Monday, May 27

I believe God is flooding Bremen..
I haven't seen the sun ONCE since I've been here..

Looks like we got some people to bring to 
On top of hurricane like weather
Blistering toes
No hot water
Hour long weekly injections for my health
Sinus infection
traveling 45 minutes in the WRONG direction
to an appointment.. getting off the bus
and being abandoned for a hour in a dorf with no residents
just cows and horse poop... in a hailstorm
Broken AC
Losing a 100 dollar train ticket
Running from Hobos
Someone dying downtown in front of us
and a parade from a.... well lets say a DISLIKED political group

This week went swimmingly... haha get it
cause of the rain.. naja

We had finally managed to make out a few appointments with people
we had found last week.

Only to find they gave us the wrong address, weren't home or didn't
have interest..
We felt God was really testing us.
I couldn't figure out what i was doing wrong!
I usually am not one to get discouraged or upset
but nothing seemed to make me smile!

This weekend we traveled to Oldenberg
for interviews with President Kosak..

In my interview he told me how proud
he was of me and the work i am doing..
He asked me to help the sisters in the surrounding
cities and to keep working hard until the end!
We talked about lots of other stuff on my mind
and i left the interview feeling so much more
confident then ever before..
As i was walking out he said
'' Sister Diederich.... CHANGE BREMEN''
I didn't quite understand what he meant by
that until i logged onto my email today and
saw an email from Elder Whittwer who
i served with in Leipzig telling me that..

Upon his departure home from the mission,
President Kosak told the finishers that he had BIG
plans for Bremen...

Sure enough, i also just got a postcard from Elder
Lloyd saying the exact same thing! That President
said he plans to keep his strongest missionaries
in the Bremen area to help build a STAKE!
I feel more than ever that i am here
for a reason having the hardships i am..
Bremen is a tough cookie but knowing
i have the Lords name right by mine
makes all the difference!
D&C 84:88
After interviews Sister Madsen and i came
back together and made a new game plan and
went back to work.

After interviews we dropped by on our last hope of an appointment
for the week..

She wasn't home..
This time we kept finding in the area and were 
NOT going to leave until we found out why we were there!
As we were walking i got the strongest feeling
to cross to the other side of the street and STOP
So... we creepily J-walked across the street
and stopped..

Then around the corner came a small woman
in a wheelchair.. We stopped her
and talked to her about who we are and she
agreed to let us meet with her.. She was so excited!
We dropped by the next afternoon and she was there!

She is so broken and loved hearing Gods plan for her..
When she was 22 years old, just after having
her first child.. she was in an automobile accident.
The accident killed her best friend, and left
her in a wheelchair, with needs of lots of plastic
She believes in God.. but feels he doesn't love her.
By the end of the lesson her heart was really softened
as she understood that

We made a return appointment and look forward to meeting with her!

As we were sitting in church yesterday amongst
all of the Elders and their investigators..
I felt once again that creeping feeling of discouragement
that we had noone there!

My phone buzzed and a name popped up that i didn't know
I stepped outside to take the call and found a man
in the lobby on the phone saying
'' Sister Diederich''

uhh... right behind you?
We didnt recognize who he was at first but then
i remembered him from a few weeks back for
trying to pick us up while we were out tracting.

confused.. yet happy we walked him into the chapel
I turned around to see if he was still behind me
and saw him in the arms of an older member here!
I went back and asked what was going on..
The member explained that he knew this young man
because he grew up with his sons. They never 
thought to invite him to church and hadn't seen
each other in years!
We had an amazing lesson after church with the man
and he is incredibly prepared for the gospel!
1. You will NEVER know if you give up
2. Nothing goes to plan
3. Things fall apart so better things can fall together
4. Never to give up on loved ones that you feel
aren't prepared or wont accept your message!!
Line of the week:
Elder Santiago: Sister D i swear you know everyone
Me: No.. not true haha
Elder Santiago: FACT i guarantee you know at least
one of the three Nephites

**Below is a link I was forwarded from one of the sister missionaries serving here in Germany. This is her nephew. She asked if I would share his story. 

Inline image 1
On May 8, 2013 doctors found a tumor the size of a grape fruit attached to Derek's kidney. The doctors in American Fork rushed him up to Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City. The tumor is pressing on other organs and making it inoperable for the time being. Friday May 10, 2013 The doctors began chemo therapy on this two-year old baby boy to shrink the tumor. Derek's fight has just begun but his herculean effort will be second to none! Your donation of any size helps to ensure that Derek's life is not permanently marred by this cancer. Please help in anyway you can. God bless and much love to you from the Fugal family!

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