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Monday, October 7

I've received lots of emails ( which I love so never apologize when you send them. Your the best),  with a few of the same questions sooo...

Just real quick I'm going to comment on a few little things I've been asked alot lately..


E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E is herzlich willkommen to my homecoming!! ( that means your invited ). 

Whether we have met or not I'd LOVE to meet all you wonderful people. Party in the USA!! Minus Miley Cyrus I've heard she's lost it. 

 I don't think it's creepy to hear from you haha I love meeting new people, hearing your AMAZING stories and knowing that I've been able to touch your life in one way or another. 

even if it be a rap song reference intermingled with the gospel. I do what I can do. 

Its truly been an amazing experience for me to hear from readers everywhere from Japan to Mongolia and everywhere in between. I LOVE hearing from you and helping in every possible way I can. It's made my mission COMPLETE and I'm SO thankful to every single one of you. 

I don't consider myself to be any person with wise words.. but I do love your questions and believe I've been able to keep up and respond to every letter or email! lemme know if not. 

With that....
Some readers have asked if I'd be interested in speaking to youth groups/firesides. I love teaching, meeting new people and sharing insight on the gospel and my conviction to the gospel story... 

Anytime I can share my testimony I will bear it!!!!

I've had lots of requests for a post about " WHAT I WISH I WOULD'VE KNOWN BEFORE I GOT IN THE FIELD" entry

Don't you FRET
I've been jotting down in my journal for 6 MO. a nice BIIIIIG list of advice, tips and tricks for everything from companion advice, tips for transfers, training, sister zone leaders, study ideas, missionary easy recipes, lessons plans..

The whole SCHABANG. 

I will be posting that in a few weeks..once my mission ends so I can also attach on the " HOW TO SURVIVE a zombie apocalypse.... or worse...coming home"

So stay tuned for that. 

And LAST considering "the blog"... Ive had many readers ask what will happen with my blog after I go home. 

I don't consider myself a person with any wise words or coolness ( is that a word?) ........ see. 

And to be honest I've never even seen my own blog or even know how this works but my amazing sister Olivia has been the administrator ( like does it make us FB friends? if not we should be..)

BUT your letters touch me and motivate me more than you know... I've given it some thought and..

I decided to keep writing! 

Every. Single. Week. A new post!!

 I'll still write about my life as a missionary, life as a now member missionary, advice, thoughts, life as a awkward single RM and fill your week with all the other wonderful brain litter & things I manage to think up..

We got a good thing going.. 

" my heart will go oooooonnn and oooonnnn"

yes I just quoted celine dion. Is she still performing in Vegas?

wir hören uns 

Sister Diederich 

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  1. sister Diederich- you probably dobt remeber me but this is brother Russell Alley- I was in the olympus ward several years, actually more than several as I think you wouldve been about 9 at the time, ago and I was your primary teacher a few times as a substitue- just wanted to let toy know ive been reading through out your time serving the Lord and there hasnt been one post that hasnt brought tears to my eyes and the spirit into my life- also great memories of the good people I also served in the Germany Berlin mission- thank you for serving the Lord and our brothers and sisters in Germany- and thank you for your ever growing strong testimony of the gospel and our savior Jesus Christ- Ich weiss auch das das evangelium wahr ist- bleib stark und bis ans ende aushauren