divide and conquer

Monday, July 1


this is not okay.

what happened this week?


Well ill start from the top.

Last P-day after logging off Sister Fugal and i went to do what i do best

swipe that credit card of big hows

After shopping we decided to stop and get lunch at a little cafe and i ordered
a nice old American hamburger.

Can't explain why... or how.. 

BUT i sit down in my chair and my hamburger decided to sit on me.
I then was attacked by a swarm of pigeons and lost the fight.

Leaving a HUGE stain on my skirt, lettuce and ketchup all over me and 
a I had a huge childhood relapse from my fear of the film THE BIRDS

I have learned one VERY important thing on my mission..

and that is that..

God has a VERY good personality

Very VERY good one.. We will get along reeeaaaaaal well.

Well for starters i will talk about the happy jolly elf named Dirk.
our miracle man.

He is doing amazing. 
We came along a few stumbling blocks but he is keeping commitments
and SO prepared for next Sunday!

He and i have lots of nice chats on trains
and in appointments. He just continually thanks
us for helping him find the truth and tells me
not to bake anything or do anything special for
his baptism.. he is just happy to be baptized..(take note America)

He will be baptized next Sunday after Church..
I am really excited and nervous for the program.

I am going to be playing a musical number on the piano

``If you could hie to Kolob```..
Dirk loves it... He asked what Kolob is...

We will get to that later sweetheart.. One day at a time.
This week while we were at a members home i was warned
before hand about the little son.. He is a HYPER little fellow
and we had planned to do the DIVIDE and CONQUER
Divide and Conquer definition:
Missionary game plan for one distracting the kid while
the other teaches the family the lesson.

I got the kid.
We arrived and began teaching our lesson when the little
boy Devine.. Yes his name is Divine.. 
Crawls up on the couch next to me.. holds my hand
PASSES out..

I was dying inside. Sweet Spirit

Ever since that special moment DEVINE has been my
little boyfriend. He lovvvesssss coming to find me at church
and hold my hand.. Or hold onto my skirt while i attempt
to teach Sunday school..
We have lots of members from Ghana that have been
recently baptized so this week i taught a small Sunday
school class just for these people.. It was in English..
I was SHOCKED at how horrible my English is. I was
struggling the whole time to find words for
gospel or heaven..

ahhhhh... bless my heart.
The members from Ghana are the happiest most
faithful people i know.. After my class a lady thanked
me and said.. We are a poor.. but SMILING people.

I asked her why she is sooooooo happy when she has
so little?
I was expecting answers like.. Its warm in Africa,
we have adorable children like devine... etc etc etc

But she told me.. Because we know Gods plan
that is all we need..
Well that seems to be enough of a spiritual thought..
food for thought.
I love you all so much and appreciate every friend
and family and even those i don't know that write me!
It means the world and i PROMISE ill write... soon.
I don't know where time is going..
Love getting those emails this week
saying '' your coming home.. get trunky... etc''

You know who you are.

BAH thanks for the reminder.

I feel like a kid in neverland. 
Questions.. VERY important question
I am stumped/confused/concerned

what is this nonsense?

Line of the Week:
pillow talk with sister fugal
Sister Fugal: these beds are miserable
Me: I say we weld them apart
Sister Fugal: You cannot weld things apart
Me: hahahah... i know.. im just tired
(but really i had no idea you couldn't)
Sister Fugal: Well... it could be worse.
Me: Your right... at least its a little more roomy
than the holocaust

Life is good... sister D.

divide and conquer

i got the kid


  1. I LOVE THIS BLOG. It inspires me and gave me some ideas and thoughts about a sister serving a mission coz, I think i want to go on a mission but not sure of it. still need more time to think about it..