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Tuesday, March 26


Just about the most wonderful awkward funny appropriate little birthday ever

(It was a close tie with my 5th birthday party, when my mom and Ian Gilletes mom hired power rangers for our joint birthday party and one of the "rangers" jumped off the roof and broke his leg.)

Mission birthdays are wonderfully awkward.

My companion is adorable and made me banana chocolate chip pancakes (my favorite) 
Then we reported to Berlin..


Last Thursday Elder Bangerter called, telling me all the sisters need to report to Berlin for a sisters conference of sorts

Here is your shoutout Elder Seth Bangerter! ( yes Bangerter like the highway exciting huh? ) 
solid AP right there. 
Annnnnd threw me a wonderful surprise birthday party!!

Now what other AP's throw surprise parties out there??

Get on our level. 

Fast Forward:
well much to my dismay it wassssss just a conference. But they did sing zum geburtstag viel gl├╝ck. (Happy Birthday)
During the conference each sister got to go up and introduce themselves..
it went like this:

hey.. im sister ____, im from Provo Utah ( or Vernal, PG or Ogden...I'm 19 years old, i went to BYU and I love reading and sports.

Then i get up there:

hey.. im sister d, I'm from the hollahood, I'm 22 years old, i didn't get in to BYU, I prefer reading spark note books and have never played a sport in ma life..
( Ya you remember those sister missionaries? )
The 22 yr. old' ones you use to hear about..
Freaking dinosaur over here.

#OLD SCHOOL SISTER SWAG. One of the few still standing.

After that my day consisted of a lost birthday package, breaking through my boots, dropped my birthday cake on the floor and resorted to eating burger king..
winner winner chicken dinner.. spoiled

To make up for everything I DID receive some dollars in the mail from readers so i was a happy camper over here. It wasn't the 70,000 I was hoping for but..
- I can't wait to buy stamps, stickers, pens and other things us missionaries like.


However the BEST birthday gift of all was one that money couldn't buy.
It was sitting in sacrament meeting Sunday and watching Francesco surprise me with his gift to me that he had prepared and practiced all week...

Which was him walking up and bearing his testimony in front of the whole congregation.

I just couldn't handle it
The sweetest. Purest. Perfect. Powerful testimony I've ever heard. 

I wish I had a better update on my health..but I do not.
I'm having to do lots of thinking, fasting and praying about what is best for me right now.
The power of the priesthood is real and I've felt those blessing everyday and strength
i didn't know i had to keep going!

Line of the week: 
more like discussion of the week..

i overheard a nice 10 minute argument today from the elders..
concerning mayonnaise or miracle whip...


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