bieber fever.

Monday, April 1

Why does it take me seeing a little girls backpack at church for me to find out Justin Bieber has a tattoo!?!?!!?!!

And you call yourself family 


This week seemed to be easily categorized with the letter Bb

Blistered feet
Baggy eyes
Bleeding noses
Broken shoes
Big portions
Blocks of dooring
Belated birthday
Bomb joint teaches
Black tags
Bunny hunts
Bieber broke my heart
Blue bruises


This week we had the annual dun dun dun zone conference

For those of you that don't know what it is ill break break break it down missionary style for ya..
It normally consists of the following:

Starts off with singing " called to serve"

A poor young soul selected to say the prayer in German (normally been here a week or two, or when in doubt I seem to allllllways be selected)

A quick to do list and new rule list read by the AP's

An uplifting amazing message from

A comedy segment ( bike or driving safety video )

A lesson from some elders about obedience

Awkward mingling and lunch (German sauerkraut meat and potatoes)

A lesson about planning or crazy random messages somehow tied into the gospel ( personal favorite- when elders tried to relate the movie inception to missionary work)

Testimony meeting given by all different kinds of missionaries
( the teary ones, the new ones, the dying ones, the jokesters, the ones campaigning to be the next AP, the spiritual giants, the
next apostles)

Gotta love em all
Closing song " hope of Israel"

After conference we were hurrying to the train-station to catch our train from Dresden back to Leipzig.
We had 1 minute to catch it and we were haullllinnnnn

Seeing as how i cannot breathe right now, I just yelled " go onnnn without me"...
No really I was hungry too and wanted to catch lunch.

Well the Elders were PRO "no man left behind" and helped me get there.
They helped load my companion and my things onto the harry potter train and as I turned around BAM.

Doors shut.

The train began pulling away and sure enough our elders didn't make it on the train. Hahashooooooot 

That was the most peaceful train ride Ive ever had!!

As for the work it's just wonderful 
Missions are just so full of the spirit and surprises

Sandra our newest investigator had us over for dinner and an awesome lesson with a joint teach.
She still is studying with the JDubbz (Jehovah's witnesses) but told me that studying with us isTOTALLY different and she believes what we say!
She is attending church regularly and I can see her life changing.
I absolutely love her and her son sooo much and cannot wait to help prepare them for baptism.


There is nothing quite like uplifting companion study until your neighbor decides to blast the song "highway to hell"

Well. It looks like we've got traffic on that highway to stop

This week although a week late my birthday package arrived!!
thank you soooo much to everyone that wrote or sent something here!
 It means alot to a missionary and I'll never forget it

(Please don't mind the red peeling nose.. Dang allergies I look like Rudolph. )

My crazy birthday bash.. party of one

My birthday cake celebration... Special guests of honor.. first presidency
( please don't mind the missionary budget flower vase )

yes... im ashamed to admit im 22.. ew. tried removing a 2 from the cake.. it looked better that way


Line of the week:

( Elder Huebach impersonating the typical bad joint teach )

"sooooo Kolob is this place...."

So many good things happening out here!

Sister D. 

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