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Monday, December 22

as many of you know i am a LDS blogger.

which means i would never ask any of you to take any fashion advice,
baking recipes or any design tips from me what so ever.


I really truly love them

with that being said.. 

collaborations.. i hardly if ever do them unless i LOVE them 

so when Sara Sandberg from Illume Gowns contacted me i was over
the moon excited and completely on board.

Sara Sandberg is the creator of Illume. What makes this designer
unique is her love for contemporary and MODEST design. 

eh eh eh? you see where i'm going with this

how RARE is it these days to find beautiful modest wedding gowns
that do not look like we are wearing a shade shirt or flashback to our grandmothers
senior prom so modest and turtleneck style

so scary. 

Sara lives a life of virtue and her design and passion definitely shows
through her dresses!

This designer is currently based out of Southern California. And soon with a 
a little hope and pixy dust this designer will be opening a few stores in Utah! 


oh and please don't mind me. it was about 2 degrees and
i didn't sleep a WINK the night before. my hubby and i
had a little mouse invade our home and torment us.

we named him keith
but he's gone now..

so please don't mind my tired eyes.

this is about the dresses.

lovely ladies at Taylor Andrew's Academy did our makeup and hair!

these ladies are phenomenal

the lovely designer herself

 A beautiful day with an inspiring designer!


she is lovely inside and out as are these one of a kind dresses!

&& Don't forget to mention my name all of January to receive a discount!
if you are a bride looking for a modest beautiful dress you're in luck!

I loved playing bride again for a day! Finding a dress already perfectly modest
and beautiful is near impossible to come by these days!

My own particular wedding gown was a SIZE 12 and had to be taken down.
have sleeves added and just a whole bunch of hullabuhloo done to it!

go take a look at the perfect simple beautiful solution

 you won't regret it!

Photographers: Miyo Strong & Meredith Carlson

Hair&MUA: Taylor Andrews Academy


  1. i love her gowns! i've seen them before on instagram, it's so great that they don't have to be altered to be modest! if only i hadn't already bought mine!!! haha you look stunning :)

    xo, k

  2. Hey if you love my store contact me to collaborate :)