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Monday, September 9

I don't know which is sadder

1. That sadder probably isn't even a word and I just made a complete fool of myself

2. The fact that without fail every week for the last 1 1/2 years in my moms emails she mentions something about how much shock she is still in from Michael Jacksons death..

3. How much schnitzel I was forcibly fed this week 

oh my gosh. 


Satan is playin dirty and trying to fatten me up.. Every. Single. Eating appointment. has had schnitzel. 

5 weeks to might be a problem 

anywho... uhm can you say

( plus 5 bonus points for all those who read miracle week out loud )

We found some of the most Amazingly prepared people this week. 

I'll start from the top. 

So this week was the reaping ( transfer calls ). 
Sister Tolman and I are staying... blessings. And we lost one of our elders. It was a sad day breaking up the fam. 

We really have been blessed with some amazing elders here in Kassel/Göttingen. Our District Leader Elder Cannon, Personal Trainer/funniest person I've ever met Elder Lloyd. Elder Peterson ( has awesome ties..check our his brothers website qp collections.. and a new Elder Elder Kossin who seems super nice and a hard worker. 

we like to call ourselves the GFORCE ( G for göttingen )

Working along worthy priesthood holders is such a blessing to this work. Any potential elders or Mommas of elders... BE PROUD!!

While the elders were transferring companions we took over their English class for the evening Tuesday night. 

Only 3 women showed up.. We decided to break off seeing as how two were beginners and one was advanced with her English. 

I went into the other room with this one particular lady and felt impressed to begin by just reading a small scripture out of the book of Mormon. 

Donno why. But I chose Moroni's promise to read..

LSS 12 Years ago ( now you see why i said long story short
she met Two missionaries who gave her a book of Mormon here in Kassel. 

They invited her to English class and were later transferred. She has faithfully attended English class on and off ever since with the Elders. 

When i read that scripture she stopped me and began asking me questions about it's meaning/purpose/promise. 

She said " well I believe it's true!! I've read it...I'm a nurse and I used to read this book to patients who were sick so I could practice my English... I believe it's true"

I then flipped to talking in German because it's 10x easier for me and began bearing testimony and answering questions shes had all these years.

She told me that she knew of its divinity... and got her answer of it's truthfulness like she was asked to do...

But she didn't know what the next step was.. No missionaries ever pressed her on the topic/knew she had a book. 

She said with English class..she never got one on one time to ask these questions and thought " praying and knowing its true were all we were asked to do"

Nope sweetheart. 

First we know..

Then we go swimming. 

Hands down I have NEVER felt the spirit SO STRONG as I had during that lesson. My heart was burning and it was the whole hour. 

I began to worry if it was heartburn..but realized I'm only 22. So nope...just the spirit. 

We started from the top to the bottom of the gospel plain and simple..

and well...


( the beginning of that looks German )

She told me she would pray about a date and know the next time we meet!!!



In every have your good old local CRAZIES.. 
one particular man (who I believe escaped from the insane asylum/ is a living re-incarnation of the joker..) 

He came up to us late at night Wednesday... got close to our ears and sings.... 

(rather calmly and like a lullaby)

" ich finde dich...und ich werde dich toten... eines tages.. ich finde dich.. und ich werde dich toten eines tages.."

translation: ( if nana is reading this....) 

 "I like your message and i will read your book!!" yaaaaayy

REAL translation: 

" One day I will find you and then I will kill you"


Sister Tolman and I were frozen with more fear then when the waiter tells you they only have Pepsi products. 

He luckily walked away and continued his lullaby down the street. Ugh needless to say i didn't sleep a few nights this week. I shouldn't of made eye contact with him. 

Regardless of how crazy the  encounters, chases or stalkers I've encountered here on my mission. I have never felt more safe. 

Or been in better shape. 

It really is true. I know and feel so protected at all times. The scriptures promise angels will go before us and after us. I believe whole heartily that is true. 

How bout that for a spiritual tidbit after such a nice little story??

let's see..

Finding in the city has been hard. The city strip on one half is kindof like times square. Lots of people lots of shopping. 

But when you walk down around the corner 2 blocks you arrive in what we like to call " little turkey". 

And when I say you ARRIVE I mean allllll eyes on you. No American, German and actually women in general in sight. 

For many reasons/encounters that I will not be listing to ensure mom doesn't lose sleep 

We don't go there anymore. 


so... Why not just do finding on the other main street??

haha goooood question. This week we were walking the streets and realized Germans have a weird idea..the louder they play their music in the stores..the more likely you are to come inside. 

Which turns into a battle of sorts for them. 
And a whole lot of Babylonish for sister d

We were walking towards the main street when I stopped, died inside and about faced and headed the other direction 

I know a notorious B.I.G beat when I hear one. 

So it looks like we will be sticking to finding people in small dorfs or on public transportation for a little season. 

line of the week:

( haha special phone call this week )

Me: haaalllo

Elder: the eagle has landed.. 10-4 the eagle is in the hen house. snowden

Me: ha what in the world are you talking about?

Elder: SNOWDEN..10-4 the gopher is on the move. Snowden 

Me: CUT IT OUT! Keep saying snowden and their gonna tap our call and I'm gonna be picked up by the cops! 

Elder: true... oh well we just wanted to let you we saw your investigator you've been hunting down the last month

Me: ahhh no way!! did you stop and talk to her!

Elder: yes! She is super nice she told you to give her a call..but to wait till next week because she's getting a new number 

Me: to call her...? but she's getting a new number? How will that work?

Elder: ohhhhh... oh shoot!! We were tricked. 

Mom.. you mean to tell me..
First.. last week jensen crashes my longboard and destroys it.
and this week mitchell crashed and got in an accident in the range rover?!... 

awesome. lock them up for the next 5 weeks. im coming home.


Don't want these to end....

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