the reaping

Monday, April 29

For those of you who don't know what transfer calls are..

Let's just say the author of the HUNGER GAMES Series MUST have been a Mormon Misssionary.

Because she modeled " The Reaping" identically off of transfer calls.


I knew I was destined to leave Leipzig eventually seeing as how I've served here half my mission.

I had just finished training Sister Woodward and lived through what some say to be " the hardest part about a mission.. training".

Doch, Ja training was hard but super rewarding and I loved Sister Woodward.
She came ready sooo that made it easier.

And she liked to bake... lots of baking

Sweetest part of our 12 weeks together

get it? sweetest Ahh I kill myself

Well after what seemed to be like the lonnngessst morning ever waiting for the call with our names..

Finally our A.P Elder Bangerter called and told me..

Sister Diederich.... do you have a map?

All that's going through my mind is
" mmmmk shooot im going to need a Large DC after this one. If the city is one I need a map for!! "

Which snow-white dorf am I being shipped off to???

Well... Turns out the reason I needed a map is not because it's a dorf.

It's because..


Bremen is the 3rd largest city in our mission and has yet to have Sisters there!!! Presidents dream is to get a Stake there.

I couldn't believe it! I am being trusted to open up a brand new program in such a city like Bremen.

I'm goin goin back back to WEST DUETSCHLAND 


eeeekkkk I'm so happy I could die

Elder Bangerter let me calm down for a second then told me

and your also going to be TRAINING again

wait say what?

That brings us to the Second thought that went through my head

1. Silly Elder Bangerter he has the wrong number
2. mmk nope he's serious Where's Ashton Kutcher at?

Ashton NEVER pops out. Never punk'd just real life of a missionary.
oh dear.

Cannot wait to go to Berlin and pick up my greenie and get to our city and say

" mmk first things first... we gotta buy a map and find out where we live!!"

bless our hearts

saying tschüß to all the people who've become my family here is going to be sooo hard.


ugh. i hate goodbyes

first it was saying goodbye to my new best friend Francesco

then it was all of the farewell eating appointments I had in a period of 4 days..

American Barbeques are always a laid back chill summer time event.

German barbecues are kinda the same. But with mysterious meats, alot more courses and alot more items being forcefully fed to you. The German accent makes it all ALOT more dramatic if I do say so myself..

I was forcefully fed the following in a matter of an hour..

Ready, GO

Greek Spread
2 steaks
2 bratwursts
Potato Salad
Boiled Potatoes
Blooming Onion
Apple strudel ( pie )
4 cupcakes
A piece of strawberry shortcake
A ice cream sundae with ALL toppings
a box of chocolates

so much for weight watchers

when I'm home it'll be more like whale watchers

not to fear running from trains, to trains, from hobos, to appointments sure gets my sweat on

This week marks my year mark for entering the temple. Ohh was I nervous!

I remember how hesitant I was to serve a mission.
I'm no gospel whiz, or poster child for LDS living magazine. 
I'm not a " typical" sister missionary.

But then again. Noone asked me to be

Missions are NOT scary, hair pulling, sacrifices.
They are hard, but so rewarding. They do not run you into the ground or frustrate you..
The sisters and elders believe it or not.. are NORMAL people..
Not all sisters enjoy wearing shades of gray and orthopedic shoes and not smiling..
The quicker i learned to be myself, wear cute bows on my shoes and to love the work..... it made all the difference.

6 am may never get easier, weekly planning may never be fun, doors may never open..
but God doesn't ask us to be perfect or to move mountains, he just asks us to push.

I know with all of my heart that God lives now more than ever before. 
He answers our prayers, but not how we want them to be, but how we need them to be answered.
How lucky we are to know that the church has been once again restored in these latter days.
The world is CHANGING and the work is moving forward

Line of the week:

Elder: Sister Diederich your bags are soooo heavy what do you have in here!?

Me: hahaha 15 pairs of shoes

Elder: hahahaha good one no really

Me: no really... 15 pairs of shoes

Elder: your kidding me

Me: nope.. If you'd like I can tell you how many boots I have on top of that too

well like I said before. The shoes come with or we ain't comin 

real quick. i just want to thank every person whose taken time to write me and say hello! Even if you are complete strangers who follow my blog and have written me.
love hearing your stories, testimonies and mission calls. I hope I've managed to respond to all of you. 
I've never been a blogger and have no idea how it works.. I am thankful for my mom and sister OLIVIA who post each week for me.

Your all forever in my heart and i am so thankful for the LOVE you have shown

Saying that i gotta give a quick shoutout to Family Mohler from Nevada.. they found my blog and I look forward to meeting you all someday!
Your letter couldn't of arrived at a better time and your a beautiful family!
like too beautiful.. like a vampire clan beautiful! be on the lookout for a letter soon!
also Courtney Howie from helamen halls at BYU i have misplaced your address and believe since the
semester has ended it may be different! please email it to me!
Danke Danke Danke
Got to go see if my suitcase will zip shut.
Here i Come Bremen..... serving the Lord!
Ready to play hide and stalk?! I will find you!
Sister D

The drinks are called Waldmesiter

Winter days in Germany.

Fransesco and Isabelle on the last day at church together! BFF!

just an average day on the train in Germany!

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