bella in berlin

Sunday, March 2

hi bella in berlin readers! this is olivia, isabelle's sister, who managed her blog while she was gone on her mission! 

isabelle asked that i share this video i made for her while she was on her mission. 

we played it at her homecoming and all love watching her journey as an amazing sister missionary for the lds church.

we all love bella in berlin!

enjoy :)

**warning, if you have a missionary out you WILL cry hahaha**

love, liv.
Bella in Berlin from Olivia Diederich on Vimeo.


  1. You're right, I cried! Beautiful mission, beautiful video!

  2. Ahh I love this! What's the name of the last song?

  3. I just love reading your blog, journey and testimony:) You are inspiring!! AND I love this video and would love to know what the song is too:)

  4. Yup, this made me cry. What did you use to edit this video?? I loved it!

  5. Beautiful video! I thought I was very well made. I loved the music you choose for it, Olivia! For those of you who are wondering, that last song is called, Take it Home--from the 2011 EFY album.