Monday, September 28

i am giggling as i even TRY to type this out

no im not pregnant.

i wish


my comfort level of

(     )

is being pushed to this

(                                                                                                                )

this week.

so so many of my readers found my blog through 
my post

" what i wish i would've known before i left on a mission"

a post originally designed and written for my cousin before
her mission with a few clicks and shares went viral.

and thus this crazy adventure began.

since returning home i've received so many requests for a
second post regarding
" things i wish i would've known"

in the field. 
during transfers. 
while i trained.
as a sister training leader.

and most importantly.. for when i return home

no. i am not lazy. but rather have been
spending so much time perfecting these little posts because
 i saw just how much potential and influence my one before had.

on the back burner of my 2015-2016 plans is to write a book
finally ( my life long dream ) and make it about none other than 

dun dun dun


 but till that that comes  (you'll get those posts here first)

i've been just chillin.



but about a month ago i got a call that changed it all

i've been thrown out of my comfort zone
had the sheets ripped off from on top me me and my Netflix 
and have been asked to do something that 5 years ago
would've made me LOL thinking i was on punk'd.

I am so so honored and overwhelmed to announce I've
been asked to speak this week at a 

BYU Women's Conference

The BYU Women's Resource Center reached out to me on behalf
of an amazing workshop series that they have for RM female
students and have asked me to come speak to all women
about life POST MISSION

Now.. I know there are so so so so so so many emails in my inbox
unanswered with questions from all of you requesting such a post or discussion

soo.. I got permission to invite all of you! BYU or not you are
invited to come and learn and surround yourself with other young women
going through exactly what you may be.

and of course. watch yours truly explode with embarrassment and
wear my one pair of pants i own that ARENT leggings and refrain
from any inappropriate jokes so hard that my face turns bright pink

The Workshop is THIS WEDNESDAY

Date: September 30th
Time: 5-6pm
Location: BYU Wilkinson Student Center, room 3224
Topic: Practical Transition from mission to post-mission life

This workshop is just for women RM or not if you're considering
serving I'd love to meet you and answer any and all questions you have

my heart is soooo full and i think i might be sick but
nontheless so blessed and humbled at this unique and special
opportunity to continue doing missionary work and serve my father in heaven

go cougars.


and last time youll EVER hear me say that


  1. this is heavenly news! can't wait to meet you!!! good luck :)

  2. I have been going to their post mission workshops this year and was SO thrilled when I got the email yesterday saying you are coming! I cannot wait!!

  3. so wish i could have been there. my friend & i talked about your blog alll the time on the mish. you're a legend. a good kind of legend.