Monday, March 17


I got lots of emails this week from readers thanking me for my weekly posts about missionary work, and many readers asking to know a little bit more about me and who i am aside from Bella in Berlin.


My life as a normal person is like .0000001 as cool as missionary me

because.. well lets be honest. 

Anyone wearing jesus christs name right next to their own AUTOMATICALLY goes up in the cool scale of things. 

so. without much further ado. 

heres a little 


1. my name is Isabelle Grace Diederich
2. i am turning 23 next week.


3. i love diet coke more than people
4. i love to travel 
5. ive read like 3 books.. bom.pgp.bible
6. i am absolutely awful at math
7. i love anything with a board involved
8. my passion is dancing i have since i was 3
9. i remain UNDECIDED on my major
10. i nap 1x a day.. or more
11. i love diet coke.. just to emphasize
12. i love lilwayne so much i plan to name my daughter carter
13. ive never read harry potter.. no desire
14. im the 2nd of 5 siblings
15. yes im the only unmarried girl
16. black is my favorite color
17. i love anything coconut
18. john mayer is my soul mate.. he just doesnt know it yet
19. rainy days are my favorite days
20. i am a nutella connoisseur
21. i am addicted to pinterest
22. ive never eaten a tomato
23. i love movies and popcorn
24. dieter f. uchtdorf is by far the most handsome
25. i have a wonderful boyfriend named alex who i love dearly
26. i have the diet of a 6 year old
27. i love the gospel with my whole heart. its become my life
28. i cannot NOT participate in jesus wants me for a sun


29. if i paint my nails. i will guarantee pick them off within hours
30. i stil use the term HAGS at the end of most every text/email
31. klutz is an understatement
32. im a belieber
33. i wish disney channel was still on channel 33

well. i feel that is enough for today

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

until next week! cant wait to come up with much more exciting posts for all of you!

keep sending me your emails, questions and ideas for posts!

hi. meet alex

yes. there is hope after the mission

my dad big how and my beautiful little sister

yes little. get over it


the end.


  1. the cutest post! you and alex need to come to SF and visit since chase + baker are obsessed with each other!

  2. love my sister!!! (older sister!!)

  3. Disney Channel is still on 33 if you have Comcast :)

  4. i love your blog! i followed it as you were on your mission; i loved your unique & interesting perspective on the mission. it has helped me get prepared for my mission in JULY. anyway, love the blog and THANKS :)