hello hanover.

Monday, June 17


Last week after pday.. i feared id never live to see
another one!!

haha while walking home late Monday night
with Sister Madsen a group of 6 huge black men begin to follow us.. 
Sister Madsen and i got super super uncomfortable
3 of them surrounded Sister Madsen and talked to
her and the other 3 around me..

They underestimated who they were dealing with

Afterall.. I have seen TAKEN.. i know what im doing

We called our District Leader and kept him on 
the phone as we continued trying to make our way home and
ignore the cat calls and remarks..

One rather polite fellow asked if he could touch my bottom.
At least he asked.. right?

I declined obviously

We kept walking and ignoring and telling them to leave us
alone and finally we lost them..

Couldn't of thought of a better way to leave Bremen with a BANG!

Well exchanges went swimmingly..
It took all 4 Elders in Bremen to help me load all of my luggage
onto the train! Like ive said time and time again

the shoes all come with... or we aint comin

It was super super sad to say goodbye to my district in 
Bremen. We all worked so well together.. its a weird
lifestyle being a missionary.. living out 
of suitcases.. hello and goodbyes..

but ya gotta
do what ya gotta do. 

This is the life of a the life of a SISTER MISSIONARY

My new companion Sister Fugal is amazing.
She is from American Fork Utah and such a little
country girl. She loves trucks and country music
and has all brothers! We are so opposite but then
again so similar! We both like football and hate
the color pink... 

 haha and we have the exact same personality and sense of humor.

I lucked out! She is such a hard worker too.. We both
are older missionaries and together this week we
tore Hannover apart! It felt so nice to work along side
of her.. I have a feeling we will be together from here 
on out! Which is awesome.. Ive truly been so blessed
with companions on my mission. 

Since my arrival in Hannover.. I think i have 
yet to see anyone of German lineage..

Within just a few hours of arriving we hurried off
to our first appointment..

Not a clue of where we were and still sore from dragging
my 400 pounds of luggage we stumbled upon a small
African American Hair shop.. and we walked inside..

A man greeted us, pulled us up a few salon chairs.. 
and then called down the stairs:

'' Heyyyy mannnnn DA SISTERS ARE HERE''

Then much to my surprise up wandered 4 or 5 more
men all coming to sit and as they like to call it "preach the gospel'' with us..

I wish you could have seen the look on my face. haha it was hands down
the funniest lesson i have taught my entire mission..

One man told us.. he cannot follow the Word of Wisdom because
'' When i was a boy in my village.. i was behind my home and got bit by a snake.......the venom has made me addicted to alcohol.. and if i didnt drink it i will die''

He then proceeded to show us his non existent snake bite on his hand

he has a good point..

-__ -

ya ya yaaaa 

nice try babe

The missionaries here in Hannover rarely teach in German
because everyone either speaks Turkish, Spanish
or Twi.. Yes twi... like from africa.. 


So it looks like ill have to be brushing up and learning some
small phrases in the above languages #swag

Well all is good by me!
I am so content and loving the time i have out here.
We have so much work to do and i feel i have 
so much left to learn.. But the knowledge that
my mission may end soon.. doesn't phase me..
The things i have learned will carry with me.. 
Something i have come to learn and realize is that


Missionary service doesn't stop after 18 months or
2 years.. Were laying the foundation for the rest of
our lives! 


keep it loose keep it tight

with love

sister deeds

line of the week:

Sister Fugal: Ahh i cannot wait to go back home and finish
up my nursing degree..

Me: ya.. i cant wait to go home and....let's see...just a minute...

( yes it hit me i have no plans for my future )


Sister Fugal: It all just fascinates me! Medicine and the
human body.. Like Sphincters! all of it how it works

Me: Is that a pokemon?

Sister Fugal: ( busts out laughter )

We then laughed and laughed and laughed together


Me: no but really... is it or is it not a pokemon?

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  1. i think you're enjoying your life as a sister missionary. you're so lovely.