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Monday, April 7

2 weeks of being 23 and still no sign of maturity

as i was sitting in bed this morning with a nice large diet coke

( told ya that wouldn't last too long) 

i was trying to decide what to blog about.. conference

ehh ya i could along with every other lds blogger in the world

so i decided to cut down your load of awesome posts to read and instead
blog about something different 

this week was a special one in the diederich home.
my little brother mitchell received his mission call.


so here i was alllll dang week long since my family completely abandoned
me staring at his mission call.

it was a nightmare.

walking in late at night from work.. turn around


wake up in the morning go to open the drawer for a spoon


it was like that dang video tape from the movie the ring. 

cant get rid of it.

I will say that i list not opening his mission call for him in my top accomplishments of 2014.

the runner-up being when i was diet coke free for 2 whole days

but you know who was calm and collected?


now.. i dont mean to brag but here is a young man who cared more about the

WHY than the WHERE

He didn't overanalyze, lose sleep or sweat over WHERE it was he would be serving.

rather.. WHY it was he chose to serve a mission in the first place..

WHAT it was he was going to do to prepare, WHAT he would do once he got there

WHO it was he was going to teach and help

I learned my first valuable lesson from a young 18 year old today.. 

( ok not my fiiiiirrrst.. technically id count “ never say never” - justin bieber )

That people get so caught up in the moment of WHERE AM I GOING TO SERVE!?

Some even read their mission call.. read the location.. and then set it aside.. failing to read the amazing promises, guidance and counsel given by our beloved prophet..

I myself am guilty of that.

Through my adventures as an LDS blogger ive seen so my times where people say “ i wont go on a mission if they choose state side, or visitors center, etc etc etc”.
We are beginning to treat such a divine spiritual revelation as more of a study abroad.

My advice to these individuals as always been.. 
if you are SET on living in Paris, France.. then go study abroad in Paris, France.
But do not mess with the lords time.. or go for the wrong reasons and turn it into an extended vacation.

I believe with my whole heart that EVERY missionary serves exactly where they need to be..

some of my favorite stories of loved ones close to me:

my cousin Oliver Dibblee serving in the Oklahoma Mission . One night at dinner at a local diner a man across the way noticed the last name on the name tag and asked “ Hey, i recognize that name Dibblee.. do you know a Richard Dibblee.. he baptized me back when he was an Elder about your age".. Oliver replied. Yes.. Richard Dibblee is my father.. The mans love for the gospel was re sparked that night as they talked. The man received Richards phone number and later called him to reconnect. Talk about an inspired call and being in the right place at the right time.

my other cousin Anna Diederich serving in the Independence, Missouri mission spent most of her schooling learning Russian! She was very VERY good at it too. When she received her mission call to an english speaking mission i knew she was confused and perhaps a little disappointed. Since serving in Missouri at the Visitors Center she has had COUNTLESS opportunities to use her Russian with visiting Russians. She even had an opportunity to train a Russian Visa waiter. Now you tell me about inspiration right thurrrrrr

When i was called to serve in East Germany i was sent to open up the first Sister Missionary program in the city in which my family found the gospel. I was able to walk those same streets as my grandfather did, sit in the same parks, and walk amongst the same people. Knock doors of fellow diederich’s, visit the bomb shelter in which he hid. I was even able to do lots of family history that was seemingly impossible to do and find in america

You will ALWAYS come to find the reason in which you were called where you where. Even if it is in the last transfer of your mission like mine was. Whether we are harvesting the labors of those who came before us, or planting seeds for those who follow. You will ALWAYS fulfill your purpose and not a day will pass where you wont meet someone who was SUPPOSED to find you, you will learn lessons you were MEANT to learn.

you will GO where you are supposed to go


f.y.i mitchell is single. and i will begin taking applications however, wont submit them until august 2016

oh ya. my blog got a nice makeover this weekend by my adorable sister Olivia. yes the little sister who is married.. be quiet. she is lovely and you should glance at her blog for delicious treats and all things perfect

she also made this perfect little video

mitchells mission call from Olivia Gochnour on Vimeo.


  1. Hi, I love your blog. I think you are hilarious, gorgeous, and inspired. Right now I'm serving in the IL Chicago mission, and I really appreciate all of your posts (especially about the mission). Keep up the great work!

  2. I'll take one of those applications. Please and thank you. Except I'm leaving for my mission in a year from July...!

  3. well i'm not going on a mission… soooooo…. ya. i'll take one too (; hehe seriously. i am in love.