Moin Moin

Tuesday, March 12

Her top is from Zara.. skirt from from H & M
The church is true and the book is blue!

member in the ward
Finally mastered Penne Pasta

moin moin...

I have no idea what to say.



It's spinach season in Germany... that's neat
I'm alive
Kinda... I look like a zombie and been told " you look awful" at least 16 times this week.

A new member of ours asked me if he should lie to me.

I asked him why....?

He said... The prophet told us to tell women they look beautiful


You don't look good... So should I lie?

On the bright side he is learning honesty and how to harken to the Prophets voice rig

We did see success this week!!
If were basing success off of the little things..

* I had only half as many needles stuck into my body. #winning
* I figured out how to bake a perfect baked penne pasta #winning
* We found a new investigator and he is so prepared #winning
* A bird ran into our window...and lived #winning
* It rained #winning
* Francesco told me I am his best friend


But even worse than blood, injections and my stomach being sliced open..
I was getting my cheeks pinched and kissed more than a chubby newborn in church hoping I will get better.


Team Germany. 

The bleeding ulcer has been removed! I went back to the hospital this week and was given new medications and antibiotics,
 so we will hope that gives me my strength back. Until I am little bit stronger the doctor wants to hold off on endoscopy #2 till April.
So the knowledge of a deeper rooted problem is postponed. But I'm at peace.

In the words of Kelly Clarkson
" what doesn't kill you makes you stronger "

Thanks kell

Ha I don't think lots of people around here are too happy with me, because I'm still working after they told me to stop and heal.

I had to have a nice talk with the man upstairs ( not our creepy Arabian neighbor that spys on us... I'm referring to God)
and come to the realization that I'm only human and need to just keep doing my best.

Sister Kosak helped me realize the quicker I get better the quicker I can get back to work.

My sweet little daughter....she is way ahead with the 12 week training model ( its been 4 together),
and we still get out and teach and work. So if anything were ahead of the game!
She is learning so much. I love her

The work is still progressing!!!!
We have three new amazing investigators. All are so amazingly prepared for the gospel.

One in particular is a young mother from Columbia  with her adorable son Pablo.
I LOVE teaching women and showing them what the gospel can do for their lives.
Being a sister is such a blessing. Were allowed into peoples homes and hearts that elders maybe cannot.. ( no offense elders ).
There is no feeling like it being able to help women know of their worth and potential to their father in heaven.

I am seeing miracles and lives including mine change weekly.
I am soooooo grateful to be here apart of this work.

Bottom line of this week..

Missions are tough

I knew I'd see hard times and have days leaving me feeling alone and lowwwww.

Alot of people and doctors have counseled me to go home and heal.
However, I and any other missionary could tell you..
There is a spirit as a missionary that is unexplainable. Bad days...or months are bound to happen.
However, trials seem lighter and the promise that you are set apart and blessed makes all things bearable and understood.

Being on the receiving end of so many prayers has truly comforted me more than any possible love I could receive elsewhere.

It's such a spiritual experience seeing the miracles and strength I find daily, knowing it comes from prayers to our loving heavenly father.
I know it was by no mistake that I was called to this mission at the time when I was.
I know that heavenly father blessed me by sending me to Germany to help find answers to both life long medical problems and recent.

A place with alot of love and chocolate 

I don't know what will come next or what we will find in April.
But I have a testimony stronger than ever that the atonement works.
There is no possible way id feel how i do if it didn't..
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Church is true and Christ lives..
I want to thank every reader both those I do and don't know that sent a note or email my way.
You will never know the difference you've made.
You were truly inspired by what you said and I love you soo much.
You have given me the strength to press forward.

I'm overwhelmed to hear from so many young girls across the world that have written me thanking me for helping them find the desire to serve an sharing with me their calls.

Most rewarding letters and feeling I've ever felt before in my life.

Your all going to be amazing and I can PROMISE you more happiness than imaginable as you serve the Lord selflessly.
The Lord needs YOU an has prepared people than can only be taught by YOU.

Were changing the world


Line of the week:

Me: hey make sure you put hand soap on the grocery list!

Sister Woodward: what do you mean??? There's a whole full pink bottle in the bathroom


that's my face-wash

Mom... I am out of face wash! Please send more!

Mom... I am out of face wash!


  1. Sister Diederich! Hey my name is Kate Lewis and I have been called to the Alpine German-Speaking mission. And I know your little sister Olivia! I'm just looking for some advice! The packet says to wait and buy winter clothing when you get there. Is that what you did? What kind of winter stuff have you needed? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Katie---this is Isabelle's mom. We bought winter coats here and vacuun packed them so she didnt even open those bags until she arrived in Germany. You buy the bags at Walmart. I believe the box comes with 3 bags. You put your coats and winter items in these sacks and attach your vacuun hose to the bag and the magic happens. Your clothes magically reduce down in size and they the bag fits easily into your luggage. Hope that helps! We sent hand warmers and scarves and hats etc. but she took the coats.

  2. First off I love your blog it is amazingly wonderful! I have a check list of things to do from your great helpful tips! Second!! How are you able to have your blog as a missionary?!?! Cause I want to have one as well! But I donr want to get in trouble for it. If you could let me know that'd be Soooo awesome!!!:)

    1. Isabelle sends us her e-mail each p-day and we post on her blog. She doesn't administer it at all. We have passwords and have access to it. I will screen shot her comments to her so she can see her followers etc. but we do the posting. Good luck!!! She did see your comment!

    2. Oh thats so awesome!! Thank you so much!!!:)