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Monday, March 10


As promised.. here is a post concerning things i wish i wouldve known in the field!


When transfers roll around there is NOTHING worse than packing up and having to move to your new apartment and city! Especially when you have to travel alone, very far and well…. lesss be honest packed more scarfs and shoes then books and pencils. 

Go to the post office the day before transfers and ship those pesky heavy books and things to your next city!!!! It costs under 10 dollars.. it'll arrive exactly when you do and relieve you from ALOT of pain, trouble, missed trains and awkward encounter

If on the other hand you are the companion remaining in your city and awaiting the arrival of a companion.. make them feel at home.. Decorate their desk and bedroom area! Everyone likes a warm welcome and it'll start things off on a GREAT note by letting them you care and are excited to have them.

I enjoyed gathering pictures of each companion and or missionary/member i came in contact with.. and i had them write down their favorite scriptures, memories, recipes and even inside jokes..

^^ this one SURE helps the forgetful RM like me.. who spends more times awkwardly trying to find ways to figure out peoples names without asking directly.. 

A super fun way to inform your family back at home where your heading at transfer time is to SEND POSTCARDS to them!!!  My family loved watching the mailbox come transfer time.. they either would get no post.. or a fun postcard from my new city upon arrival! Its a fun way to document your travels as well…… and buy funny sometimes even borderline postcards!


SO… you've white washed a city eh? 
everyone is skeptical of missionaries eh?
you dont know a single soul eh?

perhaps the only thing worse then showing up to an area with an area book that hasn't been updated in YEARS is to find a ward list with outdated, weird notes from previous missionaries like “ she is nice.. but her husband resembles a troll”

no lie. 

ive seen this exact entry before. -_-

FIRST THING IS FIRST upon arrival find your bishop, relief society president, ward mission leader and get acquainted!! SHOW THEM you care and are ready to work, and request an updated copy of the ward list..

Once you have the ward list go purchase a blank calendar and begin going through the list and writing birthrates of members both active and less active on the calendar.. and hang it in your apartment!!! 

members who are active will love when you drop by with a little note or treat on their birthday.. it shows them you care about their welfare, not just strangers on the street or coming over to flip through their contacts and photos of friends and say  “ who dat.. are they a member..”

2. i can testify not one single less active member turned away a birthday cookie.. you WILL get let in.. and their hearts WILL be softened.. ( unless the elders bake the cookies.. in that case they will just be really really upset and sickened)

Being in a new city also means not only GAINING the members trust.. but KEEPING the members trust. Establish friendships and give them reason to trust you!

A great idea for making sure the members remember who you are and make them remember your visit.. is to take a cute little pic of you and your companion together.. Go to kinkos or any place where you can print photos.. and on the photo add some text!

for example: a scripture, a small quote from a religious leader..
and then sign it Sister… and Sister… 

Members in my mission had WALLS AND WALLS of missionaries photos from years past.. they'll love remembering who YOU are as well.. ( and it'll help them learn YOUR name)


In my mission.. a large part of our focus and efforts were geared towards member missionary work.. now i could create a WHOLE post on this alone.. seeing as how i created a whole book for it.. no really.. i did

its called the member area book ( stay tuned for next weeks post ) 

Of most i important when meeting with members

be on time…..
I was raised with the mentality if your 10 minutes early.. your on time. If your on time.. your late. If your late.. dont bother showing up

TIMELINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS.. but really.. nothing shows the members and investigators more lack of care then being late.. plan ahead and RUN!

2. dine and dash ( no im not referring to the old high school shenanigans of finish and then bailing without paying ). I am talking about eating with the family, leaving a spiritual thought and then leaving. I cannot think of anything less appealing then having two missionaries in my home who just lounge, meander, and try to waste a little time relaxing. 



go back to work.

3. When leaving those spiritual thoughts.. prayerfully and thoughtfully plan out each lesson before hand. When on transfers and serving along side missionaries, i always kinda got a lump in my throat when the time for a spiritual thought rolled around and the missionaries did the infamous “ FLIP OPEN THE BOOK AND PICK A PAGE”. 

I HAVE seen miracles that come from thoughtfully planning. 

Preach my gospel is an amazing tool for teaching.. Why not ask the members if you can PRACTICE teaching a lesson that perhaps your not so familiar with. This will show them that your working towards understanding and bettering your teaching. And in turn they get to hear the amazing lessons we as missionaries teach and have their testimony of missionary work strenghtened!



Just a few more great tips and tricks:

Nothing gave my mother more stress then shipping a much needed package and having it go missing or arriving 4 months late.

set up an amazon account under the country or region your missionary is serving
purchase everything from shoes, to deodorant and cereal online and amazon will get it to them in 3-4 days for a FRACTION of the cost.. ( especially if you have a PRIME account it will be FREE)

this was so much more convenient then waiting two weeks for a 75$ dollar package.. 

COMMON Q:s from this week:
1. where’d you get that green skirt - it is from anthropologie i believe!
2. where did i shop check “ what i wish i wouldve known” posts. I posted it all there :)! 
3. believe it or not.. my H&M flats were my favorite go to ( with dr.scholls inserted). Nordstrom BP also offers real comfortable shoes.
4. Advice when shopping..

ok.. lets take a moment here together..

Please.. steer AWAY from the orthopedic shoes and skorts. 



4. best way to prepare for your mission
Ive said it before and ill say it again.. you can pack and be p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y prepared with even 72 hours kits and tornado survival kits. However.. THE BEST preparation you can do.. is spiritual preperation..

You can buy more socks.. you can find that forgotten jacket.. 

but right now.. the best ting you can do to feel at peace and feel READY is come nearer to our father in heaven then EVER before.. fast.. prayer and brace yourself for the BEST 18 mo-2 years of your life..

<< old advice>>

I've noticed on my mission..Satan truly works the hardest on those that he knows is capable of making the biggest difference in building this kingdom..but you know who also knows that?

Your father in heaven. He called you to do his work because he TRUSTS YOU 

A few years back I was someone who would have bet everything I owned that I would not be where I am today. I made so many mistakes...spent more time running from seminary teachers ( literally) than learning from them. But I know the atonement is REAL. My words I felt would never be enough to describe what this beautiful message deserves...

God does not ask us to be perfect. But to give our best..and he fills in the rest. 

Remember he called you to this work because he trusts you. 18 months seriously flies byyyyyy. Do not count the time.. Make the time count!!!!!

I promise that as you serve the Lord, then your companion, then those around you and last yourself. You will find TRUE joy. 

if your interested in re-finding my Part ONE and Part TWO to this post.. here are the links!



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