 7 year anniversary boo!!


  1. That handsome young man in the grey suit on the left is my missionary!!!! Love the pictures:) You are super cute!

  2. Where did you get the super cute floral skirt?! I LOVE It and i am shopping for my missionary clothes right now!

  3. love the skirt! where did you get it?

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