i love me a birthday party.

Tuesday, September 3

I love me a birthday party
This week Sister Tolman had her birthday. Hahaha excuses to " party"  I take full advantage of as a missionary. they be rare

I woke up a few hours before Sister Tolman and threw together a few of her favorites/ traditions her family did for her at home. 

First.. I blew up some balloons I bought secretly while she wasn't looking.. ( she loves those )

Needless to say... MOST DIFFICULT THING I'VE EVER DONE.. Asthma is one thing..but at 430 am mixed with stubborn German balloons..I almost passed out. On the bright side once blown up much to my pleasure I saw that they were pirate themed. Awesome. just what a 19 year old girl wants. shoot.
Then I surprised her by making banana chocolate chip pancakes and served her breakfast in bed. 

Which consisted of me sneaking in the dark room while she was still sleeping...tripping on a cord nearly making me drop the pancakes and made the balloons go EVERYWHERE  instead of saying SURPRIIIIIISE.....

Throughout the day I had a couple other tricks up my sleeve..

Made her fav salmon and rice dish for lunch for her... got some ice cream.. had tons of awesome appointments..

At district meeting I got a cake made and put RUNTS candies on it..something she says she's done since she was a kid

GOD LOVES BIRTHDAYS AS WELL!!! While we were out dooring, contacting and killin it we found 4 new investigators. PROOF!!!!!!

This week it hit me as I opened up my closet one morning to get ready...I scanned my clothes. battered, torn, holes, ripped, taped together...yes tape noone taught me to sew.. Shoes completely worn to the heel.

I realized how much I love what I do everyday. Regardless of the outcome, pain, bruises and blisters. I've never faced a single morning on my mission where I laid in bed not wanting to go to work that day. 

I realize more and more daily how WORTH IT it is to be a missionary. To wear the dreaded outfits over and over and over and over again. To keep going after being rejected door after door.. To get up at 630 in the morning despite only being able to catch 4 hours of sleep..

Not worrying what the condition me or my belongings are in or what is going on at home... 

All of what use to make me happy doesn't anymore. 

I will be the first to admit. I had my fair share of poking fun at the typical Sister missionary.. But being here..I realize that with an eye single to the glory of god..the last thing that really matters is ME.. 

I will never I repeat NEVER get to the point of not shaving daily.. wear orthopedic shoes or baggy sweaters. That's just lazy and a sickness...not focused. don't fall for that sisters. 

I love the SIMPLICITY of this work.. I wish more than anything I could stay and do it all again. I'd do it in a heartbeat. 

Bad news of the week
I thought I'd be able to finish my series of shots I've been on since February. But this week my doctor told me I won't be. So I need to travel home with them!! WHAT A PAIN going through customs and being like.....

Ya I'm bringing back a nutcracker, some lederhosen, mugs, chocolate oh that there??? Just thousands of dollars worth of shots just for kicks. 
It's going to be a realllly complicated process which I hope doesn't get me delayed getting home. Or. Searched and patted down. 

That can't be fun when your G-D up from the knees up
It also now minimizes my space for clothes... Seeing as how the shots have to be kept on ice. 


But these are something I'll have to get use to for the rest of forever 
I hope there's no allergies in heaven. 

Your prayers were felt this week!!! Oh my gosh we found SO many amazing people. 

The work is really progressing. We have been receiving referrals everywhere
we go and our teaching pool is growing daily!

This week it was such a tender mercy to watch Sister Tolman by herself
completely chase someone down.. hahaha proud mother moment.

I NEVER let someone pass me if i get an impression to stop them.. and
we have seen the blessings that come from that!

As we hopped off our train i turned around and she wasn't behind me..
PANICKED... i finally found her bearing her testimony to a women about
the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon..

I just sat back and smiled.. she is getting more and more brave everyday!
I love training and seeing that spark grow in the new missionaries eyes.. she is a doll.

oh my gosh people..


(as a district on a train ride.. passing a CAPTAIN AMERICA advertisement)

Sister Tolman: oh my gosh look!!

Me: God bless Captain America

Sister Tolman: oh my gosh.. like he is a distraction.. 

Elder: Das Stimmt

( which translates to... thats right!)

......... -_-

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  1. Hello. I am reading and feeling so bad for your allergies and especially all the medicine you have to take. I do not want to sound pushy or anything like that, but do research raw vegan diet. Or only vegan, it helped me so much with my menstrual pain which was probobly worse than dieing. ;)