a small bump

Wednesday, July 9

One month down.

One month to go.

Here's the last month or so in pictures!!

Life as an engaged woman is pretty darn stressful.

Whoever said wedding planning was easy is a big fat liar.

Its safe to say i have about 1/10 of things planned that need be.

at this point

+ half my wedding party may be nude.

+ we might serve lunchables until i can make up my dang mind on food

+ big how may be my band

(( fun fact: howard has a banjo he has offered to bring ))

but really.

every venue or vendor i call to schedule either

a. laughs in my face when i tell them my wedding is just 1 month away

b. rather awkwardly tries to tell me how foolish i am to think that they would
still be available to help me

c. * silence *......... dial tone.

every time i need to make a wedding based decision.
my natural instinct is to.

take a break.

go buy a treat.

eat a donut.

take a nap.

go get just one more burrito

so .. thanks to my food as a reward for NOTHING method.

August 9th is stressing me out. but i wouldn't trade this time for the world

unless the world came up with a donut filled burrito in a snow cone.
or some other sort of masterpiece.

oh ya that whole " shred to wed " thing is on my to do list..

Aside from my soon to be food network debut

Within a period of hours of her breaking the exciting news we were
online together booking tickets.

Such a last minute trip sure did have its bumps however...
kinda like when my airport ended up being 3 1/2 hours away rather than the
1hour i had initially planned for travel wise.

Which resulted with her
in the temple receiving her endowments and me and my two other travel buddies
ali and wendy stranded on the pacific coast highway.

but don't you fret. after a little sweet talking.

the sweet temple workers let us 3 girls go up and meet her in the temple to greet her in the celestial room for when she finished.

words can't describe what it was like seeing my best friend there.
that day we had spent years planning. pillow talking about and waiting for.

this bride taught me such an incredible lesson i feel at such a PERFECT time.

quote from my gram that evening
" thankful for my first friend in high school. my best friend since then.
but more importantly for a bride who knew what was most
important and followed her heart. this weekend was a testimony builder for me that
its not the wedding that matters. but the marriage itself. "

After that amazing and much needed weekend california get away


you thought i was done talking about food.
after not seeing this cute boy for a week i surprised him and took him on an


Which included his favorite activities. meals. treats etc

One being his favorite Brazilian restaurant "Rodizio".


we tried registering.. it went a little something like this.

" no Alex. we do not need to register for fruit loops "

" sweetheart.. no.. no a $100 bean steamer isn't really necessary"

* meanwhile shattering and breaking fragile appliances *

* me trying to convince him an ice cream maker was a MUST *

We are lucky we made it out alive.
or more like lucky we didn't get kicked out.

It really has been quite a whirl wind. 

This weekend especially.

As i was crossing off my TO DO's for the wedding

I knew i had previously had the " lady" checkup before my mission. And i
didn't feel another was needed.

but not that easy

I had a small quiet voice in my heart that told me i needed to make an appointment

When i told my doctor on Friday about pains and discomfort i had been having
over the years. he was less than amused.

before completely stressing me out he suggested
i come back, but this time to the hospital to get more testing done.

I checked into the tuesday morning and after a 3 hour surgery
i woke up and while awaiting the news and very much so enjoying my anesthetic

i apparently:

+  told my mom i heard an ice cream truck and was mad she wouldn't go get me one

+  told the nurse that the hospitals diet coke tasted like $h@#

+  mistook the blood pressure wrap as Alex and was mad at him for "squeezing my arm"

+  asked my mom to accompany me at the imaginary one direction concert in salt lake that night??

While in surgery the doctors found that i have endometriosis.
Through 3 incisions in my abdomen
they were able to remove endometrial polyps found all throughout as
well as abnormal growths.

heaven knows how i went so long without knowing.
I've been just popping them pillllllls all these years for my pain

My heart has been so calmed and touched during these last 48 hours.

Not quite the way i envisioned my last month of wedding planning but
none the less a unique and humbling experience.

a small bump in the road but definitely not a detour

Late last night i found myself upset at the amount of pain i felt,
and was caught up worrying about what the future held

I was rolled up like a sad burrito in my bed and decided to scroll through my
old blog entries from the mission field

Lets just say i got put in line REAL quick.

geez i was a feisty sister. 

God truly does give his toughest battles to his toughest soldiers.He will not sit back and watch us fail. 

So heres to a new wedding diet of saltines and water

(( so gross ))

 a wonderful fiancee whose now officially seen me at my worst

(( soooo.... so gross ))

sorry for puking on you.

and a loving heavenly father who will not leave us comfortless.

(( soo wonderful ))

oh. and a picture of me in the recovery unit where i look like E.T

because everyone needs a good laugh

Immer wenn du in die knie gehst,
stehst du stärker wieder auf.


  1. so so lucky to have a best friend like you. my wedding wouldn't have been the same without you there!

  2. NO OKAY!



  3. Hey Bella, I stumbled across your blog before I served my own mission and loved it. by far my favorite mission blog, congrats on the engagement! Also I got married 6 months ago, and i don't know if its your style at all or where you're looking for venues, but check out the barn at linden nursery. We were the first couple to come to them about having a reception there and now they have a website that you can look at, however those pictures on their website seriously don't do any justice…like at all. i have some pictures on my blog; http://zackarlie.blogspot.com (its the second post from the top) and i have a ton more on my Facebook. Feel free to add me if you wanna look or to just check out the post. But good luck! don't stress too much about it, it'll all come together and before you know it, it will be over and you'll be married (: