a year in review

Wednesday, September 16

one year.

annnnnnnd a month because im so
excellent and timely and late with posting. always.

i learned

a lot.

kissed a lot.

burnt a lot of stuff

(pictured: the poster that he made which hung for 2 months to celebrate me
passing math 1010 hahaha)

but all in all this was my year. 

life with bake is pretty darn great
i waited a long time to find someone like him

so ill tell you a little about it

as my little brother likes to put it
"i dodged a lot of bullets.. and only walked away with a flesh wound "

thanks baby j.

life being bake's wife is simply the easiest.
happiest. most entertaining thing in the world

he leaves a note somewhere for me everyday

our deal is I do laundry and he does dishes.

talk about love.

dishes make me absolutely ill

I don’t know how there’s even a comparison to folding
clean warm laundry. I just don’t get it

He HATES laundry but dishes he doesn’t mind.

technically he hates both but he hates the sound
of me crying and gagging from the kitchen even more so..

I just need to take a moment to forewarn you all from
those people who find “ comfort and stress relief” from doing dishes

these are not people you need in your life.

you're welcome.

he comes to visit me at work once a week
and together we go on a little picnic with a meal he's prepared

99.9% of the time its macaroni 

but. i aint mad

he is the KING of consuming and bringing
home trinkets for me that are absolutely not necessary

you know those little bins and boxes of things riiiiiight
at checkout at the store where you see them and think 
to yourself

who. in. the. world. would. buy. that??


as much as i believe no. i do not need another lip balm
or pack of tide to go pens who can resist a gift when the
reason behind it was 

" i know you have a lot of these but i saw its your
favorite color so i got it!"

gawl. i love him

with a husband whose one of the firsts
of his friends to be married i can almost always count on
a visitor for dinner each night which means hauling in the
kitchen table into the living room and feeding large men

which also means.. sending them to the store to get a few
last minute things...

 to add onto my previous thought we've found it completely
and utterly IMPOSSIBLE for bake to go to the store
and return with JUST the items on my list.

he always manages to find a "killer deal"
that we CANT PASS UP

this year those "deals" included

a gigantic tub of wheat.. for food storage? or something

i dont care HOW many days im stranded
in my basement the LAST thing i'll do is say

" hmm im fancying some wheat!"

nope. rather starve.

 my favorite story this year was sending him and his best friend
jacob to the store to get muffin liners in the aisle BY in the sprinklers

only to have them return home with a package
of funfetti frosting and a large back of rainbow sprinkles...

instead of the item BY the sprinkles they managed
to BUY the sprinkles and forget the rest

and who the HECK knows where he got funfetti frosting from

hahahahahahahaha but who can complain when
funfetti enters the room.


absolutely noone.

he has the BIGGEST heart with the BEST intentions
and i love his giving attitude even if i now own every color
in the EOS lip balms.. who cares.

he has the biggest heart

bake never complains. ever. about anything
even watching gossip girl for the 3rd time with me sometimes I admit I try to get a little
complaint out of him. nada

not for 7:00am and 11:30 pm diet coke run or the fact that that I have yet to escape Costco
without buying yet another sheepskin blanket.


bake goes out of his way every.single.friday STILL since
we began dating to bring me flowers on his way home from work

I could go on but then people would whine about “bragging” since whining is
a big big hobby for lots of people lately

but. to these people i say

on the contrary

i’ve said it before and ill say it again.
my blog has never been. is not and never will be
to boast. brag or glamorize any detail of my life

like many of you I try to highlight the best

because who wants to read complaints. misery and
pitty me posts.


gifts and patience aside I’ve been so humbled and amazed
to witness in this last year just how much god answers each of our prayers

one of my wedding gifts from an old YW leader was
a note she’d kept that she had us young women write to ourselves
when we were little B’s about

what I want in a husband..

