dirk's tank runneth over.

Tuesday, July 9

oh my word
This week we went on a couple exchanges..
I live on a train.. I know people by names that work at the train station
I can identify and tell you life stories of EVERY hobo that lives there..
I need a vacation.
The sisters are doing pretty good.. Lots of little things here and
there but all together their getting work done and getting along.
This week i finally figured out how to eat Quark (german version of cottage cheese)
without gagging.. its a complex process.. BUT
I felt more accomplished then a colorblind person playing
with a Rubik's Cube..

Friday morning we had to wake up at 3:30 am. to get ready and
catch a train to Berlin!
ROLLED out of bed.. which hurt extremely bad seeing as how
i sleep on the TOP BUNK
We barely caught our train and found the Elders
had saved us a seat..

Nice right??
uhhh...We didn't sleep a wink..
Then we had a loooooooong day of meetings with the Zone Leaders
and A.P's etc..

We had a lesson about Stress.. Before the meeting began President says..
'' We do NOT want medical emergency room problems with missionaries
getting those things inside your stomach that bleed...-  what are those called?? ''

EVERYONE STOPS and turns around and stares at me...

President then says '' Ya...... Sister Diederich can give testimony for that ''
ma bad.
After Berlin i was sooo excited to just catch some sleep on the
long 3 hour train ride...
But they found us again.. and sat by us..
Lets see... what happened this week..
IDK.. uhm
oh my gosh.. I've never seen such a happy person before!!

Right before the meeting started i leaned over to him and asked
him how he was feeling..... VERY happy... but nervous he said

He was concerned there wouldn't be enough water in the tank
to cover his big belly and that he would have to REDO his baptism..
bless his heart.. god love him.
Well.... that concern left him quickly seeing as how


We were interrupted in Sacrament by someone saying
THE WHOLE HALL IS FLOODED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well on the bright side.. The chapel got a quick scrub down
and there was PLENTY of water for the baptism..

I was super nervous to play my piece i worked on but i DID IT
and it went well.. All those piano lessons i never went to paid off!
This week was amazing.. I've never been so happy
before.. Things are really taking off on my mission and we are
I don't have lots of time.. We have another exchange we have
to leave on today.. bahhhh so much for having a p-day
the 4th of july was obviously not celebrated here in Germany
I didn't get to see any fireworks... but heard
gun shots... that is close enough right??


I love you all so much.. The church is TRUE
last time i checked... which was today!!
I love you all so much.. This gospel changes
lives! I am so happy out here.. no words
bahhhh gotta run!!!...

hahaha.... i got ya.. you think i'd run!?

Come on some things never change!

Line of the Week:
( german study with sister fugal )
Sister Fugal: bahhh grammar.. What is a kicker?
Me: I donno.. the only kickers i know play football

(Beware: German words don't always translate to what it means in English)


  1. You're the cutest Bella! I absolutely adore and LOVE your blog!I I leave for my mission next week and just wanted you to know that you've inspired me so much! You are such a good writer and I've looked forward to your updates each week. Thank you thank you for being such an amazing example!!

  2. i was really inspired by sis. diederich, next sunday i'll be approaching our bishop for recommendation, i prayed for my decision, and i just felt happy after i say my prayer. i just want to serve the Lord.