Thursday, November 13

so like... a few things

1. i'm still waiting on my reception photos so like.. sorry for that delay. 

2. i finally unpacked moving boxes from our house 2 months later so ill post pictures of that soon 

3. my sister had a baby and i am very scary creepily obsessed with LU and spend
every waking moment with the child as if it were my own

i want one.

poor bake. he sees it in my eyes. hahahaha

i need to properly feed myself before i grow a child. 
or it'll come out addicted to grannie annies macaroni and diet coke

on a side note:

do yourself a favor if you haven't already tried it and go buy yourself some.

I'm such a classy wife. each night its like

" sooo.... do you want cheddar macaroni or wanna spice things up and do white cheddar"

options. options. options.

so heres a glimpse at everything i fail to update..

this is luella.

never have i loved any little person so much before..

i call her LU.

she gets annoyed of me at times

she loves diet coke.

her little family is just amazing. 
she has an amazing mother and dad. 
watching them raise her is my happy thought..
my sister has given me the greatest gift. 

i love being an aunt!

oh and i love fall.

i love e.v.e.r.y.t.h.a.n.g about fall except for halloween. 
perhaps it was the struggle over the years to decide
between being a cat or staying home watching halloweentown.

but THIS year having a hubby to dress with rather quite difficult

alex's only ideas and preferences consisted of

1. zombies
2. dead people that aren't zombies yet
3. flesh eating zombies

so i didn't have much to work with..

like every marriage we negotiate on most everything

so i picked out costumes this year.


their famous wedding photo. since like we are newlyweds kinda sorta.
and mostly because it was easy and required zero effort. 

AND in turn.. alex got to pick next years costumes.

normally i would keep this costume a secret. but i hate secrets and well quite
frankly if i am being honest next halloween may go a little something like this

** wake up. pretend throat is closing and boil hot water to ensure my thermo runs a 103 fever **

to ensure that i do NOT have to be seen in the costume alex picked for us.

i mind as well show you. since i can assure you i will find some way out of actually
doing it.. 

here is his pick.

yes. i will be hannibal lector

bake is a BIG scary movie buff.

wait yes I will be hannibal lector and he will be my security guard.

so scary.

moving on.

so scary.

we got to play mom& dad for the weekend with our cute niece and nephew

alex thought that it would undo my baby fever.

nope. just made it worse

( note the macaroni)

despite my crazy schedule i still manage to teach dance at an amazing studio in Salt Lake City which i love <33

I'm pretty sure they like me too.. but I'm more positive
the girls like bake.. naja

speaking of bake..

man did i luck out. I'm not gonna go all

* happy 3 month baby* on you..

although it has been for those who are wondering lolz.

all i will say for now is.


i married the best man in the world.

im so blessed to have him in my life.


going on.

fun story

so the other week i called alex and said

" DATE NIGHTTTTTT.. were going to target and gonna carve pumpkins"

he seemed less than amused.

i pulled in the driveway 20 minutes later and in that time frame he had managed
to call a few of his buddies over and become very very busy.

well played bake.

well played.

well with new life comes a new ward and family

we hosted a small little get together in our new little place for the
young adults in our ward.

turned out prettttaaayyy fun if i do say so myself.

we were so excited when we moved in knowing my friend caroline hale would
be in our ward.

believe it or not i am quite shy at times when meeting someone for the first time

after a few awkward moments.. im wonderful. 

unless you wanna start a chat about J-Smith or Moroni i am pretty much

"soo.. whats the deal with grape nuts. grapes don't have nuts"

( real life convo starter i tried last week)

oh and lastly.. here is big how.


thats his real smile.

all day..


hes an important character in this book of lyfe.

so now ya know

oh ya..

I'm so excited to share more about a fun project in the works

lol its not a party

i have been helping the church with an amazing
project regarding missionaries and returning home! its been
on of the biggest blessings upon my arrival home to be apart of such an amazing
good cause.

i can't wait to share more about it..

i promise i will as soon as i get the thumbs up.

P.S.S.S for all of you who have emailed me in the last little bit please
know i received your emails! my account has been hacked and I'm having
trouble getting on without it emailing people like coupons on retirement funds.

will be back up and running shortly <3

all jokes aside.

my lack of posting is not acceptable. GUARANTEE
every monday evening a post. promise.


  1. My little sister comes home from her mission in like THREE WEEKS. I am dying of excitement. She doesn't seem quite as thrilled though. Maybe your little project will help her!!

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog through Pinterest one fine day because you are freaking hysterical! Like, can we be real life friends please? I live in Provo, so... (Creepy? Hope not) Honestly though, I love reading your blog! That's so funny that your husband called up his buddies that one night! Target is my mothership and my man HATES when I drag him there, he has faked sick SOOO many times!