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you're still mad though..

but thats okay. because we preach forgiveness..

HAH.. your stuck

kk.. so lets chat. 

lots and lots of readers originally found my blog via my “ what i wish i would've known before i entered the MTC “ post. 

Well.. to make it up to you for my lack of blogging, i have made a sequel “ What i wish i would've known before i entered the field post”.


Im not going to post that till next week.. gotta stir up a little excitement don't i?

Last weeks post was sort of like Miley Cyrus’s career…

So this week i decided to write about one particular question a reader approached me about.. 

“ How exactly does one adjust back into Normal Life”

But first and fore most… Lets get rid of that AWFUL title “ Normal Life”.
I feel so many people get home from they're missions and say “ well… looks like its back to normal life”...  in other words.. “ back to the person i use to be, back to my old ways.” 

hold on. let me clear this up

NOTHING is wrong with who you use to be.. Unless it was a crazed ax maniac, then we better chat.. better you you and your bishop best be chatting.

I know for me personally when i got home, i literally do not remember how it was my skirt was removed, but before i knew it i was in sweatpants and out the door with my longboard skating. Does that make me a bad person? no. 

However, returning to our old ways as in our bad habits, attributes that are perhaps not totally christlike attributes you once had. 

After all, you spent ( hopefully ) 18 months-2 years developing attributes and skills you hope to maintain for the rest of your life! Removing that name tag does NOT mean game over.. 

If A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G since i have been home i have noticed, now more than ever i’ve done more missionary work than ever before. I have lots and lots of friends on facebook, social media who know me, but had no idea what i was doing wearing them ugly skirts, posing with naked statues and eating weird food for 18 months via my posts my mom made on my account for me. 

AT LEAST once a day since i’ve been home, i’ve been asked, questioned and approached concerning my service as a representative of Jesus Christ and have been able to share my testimony in more ways than i thought imaginable.

( (  i know what your thinking.. “ she served in germany.. of course she is getting more luck here in the USA ))

ehhhhhhhh (kinda like that fog horn sound)


Believe it or not.. the church in Europe is RAPIDLY growing.. we had our hands full constantly! Whether or not that meant they were interested, well thats another story for another day.

where was i going with this?

oh ya.. going back to OLD WAYS..

I think one of THE most heartbreaking things iv’e noticed upon returning homes is seeing both friends, and those who don’t know me ( via facebook stalking ) that perhaps aren’t living exactly as they should be. 

More specifically RM’s.. That doesn't mean they are bad people, out YOLOing their life away.. But little things..

I love the scripture “ .. by small and simply things are great things brought to pass”

Ive noticed small things such as, poor music, foul language, laziness and other seemingly small things have GREAT impact on so many missionaries i admired so much.  Slowly you begin to let your guard down, and ultimately lose that light and glow you once had upon your arrival home.

Does this mean you have to wake up your brothers at 6 am for companionship study every morning? or beg your dad to have weekly planning with you? or stalk your sisters everyday because you need a companion and don’t want to be alone?

no… psh… who does that.. 


i did that . . .

Well after my family completely AVOIDED me.. i realized ok ok.. aiight. 
I may not have a missionary schedule any longer, but i CAN continue to be missionary minded.

Ive heard it said that the TRUE success of your mission.. is who you are 1 year after being home. 

Lets be honest.. you just spent a nice big chunk of your life as a representative of Jesus Christ..

how could your life EVER be normal?

Every single week ( minus the companion ) i have my own inventory.. I do not talk to myself.. but i sit and during my study i evaluate where i am.. am i growing? am i coming nearer to the lord?

My mission president LIVES by the motto 

“ living life in CRESCENDO”.. <

For those who know music a crescendo is when you amplify, GROW, gradually and boldly.

notice that word gradually..

The Lord does not expect us to be perfect by tomorrow.. but to gradually c.o.n.s.t.a.n.t.l.y grow nearer to him and to ultimately become like him.. 

For those of you preparing to serve.. begin now in laying the foundation for the rest of your life.. Figure out WHY it is your serving, you will find more meaning in your service and it will be everlasting.

For those of you who are out serving.. look back and remember why you chose to serve, think of who you hope to become.. and do it. By deciding now.. today who it is you want to be when you are home.. i promise you it will work and stick!

For those of you who have removed the name tag.. its never too late to start again.. to recommit yourself.. to be the missionary you once were, or hoped to become. 

Life will never be normal again.. so why try to be?

I am far from perfect.. i probably never will have it all figured out any time soon. 
But i do know one thing.. 

That my 18 months in Germany were the best months of my life and for my life.. That i love my Savior Jesus Christ.. i know this is his work. Nametag or no Nametag we are called to the work..

STAY TUNED NEXT WEEK for a killer sequel post to “ what i wish i would've known”

ooh.. kill em.

gott sei mit euch


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