a few of my favorite things

Monday, April 17

if you know me you know i LOVE to share my favorite things

im not a fashion blogger nor will I ever be

BUT my snapchat friends now im always sharing my favorite finds. 
so i decided to make this a monthly sortof a thing! 

living in a small town means LOTS of online shopping despite my husbands
wishes BUT lucky for you if means im always trying and finding new fun stuff

first my favorite new jeans. 

kk let me start by saying i get so overwhelmed with all of the little
individually owned shops you see popping up all over instagram

what drives me even crazier when trying to navigate these sites is seeing
soooooo many differences between what they say/charge

im losing an arm and a leg over a pair of shoes i feel like only to find
they really cost like 1/4 of the price!

one shop i've found that i love is

a cute mom who prides herself on yes of course marking things
up enough to make a living but not making all her customers go broke

these spring jeans ive seen on a few other sites but her prices couldnt be beat!
same with my favvv pair of free people knockoff shoes i bought a few months back

im one happy customer again and again!

my new favv midi rings

another company i love to support that DOES good 

these rings never leave my fingers. AND for every ring you buy
the company will send money to support the prevention of human trafficking. 

okk now i get emotional talking about this one

THE worlds best concealer. ive.tried.everything
and NOTHING holds a candle to this stuff!

i promise you will NEVER try or need another ever again.
this stuff is creamy. long lasting. and ACTUALLY DOES ITS JOB 
but yet it doesnt feel like its caked on. it took me forever to track my shade
down at sephora so i would recommend just going online to tarte.com

my snapchat friends know i also get teary eyed about these makeup remover
cleansing wipes from target. my skin is SO SO sensitive. 
i buy 4 or 5 each time i go to target just nerrrrrrvous they might go away

im a nervous wreck 

BUT from what Spencer at Target assured me to his best knowledge they 
aren't going anywhere!!


these BLACK makeup wipes with activated charcoal are so soft 
on my skin but leave it feeling cleaner than any other wipe

my relationship with charcoal isnt a good one
(those who follow my snapchat saw my horrible charcoal mask unveiling in which i cried and said 
alot of things that i shouldnt on social media in my pain)

but this humbled me and changed my mind

as far as spring cleaning goes EVERY YEAR
this time of year i search for this scent from Mrs. Meyer's
its a limited edition only sold in the spring so we buy enough for the year

the peony scent Mrs. Meyers cleaning products are AMAZING

i am a clean FREAK can honestly be likened unto Gail


and its important for me to find products that arent too harsh but get the job done

oh. and the peony scent makes it all the better

well thats all for now

i know i know

i suck at blogging

oh ps we have an exciting announcement coming soon

(not pregnant.. totally wish i was.. so badly)

stay tuned!


  1. I have yet to try shape tape but I know literally NO ONE who doesn't like it. I need to get on that, ASAP! Also, now I feel like I need to follow you on Snapchat too!


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