Monday, March 31

this last week i turned 23.


from the minute i woke up until the minute i fell asleep i was smiling ear to ear.

my boyfriend alex went out of his way to make sure that my birthday was one to remember!

it included but was not limited to 

being woken up to donuts
lots of diet coke
more diet coke
dinner at the melting pot
close friends and family for treats
and being spoiled with gifts

lucky is an understatement.

throughout the day however i found myself time and time again thinking back and reflecting on where i was 1 year ago today. 

cold rainy days, recovering from my sickness and waiting on missing birthday packages 
in the german post.

although life has home has been beautiful

i missed germany.

i think any RM can tell you.. not a day goes by where you don't think back to your mission and the wonderful people you met and experiences you had.. 

its the o.d.d.e.s.t thing. 

at random for 2.45  seconds you slip into a tiny depression.. even missing being screamed at, spit on and eating liver. 

but then i remembered something.. 
( which is really rare for me seeing as how i have the memory of a goldfish )

If the lord intended for you to remain on your mission for forever.. your call would have stated so.. instead he called you for 18 months to two years.. after which he needs you back at the home battlefield

i cant remember who even said that to begin with

oh ya.


see…. like a goldfish

this week i’ve come to realize.. my life at home doesn't need to be a new one.

I can continue doing missionary work here in MERICA’ .. if not even more than before.

<< because now i have a cell phone that doesn't have an antenna, a computer that
isn't in a turkish internet cafe, a car, i can run faster to chase and talk with people without a skirt slowing me down. and no curfew >>

the possibilities are endless.

so with that said..

heres my recipe for a trunky RM:

read your missionary journal
share your testimony daily
study your scriptures as if nothings changed
set your goals, share your goals, accomplish your goals
buy a german chocolate bar
skype some members
stalk the full time missionaries in your city 
host a little mission get together
flip through old photos
make new photos
and remember.. the lord will not leave you comfortless

thank you to everyone who made this birthday week so special.

i will admit.. the company was a lot better than just a photo of the first presidency for my birthday cake eating

although. i am very excited to see my celebrity crush this weekend at general conference


other random moments from my week:

i got my car back. which had died a horrible death and needed a new transmission
my family left me alone at home. so i’ve eaten strictly macaroni and pop tarts
it snowed in utah.. which is proof god has a sense of humor
i bought 18 dollars worth of chocolate at rocky mountain chocolate factory
i went a total of 24 hours without diet coke. progress
i decided i need a new hair doo. so stay tuned
i killed my first spider
i saw my life flash before my eyes ^^
i got 2 new jobs for the upcoming summer
i.n.d.e.p.e.n.d.e.n.t do you know what that means?

oh ya…


my family is the BEST and we are all going back for an ultimate tour full of 
german pastries, chocolate, people and bratwurst

im so happy i could die

no that was a little dramatic. just really really happy


  1. I've loved reading your blog for ages now, but can I ask you to ask your family a question? I have a missionary now in Germany and I've heard that German customs can be quite tricky to get packages through. Can you share your experience receiving packages (paying duties, missing items) as well as their experience sending them (best types of packing, services, and things to avoid or watch out for)? Thanks, and I hope you have enjoyed your first few weeks of being 23!!

  2. I love this! It has helped me to remember my mission never ends!! Thank you!