Monday, February 4

Since we last chatted lots has happened..

For starters... Thanks to the generous donation to the
" feed a starving poor missionary fund" - From Bob Mitchell
My companion and i treated ourselves to a good old American steakhouse lunch.

I was just on cloud 9 yet feeling so guilty for spending more than 3 dollars on a meal... #missionarymindset

But what came as an even bigger of a shock to me was that my companion had NEVER TRIED STEAK BEFORE!!!


It's not too common to just get meat like that here unless it's in a brat or stew. She loved it!!

Best. Pday. Ever.

This week in institute the topic was " the second coming"..

Second coming topic in English is

Second coming topic in GERMAN however

haha we brought Francesco with us so he could meet some new peeps.. maybe a nice little wife.

This was the first time he had ever heard this topic.. and was just f.r.e.a.k.i.n.gout

Francesco then raises his hand and panickly asks the teacher
" no. way. Jesus is coming? Like coming here... Like I'm going to see him!?!?!"
" Is he still in his 30's or older by now?"
" will he speak German!?.. It's ok if not, I speak English and French too?"
" will he come by later today or tomorrow?"
" should I set my alarm in the morning?"

oh Francesco is wonderful..
Were planning on taking him to the temple next month!

This week my prayers were answered.
The snow melted.. and it just rained allll day and alllll night.

fact about sister d: there is no other thing she loves more than rain. she plans to move to seattle one day

Ahh it just makes everything better!! Open the windows, light a few candles, a little enya or James Taylor and a beanie and I'm a happy girl.

One day we were walking home for lunch and what felt to be a gigantic raindrop plopped on sister warnckes head.

A whiteish brown....clumpy raindrop



No really it was bird poop.

Hahahaha it was one of those moments where I didn't know what to do..to feel bad or help.. so instead I just died of laughter.

Fact about Sister Warnck
e: she loves birds..draws them..watches them.. knows all by name

We looked up and saw a little boy laughing. Turns out the little boy is the one who picked it off of his window seal and tossed it onto her head


That little neighbor of ours needs to go for a nice cleansing baptismal swim.

Thursday was my

halb zeit.

To celebrate this milestone I treated myself to a nice shower with all the hot water I wanted
(sorry fellow residents of Blochmann 15)
a scoop of gelato and I decorated our apartment!

I'm feeling pretty good. The doctors in germany even though I understand no medical vocabulary are treating me well.

They found there is a blockage in my back that is bringing pain to my heart and making it difficult to breathe for me.
They say its trauma from the car accident I was in last October..

It's been painful but were still working hard and i am definitely feeling those prayers.

I can't do as much physical labor as I'd like right now and my workouts are for the time confined to doing diddly squats

Get it...

Ahhhhhhh hahaha
Ok be a friend are my jokes good? Or am I losing it

I think the only thing more painful is my cheeks! Somehow every single old lady in the ward found out I've been in an out of the hospital,
and on Sunday all grabbed and kissed my face telling me they hope I get better soon.

The work is just wonderful! 

However, either all of our investigators simultaneously decided to take a vacation or entered the witness protection program because they went missing!!

Were working lots with the ward in hopes they can direct us to the right people!
Members are soooo important in this work I wish I would've realize that sooner..

Soooo right now were wandering the streets using the "if your scared... go to church" approach with people we meet.

The church is true the book is blue

Line of the week:
( while sightseeing in an old Church where Bach composed his music)

Me: hmm it smells weird in here...like it did in the 1600's.

Random man: well that might be because your standing right above where Bach has been buried since the 1600's

Sure enough.......



  1. first of all i love you!!! U are so funny and just a fab sister missionary! I have been looking for a blog like this as I am preparing to serve! You should do a sister missionary outfit post I am in need of some serious help. Again, Love ur blog.

  2. Your blog is so cute!!! That is so awesome that you made the decision to serve. How inspiring. I'm doing a blog for my best friend and it's so much fun to update. You should follow her blog...hermanasilva.blogspot.com! Congrats again and I look forward to reading your blog:)