Should I Serve?

Wednesday, January 30

Hi everyone! This is OLIVIA, Isabelle's sister. I administer her blog and she wanted me to tell everyone thank you so much for the great comments and feedback. She loves what she is doing and is so happy she could help you all out! The question she has received the most is IF people should serve. Here is her advice!

Ok soooo I gave my 50 cents to those who are preparing for a mission...

This week I got some sweet letters from a few readers who have been deciding whether or not to serve.

Super. Duper. Normal

I had the same problem. 

Growing up I was convinced sister missionaries were not the coolest things going. If it wasnt the 6:30 am wakeup call that scared me, it was the wardrobe. The life of a missionary looked wayyy too stressful and too much for me to handle.

I wasn't one who could quote scripture, I'd normally choose to recite the 1st article of faith if I had to read one. My testimony was strong and personal, but not one that I shared too often.

The best advice I can give anyone who is thinking of serving or concerned is..

The lord sometimes does not need to command us in all things. 
There is a power in us as young women ( and men if reading this) with the ability to decide for ourselves. 

We know what's right for us and the lord knows that! Our service would OF COURSE be supported and admired by him.

Sometimes we don't need a message from heaven to help motivate us to serve.

If anyone has fears of serving... don't.

Missions are not scary.. Hair pulling.. What in the world am I doing here experiences!!

There are absolutely no negative results of a mission unless you are disobedient.

There is nothing more valuable and important in life that I know I could be doing right now.

I put alot of things on hold to serve..a great job..

Yes, alot of those things I've lost along the way.
However, I know that god has and will bless me even more for my service.

Things I've learned out here are lessons I could learn in no other place than on a mission. 
Times where I maybe needed to be alone to learn to draw closer to no one but the lord.

Missions are doubt about that. 

But you WILL experience more TRUE JOY then you knew possible. 
Everyday is exciting in someway when you count the little miracles. 

Fear is not a attribute of the holy ghost. If you have bad feelings towards serving..that may not be your answer. 

Service isn't for everyone.. 
I know multiple people that prayed and knew that god had other plans for them
Suppose you decide not to go. Have a ring on your finger or something just didn't work out. 
That does not mean you cannot be a missionary.

Anyone that has served a mission can tell you.
.the missionary spirit does not stop when you remove your name tag at the end of two years. 

The lord asks us all to do missionary work before, during and after a mission.

Give referrals to the missionaries
Invite non member or less active frends to come to dinner and meet with the missionaries
Bring friends to mutual or institute
Post your testimony on
Volunteer at the MTC
Go on joint teaches with missionaries

Every member a missionary
Tag or no tag  

xo, Sister D

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  1. THANK YOU! I have already decided to serve, but I was discouraged a while back after months of prayer and what I felt like was no answer. I knew that I wanted to go and after a blessing from my father and a talk with my bishop, I know now that this is for me! You just reconfirmed my feelings on this so thank you very much! I love getting to know you through your writing and experiences!