Frohe Weihnachten

Monday, December 24

Cruising through my iPod

I'll be home for Christmas..


Please bring snow and mistletoe..


I'll have a blue Christmas without you..

Baby please come home..


All I want for Christmas is


So please just fall in love with me this Christmas


Baby it's cold out..




Thanks for nothing Mr.Buble' but the most clever alone awareness CD ever made.. Ahhh

I've got Rudolph on re-play... he didn't let Santa or me down with that one!

This week to celebrate my companions birthday/ my inner Asian inside of me decided to make us some Chinese food for lunch!

We were at the Chinese Costco like Store where they sell all sorts of wild oriental treats and I bought some soy sauce.
(impossible to find here). liquid gold. 
Right after we checked out I somehow tripped....on air and dropped the Soy Sauce which shattered everywhere.

Every single Asian was panicking and freaking out as if someone died. Everyone was speaking and shouting in Chinese...

I didn't need a translator to know what they were saying bout me.

Ya ya ya take a picture. 

I had to buy a whole new bottle and had glass in my finger and was just not a happy camper.

Right as we walked out Sister Warncke goes.....

Haha you ate it!!

I just started dyyyyying of laughter. She is catching on

Making me proud. 

This week I also taught her the words:

it amuses me

My companion got super sick with an epidemic that's been going around not only our mission but for sister missionaries world wide..

The " I don't need to shave because it's winter and I'm a sister missionary" epidemic.

This is NOT A DRILL and I simply will NOT tolerate this behavior. Pray for my fellow sisters that their minds may be made right.

This week was similar to last week but getting easier

Sister Kosak (the mission President's wife) randomly called to check in on me. (Talk about a prompting).
And we talked about life and I got some good advice. She is such an amazing lady.

Normally in life when i got bad news or had a trial. I could go to my mom, get a large vanilla diet coke, go shopping with Chloe and Madds. Or just lay in bed for a day...or two.

But being away from everything familiar especially diet coke and without anyone to turn to. 
My relationship with the Lord has never been stronger.

My only outlet is prayer.

Never before have I felt soooo much peace and comfort.

Through him i find strength to carry forward and trust he will lead me to where I need to be. To help me find what I deserve.

I realized this week that finding yourself shouldn't need to involve someone else. 
Sometimes it means picking up the pieces and starting over. Constantly refining and better myself.

Drawing nearer to the one person who knows you better. 

This week I heard a quote from Joseph Smith talking about how he is like a rock rolling down a hill and becoming smooth and perfected through all the bumps and trials the Lord gives him.

I'm going to be a diamond here pretty soon now if that's the case!!

I officially declare Leipzig as the Christmas capital of the world. You don't know Christmas till you have come here and seen it!

The streets are filled with toy makers, food, gifts and bells and music ahhh it's heaven. 

The work is great and hard at Christmas time. I love it that way. It keeps you on your toes.

People are hustling about shopping to celebrate CHRISTmas and when asked if they believe in CHRIST they gawk at you and walk away. If everyone could just truly reflect on the true meaning or Christmas it would change hearts.

Being away from gifts and family has really left me with only the birth of Christ to celebrate. And that is the greatest gift I could receive. Money cannot buy this happiness.

I am ok
I am taken care of
I am comforted
I am where I've always wanted to be.
I am happy

Missions are amazing things. Your called to help others around you.. 

But in reality your mission changes YOU. It shapes you into what your capable of becoming. Into what God needs you to be.

It's bittersweet to not wake up to Christmas. 
However, the happiness I feel is one you cannot find anywhere else but here in the field. 

This work is hastening. God is preparing people. This is the fullness of times and I thank my father in heaven for giving me the opportunity to give him 18 months and in return gain so much more.

Merry merry Christmas everyone! Big thank you to everyone that sent a sweet note or a gift! You don't know how much that means to a missionary. I'll never forget those of you :)

Hug your loved ones and drink a nice big American diet coke to celebrate for me. 
I love you all and my gift to you is working my absolute hardest to make sure you all will be blessed at home.

Line of the week:

Me: hallo we are speaking with people about the true meaning of Christmas
Man: you mean Jesus...?

Me: yes! We know he loves you and we would love to go give you this book that..

Man: Jesus hates me and hates you


Merrrrryyyyy chrriiiissstttmmas everyone!!

Frohe Weihnachten. 

Liebe Grüße 

xxx sister d

Pictures attached:
winter temple trip
EXTREME makeover Bella fashion.. Francesco addition!! we took him shopping and got him swagggged out ready for his baptism this Saturday!!


  1. Let's discuss those boots...what are they, are they lined/warm, where can i get them.

    You can't believe how inspiring you are to potential missionaries.

  2. I appreciate all of your posts. They are REALLY, really a blessing as I'm getting ready for my mission.