Tuesday, November 18

i know i know i know

isn't it gutsy/mushy doing a WHOLE post about my husband??

because after all you know what twitter says

" the happiest couples are the ones who don't feel the need to post it"


on the contrary. 

i am over the moon haha and want to post about it

sorry to burst that bubble and prove dem facts wrong..

Today is November 18th.

my favorite day.

but before i tell you why let me tell you a little about who makes this day so perfect


ive met a lot of souls in this life

but none quite like him

he exceeded every expectation.

if anyone knows my dating past

they would know just how much finding a good guy means
to me.

they would know just how long i searched for him.

but what many people don't know is how it all came about

i remember specific counsel given to me on my mission
prior to returning home.. 

like all RM's i knew that
dating would be in the near and upcoming future 
and the idea made me sick

i was more than frustrated with the dating and the men
that i seemed to stumble upon

at times i would find myself praying my heart out hoping
for an answer as to whether or not that certain someone was the one.. 

but the counsel i was given was this

the lord trusts you. 

so stop praying for an answer you already know..

rather that date, wait then pray.. 

i was told to strive to live in a way that
my communication with my father in heaven would be strengthened

a two way communication


so much so that
upon meeting this young man i would know...

before dates. friends. emotions and time clouded my judgement..

i would simply know.


call it luck. call it hope. or whatever you may

but meeting bake i know was a blessing and a direct 
result from doing just that

praying for the gift of discernment to know 
to avoid wasted time
and more importantly getting hurt again

the first monday after i returned home.. i saw him
and i knew.

just like i was promised i would..

before even knowing his name and after a rather awkward

i knew

he. is. the. one

it took time
it took trust

but most importantly it took prayer

lots and lots and lots of prayer


lets all get to know this husband of mine
just a little bit better.. 


or like i like to call him


bake has THE biggest heart

not a day goes by that i don't see him in the service
of others..

anything from::
taking his sister's kids for the evening free of charge
mowing other's lawns before our own
arising early // retiring late to go sit with a friend in need
turning off Seinfeld to watch once upon a time with me

leaving 5 minutes later for work to get the dishes done

or being 5 extra minutes late home from work to stop and bring me flowers

each. and. every. week

<< he is the perfect example of an individual who lives his >>
<< life turning outwards instead of inward >>

bake is a special spirit

in all the time i have gotten to know him i have never heard
a negative. rude. or demeaning thing
about another leave his mouth.

much like i have never heard a negative thing said about bake

he is the truest friend.
most loyal companion 
and honorable son i think anyone could ask for

i often joke that i have YET to see his blood
pressure rise above a .5

he is calm
he is understanding

upon returning home from target
with christmas decorations and many other
unnecessary but adorable things in hand

my husband.. rather than complaining about
where money was spent opened my bags with
excitement and shared genuine joy with each purchase
i showed him..

only for me to later notice while doing laundry holes in most of
his socks and his toothpaste nearly completely gone

things i had forgotten weeks earlier him asking me to 
grab for him next time i went to the store

but rather than complaining. sulking or even bringing 
it to my attention..

he kissed my forehead and with a big smile on his face said 

" i love them"

and continued to help hang my decorations and
assist me in putting away the groceries

a lesson i will never forget

the life he leads.

baker has a spirit about him that exudes fun and positivity
he is athletic. smart. kind. and thoughtful

sharing my husband with the world is at times difficult
when your husband is so loved haha
but i know that as much of a blessing it is to have him
apart of my life.. he is needed elsewhere just as much as here with me

he would do anything for this little family of ours

even if it means entering a radio contest like
this morning trying to win plane tickets to go to
costa rica next spring with my family

since we fall into a rare category of newlyweds. not on
trust fund. students on a macaroni diet

or rushing home today during a work break to surprise scary sick green ball of flu like myself with a hug

he always finds a way. 

his love for the gospel

alex loves the gospel.. he loves it for himself

i love him because i know he loves it more than he loves myself

i've been lucky enough to learn from his example and testimony in
just this short year.. and in that year i have learned more than i have in my lifetime

i have witnessed a life that is utterly and completely devoted to the gospel

e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g this man does is for the lord

i can't explain the importance and blessing it is to

fall asleep next to a praying husband
&& waking up to a praying husband

to love someone who is antsy if his personal study
was not completed or a prompting not followed

his whole heart is this work
and my whole purpose is to support him in all that he does

november 18th is more than just a year since our first kiss

it marks the day that i began to see my life through the eyes of the lord

that i learned that those prayers didn't go unanswered

that he truly knows me better

he sent me a husband who continues to remind me of my worth

my post is not made to boast..

rather a humble confession from a wife whose husband
is the rock of all that she does

a wife whose husband will most positively be her ticket into heaven
when she gets stopped at the gate for one reason or another

a wife who adores and strives each and every day to be more like
the man she wakes up next to

and a daughter of god who is so unbelievably thankful to the lord

for sending bake 

to an incredibly clumsy. undeserving. bless your heart

but adoring wife..


  1. dead dead honest i scrolled through most of this and just looked at the pics but i CAN'T WAIT TO READ!!!
    ahhh i just love you 2. and yay because mine and Will's first time saying I LOVE YOU is november 19th whaaaaa

  2. Love this, love you, and thanks again for your example!

  3. Don't mind me... Over here sobbing... Absolutely touched by your words & their sentiment. Love you both. ��

  4. awe this is cute. i call my husband "jakey baker" and his name doesn't have baker in it anywhere lol. so, it's funny to see someone else calls their husband something similar! although you actually have a rational reason. anyways, this is cute.

  5. This is absolutely beautiful <3 Thank you ever so much for sharing such a precious part of your life with us!

  6. I just want to start by saying thank you so much for sharing this sweet post. I do not know you personally but just stubble across your blog and this post was exactly what I needed to hear. I have been struggling when it comes to dating and feeling like there is no hope but this words brought me hope and understanding of things that i need to do to change and have a better outlook. So thank you so much for sharing and know that your words touched someone!