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Tuesday, June 11


Just a few hours after logging off last week

President called..
Which automatically ALWAYS raises blood pressure
and makes your heart stop beating..palms sweating
and sudden nausea.. Kinda like pregnancy..

I love him to death but you just know if hes callin.. sommmeethin is up

Our conversation went a little like this..
President: Sister Diederich.. i need you to
prepare Sister Madsen to be alone
my news is going to shock her..
Me: uhm... ok?? I can do that.. why?
( meanwhile thinking someone in her family has died or
something dramatic in those lines)
President: I need her to be alone..

Me: ????
President: I need you Sister Diederich

Me: for what exactly.....
President: I need you to be the Coordinating Sister Training
Leader.. which means your moving to Hannover..
end of phone call.

I have received my assignment to be the Sister Training
Leader for the sisters over here in the West.. Which means
going on exchances with every Sister companionship
to oversee their training and help them along the way!
im speechless.
I am so nervous but so excited and honored to have
this new calling to finish off my mission with!
I was talking with the old Sister Training Leader who
is dying this transfer and we were talking about what
to do if certain problems like Lock Your Heart problems
arise with the sisters and elders..
We brainstormed..

I just said ill just tell em:
Dont POP it.. just LOCK and DROP it..
hahahah but for reals.. just drop it and lets focus
I move tomorrow! I am soooooo sad to leave
Sister Madsen and BREMEN
but i know she will do AMAZING!
She is in my group of Sisters i am assigned to 
so ill be seeing her lots and will still be close by!!
Sister Madsen is now taking over Bremen! It shocked her
but she is so ready im so proud of her!

I feel like i just got here and gave my HALLO
testimony.. now i just had to give my TSCHÜß..
Ill be riding solo on the train to Hannover tomorrow
to serve with Sister Fugel!

This last week brought mannnyy miracles.
People seemed to be being placed right in
front of us from everyone from our mailman..
who finally brought mail ( a wedding invite from nay nay..
lookin good andy she looks like a gem.. atta boy making me proud )
To our apartment buildings cleaning lady, random people
on trains and more!
I also made a shot from half court backwards at
Ward Sport night.. not to brag or anything. It was
a once in a lifetime kindof a thing.. #MissionaryMiracles
I am truly going to miss my district here in Bremen
Elder Santiago, Carter, Poch, Christensen and Sister M..
So in honor of my last district meeting..
Our DL leader finallllyyy approved my suggestion 
of building a FORT for district meeting

( all missionaries who have not experienced this.)


I tied my spiritual thought into King Benjamins speech to justify
the fort.. it was magical.
This week i heard a story that seemed to tie in perfectly
with what i feel im going through right now on my mission
and in my life.. now dont quote me on this.. This is what i 
remember from it..

It talks about how God asked a man to move a mountain..

The man pushes and pushes and does not succeed..
He continually turns to God and tells him it is too
tough and that he cannot move it..

God tells him to keep trying and pushing and promises
him results! The man returned and pushed and tried all he could to move this mountain, but got discouraged when he had no success..

The man later returned to God, discouraged, and asked God
why he would give him such a hard challenge that seemed
God answered telling the man to look at his strength and
all of the muscle he grew while trying to move this mountain.
It takes stopping and looking back on life and my mission
to realize just how far i have come.. God seems to always
put things in front of me that seem unbearable and too difficult
and i often find myself.. well i do 6/7 days a week asking why
and doubting myself and my capabilities..
Especially with this new calling..

But as long as we remember
that God doesnt ask us to move mountain.. he just asks us to
push.. Then i know that our best is ENOUGH! And through
him all things are possible!

Well i am short on time.. i have to pack.. again.

I just wanted to say i love you all and am so blessed
to have you all in my life! I feel your prayers and love
your support! The church is true i know it with my whole

I love bremen and was so happy here.. But i know
that the lord needs me elsewhere and i will GO!

Line of the Week:
( phone call received this morning )

Elder Poch: Hey Sister D.. sooo today were going to 
all wear P-Day clothes
Me: Ok.. whats the special occassion
Elder Poch: Parkour P-Day
Me: hahaha no really.. what are we doing

Elder Poch: No really.. Parkour P-Day

Welp.. you heard it here first folks..
Today district Bremen will be tearing it up
with a Parkour P-Day..

Its days like today that
i worry about my ability to be a normal
citizen again in a few months..


our awesome fort.

the laaaaaaast supper

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  1. you are so BEAUTIFUL sister D. i'm reading your blog while i'm at work, cant wait to read until i'm home at 6. keep on blogging. <3