I should’ve just drawn a BIG picture of bake but that
would’ve freaked everyone including myself out to see such a thing
from some freak fortune telling 14 year old.

but really.. back before HS and when things got blurry
I had a clear idea of what I wanted out of life and for a husband

to have a husband who kneels morning and night
in prayer and above anything values
his relationship with his father in heaven is priceless

<3 <3 <3

by all mean in this year there’s been a few bumps

not like those speed bumps that bottom out your car and
make you drop a big S bomb when you drive over them

more like those nice gentle ones that make you let out a little


when you drive over them

you’ll never become the person you want to be if you don’t learn to flexxxx a little

bake decided this last year what he finally wanted to do in life
juuuuuuust when I was celebrating his soon to be graduation
from school. the evil parking bikers and homework

the boy wants to go to law school

this semester he began his crazy studying
in his “man cave” we designed for him in the basement of our place

his study schedule has meant no time for work any longer
other than a few internship hours through the week

so for the last little bit and for the next few years that’s meant

me working 9-5

dancing at night

(not that kind of dancing you dirties)

teaching children

ANNND.. then coming home and doing an online
amount of 15 credit hours of classes

It’s been a crazy ride but so worth it to watch my husband chase his dreams

by far my favorite part is late at night him shutting his books to come
in and help me with my homework to help make sure I likewise
graduate and follow mine

and making me take back every mean thing
i said about the "math gods"

we are pooped

like so pooped that i have to motivate myself
with rewards of diet coke every hour on the hour

e.v.e.r.y employee at gas stations in a 1.0 mile radius from my home
know me by name and always cleverly say

“back again?”

when I come in for my drug of choice

aside from school. life and sprinkles we've
found this year to be quite a big one also for me medically
speaking and feel we are FINALLY on track with the right care and
doctor's to help us figure out a few things

in the spirit of health bake officially gave me the title of pink eye moody
for the year because of my reoccurring pink eye due to 
bacterial infection i cant fight because im forbidden to take

so thats nice.

we are still nursery leaders and enjoy the juicy
gossip we get each week

even tho every other week we are at farewells. homecomings and blessings.

he has yet to make me go on a hike which means
he gets me and truly loves me

i finalllly changed my name last week OFFICIALLY
to Bella Baker after an entire year 

aint noone got time for the SS office

we visited 
costa rica
bear lake

etc.etc.etc.etc. other random things.

we still live in sugarhouse which we are loving!

growing up i loved driving through our now neighborhood
at all the trees in the fall and couldnt wait to hopefully live
there someday

he still loves me after my trips to target
for cereal turn into new curtains, rugs and frames
next years fall wardrobe and a year supply of candles

we still have to watch Seinfeld at least once a day
per his request

BOTH of our cars have been hit by our
neighbors this year as they back out of their driveway


Bake: Lost his (2) times
ME: Lost mine (4) times
misplaced it ONCE in a dumpster
and had to have it cut off of my finger ONCE

so 6 FINE 6!!! stop yelling

real talk.

im so lucky to be this man's wife

more than the gifts. sprinkles and laughs

there are no words or posts long enough to describe
what it means to have this man as my companion

i cant wait for hundreds more hopefully
with children... just saying.. big big hint. 

hopefully he reads this and gets on board.

jk jk jk i know your reading this babe

we will talk later.
i adore you.


  1. You're so freaking cute, Bella! Sometimes I feel like we're the same person when I read your blog... I CAN NOT do dirty dishes either. ha- I also get so ill. It's absolutely disgusting! I can unload but loading? No thanks. I'm actually allergic to diet coke so I reward myself every hour with Mtn Dew with school work! The end is so close yet so far at the same time ha!

  2. this is unreal. loved every word! come visit us NOW ...this time in europe!!!!!!

  3. What an excellent year you had! All photos are depicting fun you had in 2015. I also have loads of memories attached to last year. Got engaged on Christmas Eve at my favorite event venue NYC. It’s among the most mesmerizing feeling of my life!