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Tuesday, May 21

Opening a city

Building a Program

Training a new missionary
requires a soundtrack..

So i have taken the responsibility to create a missionary playlist:

A song for finding:
Nevermind ill FIND someone like you - Adele

A song for your teaching pool:
If your scared go to church - Ice C.

A song for your companion:
I wont give up... on us.. even when the times get rough - Jason Mraz

A song for stalking/tracting
One way... or another... im gonna FIND ya... im gonna get ya get ya get ya - ( insert oldies band idk )

A song for the non- progressing investigator:
Cause you're hot then your cold, you're yes than you're no.. you're in then you're out.. you're up then you're down - Katy Perry

A song for the Greenie:
I wanna know.. can you show me.. i wanna know about these strangers like me - Tarzan

A special Bonus Track for South America Missionaries:
Snap YO Fingers - Lil J

This week was AMAZING

got a referral from the Elders to visit a college student on campus
who lived in building #4..

Sister Madsen and i went to campus which was an hour out of town.

our trusty map in hand, began to attempt to find building #4..

found the street and began walking up... and down... and up.. and down
then up.... and down... and up again

appointment was in 5 minutes and we STILL had not found the address we
were looking for..

the whole street was buildings labeled from A-Z!!!!

We began to frantically ask students where building #4 was..
They pointed to the opposite end of the long street..

Once on the other end of the street we asked again..
where building #4 was..

They pointed to the other side of the
long street.

Everyone eventually told us.. that building doesn't exist!!!

We found building #4..
smack dab in the middle of J-K.. no kidding.. it went

We ran up to the clingel and saw she lived on the 28th floor..
I ran through the door and just began hauling it up the flights of
stairs.. Sister Madsen laughing her head off behind me said..
'' Are we sure there isnt an elevator''
I'm positive! we gotta keep going..

Our pace slowed by floor 15 and we just sortof crawled up
the rest of the way..

We made it after a century only to find a dorm filled with throw-up
by the mat... and noone home..

Too tired and grossed out to be discouraged we just laughed
and as we turned the corner we saw it..

the elevator..

life is not fair..we will return and use the elevator next attempt.

I cannot believe this week i hit my ONE YEAR MARK!!

One year without a washer, dryer, heat, sonic diet coke, movies, music, snugglin
and all my favorite things

OK... story of the year!!!

As a ward we decided to pair up one missionary with one member
and TAG TEAM visit all of the less active young adults in our ward
( there are well over 100 )

I was paired up with Sara (name changed). A newlywed from 
Utah.. who is living in Germany with her non-member husband.

The Sunday prior when they asked for volunteers to assist the missionaries
Sara misunderstood, that she would be just driving us to an appointment and

In she walked with a big sweater, cheetah leggins and dirt on her hands from yard work.

She just about died when she realized what she would really be doing..
We were given our list of whom we would be visiting.. We were assigned
the Family Schmidt ( change of name )..

The mother and daughter were the only members.. both inactive.
Under the name was a small note for us.. it said...
( beware of the dad... he hates you)


We arrived at the door and sure enough.. a large troll looking man answered the door and SLAMMED it

We waited for a second... me meanwhile trying to lower my blood pressure
Then a few minutes later the mother came to the door and invited us inside.
She walked up to ask the daughter if she would like to meet with us and she declined.
So the mother came and sat with us and we instead gave her our spiritual thought.

After getting to know Sister Schmidt she began to open up and explaining to us why she is in-active.
She began to tell us that because of her husbands dislike for the church, financial
trouble and living more than an hour away.. It is difficult for her to attend church more
than 2 times a year..

She told us that the Lord knows her heart and her desire to attend church and understands..
She told us that every Sunday she holds a small meeting in her home alone..
Where she sings, prays and prepares a small spiritual thought for herself..

It absolutely broke my heart to hear this distressed member attempt to explain her
shortcomings and to hear the pain in her voice.. I cannot believe how lucky we are
to live just seconds from the church at home..

After a few moments of just sitting in silence.. I reviewed with Sara what the situation was
and then..
Sara chimed in...

'' Ill pick you up''

Sister Schmidt.. '' Excuse me?''

Sara.... '' Yes.. id be happy to pick you up every week for church..

Sister Schmidts eyes filled with tears and she was speechless..
Sara began to explain that her current car is a work vehicle,
and all expenses are paid for.. She told her that since her husband
sometimes doesn't attend church with her.. she would love the company..

Sister Schmidt broke down.. She began to bawl

The spirit was stronger than anytime I've experienced my entire mission..

We sat there in complete silence all with tears in our eyes completely
in shock for what had just happened..

Can you imagine praying EVERY DAY for 20 years for an opportunity to attend church..
and within a few unexpected seconds have your prayers answered??

Sister Schmidt was speechless.. She couldn't believe it and then asked
5 or 6 more times if Sara was being serious.. Sara told her that
it was only 30 minutes out of the way and that it would be no problem
( note: it is longer than 30 minutes.. but Sara is just a gem )

By this time the daughter had come into the room and tears were also in her eyes
and she had been listening from the other room and was truly touched by the spirit to see her mother so happy..

Its amazing to witness how the Lord works in such mysterious ways..

First, Sara misunderstanding the situation.. If she would've understood it was a visit and not a carpool.. she wouldn't of come

Second, Sister Schmidt praying for 20 YEARS for someone to answer her prayers
Third, that the daughter at first wouldn't hear our message, but later was touched
so much more by the message and answer her mother received

Last, As Sara and i sat in the parked car in front of the house after in AWE..
tears were in her eyes and she told me that
upon her move to Germany she had been praying to God
to find someway to serve and have a missionary opportunity here in Germany.

The most humbling part of it all was to see that Sister Schmidt has multiple
names she has prepared for temple work.. Names she couldnt
do because of her inactivity.. She is endowed and just cannot
go to the temple because of the inability to get to church.
She will now be attending every week thanks to Sara. 

Now because of this miracle.. she can do those names..
bring people unto Christ and fulfill all her promises and covenants..

This week i learned so much about the importance of focusing not only on new sheep..
but the lost ones as well..

God is SO mindful of us..

Never give up hope on the loved ones that have strayed..

If we prepare ourselves he will place these prepared people in our paths!

Line of the Week:
Me: so Sara.. you lived in Australia?!...
i love discovery channel and love the stories about people
who get eaten by the alligators and sharks in their swimming pools

Sara: that doesn't happen

Me: Ya it does... saw it on the Discovery Channel

Sara: Ya... but like what kindof an idiot would walk
outside and see a shark in the pool and say

'' hmm... maybe ill just check the chlorine levels real quick..''

I was shocked. I am never watching Discovery Channel again...

i donno who in the world max is.. but i do know diederich..


  1. To the sister who posts this blog: Tell Bella congrats on her one year mark and that I look forward to her blog every week! This makes me so excited to be a missionary; thank you.

  2. I absolutely love Bella's blog! It is so up-lifting! The story she told today was incredible! I seriously was crying. I could not be more excited to get out there and serve and see these miracles for myself!

    1. yeah right. this girl really inspire me to go on a mission too.