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Tuesday, January 1

There is nothing like being a missionary on Christmas! It was sooooo different but wonderful. 

We woke up on Christmas morning..... ate cereal.....studied and stared at each other 

Seeing as how I had to wait till late afternoon to open my package when we skyped.. 

I prepared myself and the night prior I wrapped up things in the apartment I found so I could unwrap them and make Christmas morning normal!

Cereal boxes
Toilet paper
Hymn books

The members here took good care of us.. They invited us over to watch their kids open presents and even meet the Weimchtsman
( a very creepy snugly Santa)..

It was three days straight of

At one particular eating appointment i was chewing a strange meat when my companion asked the host what it was...

"Goose"! they said...

Some things are better left lost in translation.. Who eats goose?

I ate what I could and i was stuffed
Then the lady brings out ice cream....alright no problem
Then she goes into the kitchen and comes back with peach cobbler...mmk
She then brings us German cookies...uhm
Then brings out German cake...no!
Then leaves and comes back with candied nuts...stop!!!

She stood up and I said " NEIN WIR SIND SATT!!! (We are full!!!!) and she looked at me weird and said... I'm just going to my bedroom to grab my sweater. 


This week we had exchanges and i stayed here in Leipzig with Sister Noyes. I greeted her at the train station and she held out her hand and said

 " I brought you a gift" 

And in my hand she plops a set of earplugs. 

I look up and she grins and says " I snore "


Happy new years!!!... Eve

2012 was a gooooood year but had it's disappointments..

1. Mayans were dead wrong and successfully pulled the greatest prank known to man kind... second greatest was...Obama
2. AP's wouldn't let us keep a pregnant cat
3. Justin and Selena got back together
4. Noone ever found Kony. 

Now for the good news..

1. Francesco Deodato Assisi is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and holds the Aaronic priesthood!!

2. I am staying in Leipzig another transfer with Sister Warncke workin on my Deutsch 

3. We have another baptism date for Janruary 16!

4. My birthday is in 84 days

This year fleeeeew by and I cannot believe I'll be home in 9 short months! 

New years brings lots of changes for me. It's been a hard year but worth it.  I know i gave my best at everything I could. 
God threw alot of trials my way but I know I was not the one who gave up. I have come to know myself and my savior so much better. 
I know what I want in life and I have faith in the Lord that he will lead me there..
Keep it loose keep it tight 

Line of the week:
(me massaging my back to relieve pain)

Warncke: i hate seeing you like this
Me: like what..?
Warncke: your face... it just looks like painful and makes me pained. 
Me: oh.............. mmk

liebe Gruße Sister D

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