Street Smart

Monday, January 28

Being a sister missionary comes with a many special little moments that I have come to appreciate and laugh about. 

I'm beginning discussing this post about elders. 

Love emCan't do it without em. Super duper great guys. 

But their questions sometimes...haha

I've compiled a list of my all time favorite questions elders have asked me throughout my last 9 months....enjoy

" it's 100%cotton.. will it shrink?"
" how do you make an omelet?"
" if you could be a exotic tropical animal what would you be?"
" is preparation-h a girl product?"

'' does ham fried rice require ham?"
" can you bake brownies for a tomorrow?"
" does blue and black go together?"
" how do I chop a carrot?"
" (at mtc) my companions parents were killed in a freak fire accident, 
he's homeless and doesn't smile but he would smile if you wrote him..
well his parents are alive but he would still smile if you would"
" can you do something useful for District Meeting like play the piano..or bake?"
" Suppose I was going to buy a facial mask..which would I buy?"
" have you ever heard of my band? The nephitez"
- Yes... Nephitez with a Z
" what about brown and black?"
" do you think she will wait for me?"
" if you were one.. what would girls like for birthday gifts?.."
'' did i tell you my marching band won state?.... 4 times''
" what does this tie say about me?"
" I see your getting lucky charms for breakfast.. Does that make your lucky? I think so..because we just met"
" if a dragon attacked the MTC right now what would you do?? Baptize as many people as you can before he catches you?"
-....I replied....I would probably walk home!

Bless their hearts. 

Haha but for real elders really are a big blessing in this work! 
Working side by side with them I've learned so much. 
ESP. How to ask insanely weird questions. 

Well now onto the next one 
Ohhhhh this week was a beautiful mess. 

This week holds the record for scariest mission experience yet!!

So sister Warncke and I were heading back from the church late Saturday night and waiting at the old hauptbahnhopf for our train home.

I noticed an Indian man staring..smiling being as creepy as possible. 
So we walked down the track a ways..only to have him follow.
 He got on his phone and began walking closer to us.

We didn't wanna wait another second with that creepercreep. So we said forgggeeeet it and started hauling and hopped on a random train headed the same direction as home. I was sitting on the train and looked out my window and...HES STANDING RIGHT THERE DIRECTLY 2 feet from the window staring at me. FREAKING MICHAEL MEYERS STATUS

We stand up and ran to the end of the train and got a new seat. 
But to our luck the train just sat there...chillin

Once the doors shut coincidentally in walked 2 big Indian men and looked around then walked towards us, 
and sat right DIRECTLY across from us in the row.

We decided to see what would happen if we faked to get off the train and see if anyone followed. We stood by the door and faked to leave the train but hopped back in at last second. 
My companion and I looked back in a mirror and noticed those two Indian men quickly stand up, 
and walk to the back of the train.
To the FIRST MAN! SNEAKY BUGGER! He was hiding..
they signaled him and they all hopped off the train together..

We totally dodged and watched as they hopped out of the train door and looked around.. One noticed we were still in the train and tapped the other two.. they didn't look very amused that we outsmarted them..


Sooo sketchy. That's like Taken part 2. German style right there. OrIndian style.. I wondered what BIG HOW would do as the father in that situation.... Well thank goodness nothing happened. Love you dad!

Either way I'm super glad all of my cop t.v series watching paid off and avoided having our faces on a milk carton.

Street smart 

It was a hard one this week! But that's becoming quite ordinary for me..
This week held lots of new challenges but I'm embracing and learning more and more daily how to draw nearer to god during times of trial. 

I truly felt all of the prayers in behalf of my health this week. 
Im getting great help from the doctors here and my compycomp is playing mom!
knowwwwww and testify that God answers prayers.
One very critical thing I've had to learn is to not pray for things to change...
but pray for the strength to carry on and to accept new challenges..

Accepting the will of God in all things and trusting in him has made all the difference in my life and my mission. 

The work is going so great here! We have been spending alot of time strengthening our new members and getting them integrated into the gemeinde (ward) and callings in the church. We did lots of finding this week and found a few solid people were super excited to get working with! There are soooooo many people prepared and waiting to hear the gospel... now we just gotta find them..

Line of the week:

Me: Were from the church of jesus christ of...
Man: Utah
Me: Excuse me!?
Man: Your from Utah
Comp: I'm from Germany
Man: but she is from Utah
Me: NO were from the church of jesus christ of latter day saints
Man:  English speaker
Comp: I speak German
Me: Me too
Man: I don't want your book



(p.s. these blog posts are not posted by Sister D they are posted by her sis Olivia )

 there are some days you will catch the elders and find it better not to ask questions...

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