Monday, January 14

That awkward moment whhhhhhhhhen your waiting at hauptbanhof in the middle of a small hurricane waiting for your street train, 
and along comes a large semi truck that drives through a backed up drain and causes atidal wave to completely knock you and your companion out. 

Hahahahahahahahhaha we were dyinggg it was the most embarrassing thing in the world but we couldn't stop laughing enough to be upset. 
So instead we took shelter and stood by filming as we watched other unknowing victims stand in the exact same spot and get taken out hahahaha 
unfortunately no other semis came alone to make a good enough splash but we got some good footage!

This week we managed to meet with lots of old investigators who went wheres waldo on us.. Chocolate appointments are always the BEST appointments!

This week we had an appointment with Karstan.
He is a bob marley loving, photography junkie, college student annnnnd a vegan. 


But just great and a good guy! However his favorite topic isssssnt really the gospel hahaha.... Yet

So to lure him back in to meeting us again, we invited him to our centrum to play"fussball" (that little soccer game with the rods that I hate because I always kick it in the wrong goal)

He was super stoked and pretty confident in himself. Soooooo to make it a little bit more interesting we bet him that if he lost he had to come to church next Sunday hahaha. 

Little did he know Sister Warncke is like reigning champion in kicker (fussball) And she kicked his butt..

See you in your Sunday finest Karstan. 

Friday night we were sitting out on our porch with a candle and like 200 blankets for fun and ended up burning the edges of my planner...
.which in turn caught it on fire...
which made me drop it onto other papers....
which caught on fire...

which created smoke that alerted our kermit crab neighbor who came running over to ask if we knew something on our porch was on fire SHOOT


On the BRIGHT SIDE our neighbor who never comes out of her apartment is ironically an ex-member.....and this little encounter counts as making contact....which is progress... 

Bringing them back to the fold one fire at a time

We are seeing miracles over here in Germany!!! That german mission reputation is changin! 

We baptized Xin this weekend! He is just the sweetest little thing! His testimony is the strongest most simple thing I've ever heard.
 He was truly someone that was prepared for this gospel. 

His baptism was early Saturday morning and it was beautiful! The elders filled the font but we just couldn't figure out how to make the water warm.. 
It was bitter cold but that didn't stop Xin. 

I cant quite describe the feeling watching someone who you grew to love so much be baptized. I'll never forget these last few weeks! 

After Xin came up out of the water he stood there for one minute with his eyes shut, and stood there completely silent with the biggest grin on his face. He was just glowing! 

We took him out to get lunch after and he just kept saying how haaaappppy he was!
I just cannot wait until he becomes the Bishop in the China 1,179th ward! 

Building the kingdom!

The joy a mission brings is unlike anything in this world! Missions are HARD. 

There comes days where you physically emotionally and spiritually can NOT do it again. 
But every morning " like an army" at 6:30 in the morning when we kneel down to pray as missionaries we receive renewed strength and hope. 

We work harder, hit the pavement even harder and later that night crash harder than the night before. 

As of late I am a believer of the saying:

"Miracles do not come until after the trial of your faith.."
Everyone has hardships and everyone is fighting a battle that we don't know about. 

But its not our downfalls or trials that make us into who were meant to be.  

What defines us is how well we rise after falling

Line of the week:

Elder: Sister Warncke you are pretty smart and don't need to wear your glasses to make you look that way!

Sister Warncke: Well looks can be conceiving


Dyyyyyiiiiiing rolling on the floor in tears not breathing laughing 


I discovered the communication problem between Warncke and I. Germans do nooooooot understand sarcasm. 

me: " geeez it wasn't cold outside or anything" 
warncke: what!? Yes it was I am freezing are you crazy!?

Sarcasm. I wont give up until she laughs with me! She is the best! I am blessed!

I love this work...

I sent my mom a post to put on my blog and facebook for all future sister missionaries! A helpful list of what I wish I would have known and what to bring on the mission! take a look if you would


  1. Sister Diederich, YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!! I love your stories. I just found your 'What you wish you would have known post' and ended up here. So happy I did. I'm sitting here with my sister who served in Munich and Austria and she totally gets your sarcasm problems. I feel like you're totally yourself too. God needs you for who you are, right?
    I'm even more excited for the real life adventures that my mission will bring. But I got called to the Armenia, Yerevan mission Georgian speaking, so I'm sure it'll be different. But still. So stoked. Keep up the work! Thanks for hookin a sista uuup with the works. Peace and blessins!

    also, Elder Christian Clayton. If you see him, tell him Charity Suttner says hey boi.

  2. I also found your post about what you wish you had known, and thank you so much! I'm turning in my mission papers in a few weeks, so I'm so excited to get all my stuff together and whatnot. So thank you! And I'm definitely going to be reading your posts in the future :)

    Oh, and my brother is serving in Frankfurt!


  3. oh my goshhh girl you are so cute and hilarious!!! help meeeee, can we wear heels as sister missionaries?? i notice you are in the baptism picture. Shoes is the major issue with me! i still want to look cute