creepin in the low

Monday, January 7

I came to a conclusion this week..

Missions are like professional stalking. 

You have a giant map in your apartment with pins of where everyone lives that has ever paused to listen to you

You plan your whole entire day around how you can find these people

You call people all day long... and when they don't pick up.. You call again!

You randomly drop by their house to say hello...multiple times a day until their home

When they don't buzz the neighbors apartment to have them let you up!

You invite yourself inside

When you are with them you immediately plan the next time you'll see them will be

When you see a lost contact on the chase them

Even when people tell you they don't want to meet with you.. You call them up in a month or two again to see if they have changed their mind

Creeeepppin on the LOW

This week was better so that's good!

Late one night we were sitting at the RIZ and it began to rain. 

I sat down on the couch that overlooks the city, opened the huge glass windows and just laid my head back in heaven enjoying my favorite thing in the world. Rain. 

And just when i couldn't get any happier, a heaven sent blessing... 

A young guy down on the street playing his guitar began singing " Wonderwall" by oasis. 
Ahhhhhh only my favorite song in this entire world.. I was literally the most content happy person in the entire world. Ah I needed that!

For new years we gathered up every ounce of chocolate that has been gifted to us over Christmas, and took it to old contacts as a " new years gift"
SLASH attempt to get let inside. 

It's amazing how simply throwing in the words " chocolate" or " gift" changes hearts. 

New years here was WILD

Germans have the l.e.g.i.t stuff over here. Better than fireworks that you get in Wyoming illegally.. And let me tell you .....Germans...
they LOVE it!!!!

There is just nothing like that feeling when your in bed at 1030pm on new years eve.. party to attend..

Then being woke up at midnight by hooligans throwing firebombs at your window. 

The fireworks went off till 4am and continued for 3 days straight! 

It is so misleading trying to rest peacefully here while trying to differentiate the difference between fireworks and gun shots. 

Well thanks to the local news that plays at the train station I found it was a little bit of both.

This week we saw ALOT of miracles. 

The Lord really put me through a testing period on my mission this last month, but I'm sticking it out and feel the miracles that have come because of it. 
I'm so grateful for the power of blessings and the comfort this work brings!

I know that everything is going to be alright. 

With this new found strength I am determined to work so much harder than ever before and finish out my mission strong

While we were sitting in our lesson with Francesco this week he paused mid- sentence and said ...
" can I be a missionary?...I want to be a missionary and go talk to people on the street and tell them why I'm sooooo happy!"
Either I'm just a mess lately or that was the sweetest thing ever because I started to cry I was sooo proud!

We are also now teaching Francescos mother.. She's an amazing artist and super sweet. 

The only downfall is......she has short term memory loss. Like 50 first dates memory loss here. 
Every time we come over she has noooo idea who we are. Every week we reteach the exact same lesson.
 It's like awful but funny. Anyone ever had this problem before?? Help a sister out

This week our President shared with us a story about a man whose relationship with God had dimmed, doubt and worry filled his heart. 

One night a friend led him to read a verse in the bible
After lots of study he overheard a voice saying:

" Christ will visit you tomorrow"

The next morning the man quickly cleaned his home and prepared tea and food. 
He then presided at his window seal and there he waited for the coming of the Savior. 
It was then he noticed through his small shabby window, an old man. His clothes shredded and torn nearly freezing outside. 
Without hesitation the man invited him inside, gave him some warm tea and set him on his way. 
While continuing to anxiously look out the window the man noticed..

A young mother with her child nearly freezing to death and invited her in, fed and clothed her. 
Night fell and the man grew discouraged that the Savior had not yet come. 
But indeed he had come.. multiple times

"Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” (Matthew 25).

After hearing that story I thought to myself..

How often in life do we look and rely on the BIG miracles to change us? 
Do we wait for the significant loud answers to come to us and guide us?

In doing so missing all of the tiny miracles that happen daily? 

The presence of the savior is a DAILY occurrence.

It's when we look for these tiny miracles that we realize heaven really isn't that far away. 

I can't remember where I read it.. 

But in life just like trials.. sometimes it may seem the Lord is not quick to answer our prayers or does not hear them.

He is still, because he knows and trusts that we already know the right answer. 

Sometimes when we do receive these this answers, they do not need to be extraordinary, but rather small and simple enough to move us. 

He doesn't need to provide us with guidance and assurance concerning things we already know to be true. 

Things he knows were capable of. 

I think that shows a love much MUCH greater. 

I don't have a lot of time left on my mission. But I know that as I do my part and trust that the Lord has a plan, loves and trusts me that alles gut!

Line of the week:
P-day at an Italian Restaurant 

Me: Sister Warncke... I like this pasta but I don't understand the name of the meat the menu says is in it..

Warncke: the animal with the stripes 

Me: TIGER!? What kindof sick people eat tiger!?

Warncke: NoOoOoOoOoOo 

Me: Zebra!? That's even worse!!

Warncke: nooo its kinda like beef but the meat is cut into STRIPS.

thanks for the loss of appetite and heart attack

Lost in translation.

Gott sei mit euch bis auswiedersehn (God be with you til I see you again)

1st picture Sister D looking forward to saving more lives.

2nd picture attached Hahaha we got a new elder in our district. We thought we would break him in and freak him out. However there was a VERY serious undertone to this text we sent. 

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  1. Sister Diederich I LOVE your blog so much! This has helped me as I've been preparing for my mission! I am going to Denver Colorado North June 26th and even though they are complete opposite places, this blog has still helped me quite a bit:) I do have one question.....where did you get that adorable green floral skirt in that picture?!?! IT IS SOOOOOOO CUTE! Anyways keep working hard and bringin German souls unto Christ!