as of late

Tuesday, October 14

i know.

you don't even have to say it.

so here are a few thoughts on things as of late.

honeymoon is over.

moving is making progress
(if you call refusing to touch the moving boxes in order to avoid a mess you really don't want to pick up and are afraid if once opened that you'll never stop and in turn miss quality time you could be spending watching new girl on netflix or miss a pin worthy pumpkin chocolate chip recipe. meanwhile just washing and wearing the same outfit because your too scared and lazy to unpack)

its going well.

bake and i finally moved into our place.
we are living in an adorable 3 bedroom 2 bath near our university here in utah. 

we waited 2 months for this beauty and couldn't love it more

its definitely beginning to feel like our home


i am still working on that wifelyfe

i find myself googling all day stuff like 

" how to get cleaning solution out of your eye"

" should you be alarmed if you hear a ticking noise after trying to nail into a wall"

"are 6 tide pods too many tide pods"


" tips on ways to hide the soul burning light that shines
through our bedroom window at 5 in the morning mocking me"

but other than that

can't complain

i cook a lot.

so i don't think bake can complain

except for the time last week where we went to costco

and well.. ill just let you decide how it went

its fall around here. which means. i am happy

call me basic. 
call me white. 
mock it my poorly taken leaf photo
( blog post to come on this topic)


i love fall.

i love everything about it

especially the rain. 

if ANYONE knows me its that i love the rain

(&& alex)

and jesus. and my family blah blah blah blah blah

but i truly do most love the rain. 

allergy and migraine relieving purposes aside.
the rain is my happiest thought.

if you gave me 20 dollars and told me to move
and promised me it would rain everyday. i would pickup

ok not really. that was dramatic 


in all reality. alex and i have goals and one is to
at one point in our lives finally settle down in seattle.

( or the carolinas. i wouldn't complain. its a tie)

carolinas don't rain but they do have seafood and homes I've pinned all my life sooo

going on. 

i made a really bad mistake 
at telling my husband and awesome new in-laws that id be down for a haunted house

I'm starting to feel that you don't know me so ill tell you a little bit more about me and my fears

1. public restrooms 

2. hiking and running

3. country music

4.  i suffer from what I've told can be diagnosed at 

fainting goat syndrome.

fainting goat syndrome: a disease where upon being spooked
instead of running, defending, or fighting back like most normal people
you fall to the ground.

and if in a real life situation most likely die.

so like we went. 

ill leave it to your imagination as to how the night went exactly.

but ill leave it at

ahoy captain. 


glad we didn't go to one beffffooore the wedding 

opinions would've changed 

on a more spiritual note

my little brother recently left for the PERU AREQUIPA MISSION

mitchell is like real life my best friend.

not my

oh my gosh bff that i never speak to and screen shot her texts and
make fun of her but face to face pretend i love her

best friend.

my love you long time best friend is my brother
how lucky am i

i spy with my little eye. something that made me cry in the middle of class
last week when i looked down and saw it as my screensaver out of nowhere.

follow him. write him. but lock your hearts.. for another 22 months

aint noone got time for that

let see what else what else..

oh I'm like failing math990. which is awesome. 

its fall break. but unlike most college kids who plan ahead
i forgot that it existed. annnnnd failed to plan. so.

not that we have money raining down for last minute trips
like i observe most every other newlywed couple is doing. 


things to look forward to this month:

i know i don't blog weekly. but i will.
but to make you feel a bit better i HAVE like 20 unsaved drafts in polishing up
ready to post

- what i wish i would've known before i entered the field

- what i wish i would've known before training

- what i wish i would've known before coming home

- what i wish i would've known when i got home from my mission

- my conference favorites

oh oh oh && two i look forward to most which will be posted hopefully in the
next week

a look at our cute little humble abode

and a final recap of my wedding reception included with a  WHOLE
post about where i bought what. who i used and what i ate
because tis important


  1. dying to see the inside of that cute house!! these posts are hilar and i love reading them. xoxoxo

  2. Rain is my favorite too! And my husband's name is Alex. My Alex doesn't like rain that much, but he does love Seattle. Big cities are fun, but big rainy cities are even better. Love your blog!

  3. Cute! I have a best friend serving in Peru right now. She is coming home in about a month. I've been reading her weekly emails and chatting with her every week and I can tell that it's such a wonderful mission. Your brother won't want to come home haha.

  4. I'm originally from NY, but I go to school in Eastern NC and the fall here is SO SHORT. Like two weeks in November, and then it just becomes Winter. Da worst.

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  6. Girl. Don't mind me, just blog stalking over here. I served in Charlotte, North Carolina. It rains there, don't worry. :) I remember rain in all seasons but especially the summer rain. It's the best and happens almost daily around 4pm. Just wanted to make sure you knew. :)