return of the J-dubbz

Monday, April 22

                                                            Preaching to Karl Marx

Just a few minutes ago i was walking over to our centrum to do emails a man walks up to me with some change in his
hand and hands it to me and says.. MARRY ME NOW and grabs my hand..

I ignored the offer, dropped the change on the ground and turned around and walked away!


He then chases after us yelling at us!!!
COME BACK AND MARRY MEEEEEEE ( insert a few expletives )

Everyone on the street just stopped and stared and rather conveniently did nothing..
Sister Woodward reached into my purse and grabbed the phone and called the Elders to hurry down
to the street. Two elders walked out and came running towards us..


" ahhhhhh who are they!!!!!!?????"
We finally made it to our centrum and the man yells

thank.... goodness.....for...elders...

I now am emailing and watching as the Italian/german man is pacing in front of our door..
ill give him 5 then we will place a nice little phone call

moving on.
This week I got to go on exchanges to CHEMNITZ
(also known as the home to the founder of communism. The poster city for typical EAST GERMANY DDR)

It's reputation matched it's looks.

Upon arrival we headed straight to the center of town and set up as our street display stand.
- A nice big picture of Jesus, some multi-colored pamphlets, and a sign that says FREE BOOKS
( seeing as how 9 out of 10 times the reason people refuse them is they think they cost money.)

Sounds beautiful and successful right?


It was either lack of planning on the city councils part, or someone there had a sick twisted sense of humor..
..... but they conveniently booked another street display to take place the same day..

in the same location..

The j-Dubbz (Jehovah's Witnesses)


Most. Awkward. Standoff. Ever

We were in a big group of missionaries about 10 or so, and all sat there nudging each other to go over and talk to them and ask them to scoot over or compromise.

I was the tribute chosen to make a peace offering
I don't need to explain what happened or how it went......
But needless to say.. They scooted over, they gave me one of their bibles, called me their " sister",
I gave them a Book of Mormon, and made lifelong friends.

Well not for too long...they all were well over 80. That encounter was easier then the time I managed to plead with my school counselor to allow me to graduate high school taking NO math credits.

Today i had my follow up doctor appointment I've been waiting for..
Speaking German is one thing.. but medical vocabulary in German is another..
My doctor told me he wants to do a colonoscopy and i have to
counsel with you guys and choose when i want to do it.. He
recommends doing it soon and not waiting but,, i just cant let
anything slow down my mission anymore! ugh

Ill be praying and fasting this week for an answer for the right thing to do!

After we finished our session he told me that this last week he
visited America for a medical conference in Washington. He was
reviewing my history with a colleague getting advice, and his colleague
noticed the small side note that says year and a half missionary service
for LDS church..

And along their road-trip they stopped and took a tour of a temple in Washington!
He said it was BEAUTIFUL and he wished he could have gone inside.

Such a tender mercy.. It makes me realize that not only as missionaries but
as MEMBERS... Everyone notices us.. Their becoming more aware of who
we are and what we believe..


ALL WILL BE WELL i just know it..

Line of the Week:
Me: were talking to people about modern day prophets
Man: they cannot help me
Me: I know they can.. they lead and bless us in our lives and provide spiritual guidance
Man: the only guidance i need is my dog
Me: ooookk.. well i can promise you that by reading this book you too can find more guidance and peace
Man: I cannot read... i don't need any other guidance besides my dog.. because I'm BLIND

oh.... shoot
me converting Karl Marx.. the father of communism


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  1. I feel like I'm creeping since this is kind of an older post, but does the person who runs this blog happen to know where Sister Diedrich got that tan coat? I need to find a lightish jacket for when it's not super cold in my mission as well! Love her blog, by the way! She is moving mountains! If you could let me know, I'd really appreciate it! :)