Monday, February 11


This week we had the annual reaping festival here in Germany ( transfer calls )

BUT I wasn't stressing a bit. 

1: I'm still pretty young on the mission and haven't even been senior companion in the field yet

2. I haven't been with Sister Warncke too long 

3. I am relatively new to Leipzig. 

Then I heard it 

Sister Diederich will be TRAINING in Leipzig 



Wait what!?!?


So I can slug him in the arm for pranking me and then apologetically hug him.

I have been in complete shock! I'm sooo nervous but looking forward to this new challenge!

President told me a while back to prepare to train but i wasn't expecting it until the huge group of sister missionaries come in March!
Or at least after some older sisters had already trained?!?
I know President Kosak is an inspired man and I can do it!

It feels like I'm expecting a child and want to buy new mother books and manuals.
However I'm sure the scriptures and the good ole PMG (Preach my Gospel) will do!

I go to Berlin the 18th to pick her up!

Sister Warncke will be going South to Chemnitz :(

It's like experiencing a breakup ehhh but I'm use to those


Some people have been asking what's going on with my health so imma try my best to summarize in whole whats going dowwwwnnnnnn

meet me at the mall. it's goin dowwnnnnn


This week I finished my series of first doctors appointments.
Finally got to finish meeting the crew that is gonna be helping me.

Besides the fact that I've been blessed with problems for a lifetime within the last two transfers were doing good over here!!!

1. For my lungs.. I am taking two different oxygen treatments twice a day

2. For my blockage by my heart from my car accident.. Once a week I have to attend a physiotherapy appointment for 45 minutes... painful but pleasantly helpful.

3.  And last... For the answer that solves the question as to
"why Bella Diederich and runny noses & always sick have been 2 peas in a pod since the beginning of time?" 

Turns out I'm VERY allergic to..... Air. 

Hahahaha Dust and house mites.. Just life basically hahahaha and it's continually worsened because I never caught it till now
(and possibly because big how (the dad)  keeps the house at home in tiptop military shape an I napped a majority of the time in the basement.

Juuuuuust a few changes from now on,
ugly new special bedding covers for every room in the house,
no rugs or curtains in the home,
 weird looking shampoo for my sheets and clothing.

annnnnnd once a week from now on till I'm an old G-ma... emphasis on G 
( and until i can get a nice young gentlemen nurse to come do it for me).
I have to get injections for an hour once a week in my arm and when I'm home in my chest.

The last is the worse but on the BRIGHT SIDE 
( there is always a bright side with me)

We have some answers and I'm getting great help annnnnnnd the shampoo smells like gummi bears

Hopefully we can do it all on PDAY so it doesn't subtract from the work!

I asked the last doctor if it would be easier ( and wonderful ) if I could just live in a giant bubble.

She just stared at me.... SILENT

world's most awkward staring contest with a German.


This week for p-day we did extreme-makeover Francesco edition part 2. (for those of you who havent read past emails-Francesco was one of my baptisms recently and is autistic)
He is determined and now ready to find a wifey. He's been very VERY straight forward about it.

This week he walked straight up to a young girl in church and said..

" Hello I'm Francesco.. I'm baptized...I have the priesthood.. I gave you the sacrament today.......will you marry me?".
I've witnessed worse first approaches, but I do commend him on being straight forward.
Were working on it..

This week it happened....

I always miss home.. But for the first time in my mission I just got super duper homesick!! 
Being sick in a foreign country and not being able to just call mom or dad or visit Leo on his skates at Sonic has been soooooo hard!

I was just praying for soooommme kindof taste of home or something to relate to.

We visited the temple with all the Leipzig Missionaries and while inside doing the temple work a lady stopped me and said...

" Diederich..... oh there's no chance but would you happen to know a Hugo Diederich??!?"

Yes...Hugo is my uncle!!

The lady broke down in tears and just loved telling me all about Hugo and how her husband introduced Hugo and Anina to each other.. She is also a new missionary and here serving with her husband. She also was missing home..

It was pretty amazing to witness a miracle that brought two complete strangers like us together and felt like family.

She gave me her husbands card and told me to call the next time I have to visit the hospital or need anything and they'd be right there.

She gave me a huge hug and I just broke down crying!! A huuuuuugggggggg geez what are hugs!? I don't even remember!!!

Sometimes in life it always felt like i just keep getting Gods answering machine..

But being on a mission with nothing to focus on other than the Lord and his work

I looked closer and realized God always answers our prayers! It may not be how we imagined them to be but he DOES answer!!!


A member named Mike went to the American Army base near Frankfurt this week and brought me back some American treats.... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
( see photo below )

And last a song...


Line of the week:

Visiting with the infamous Frau Adam outside the temple
( well known member to all missionaries in our mission )

Frau Adam: You know what? I am not 75. I am 20. I was baptized 20 years ago and by the love of God I am born again. I feel so young! ( then proceeds to sing happy birthday... to herself )

Me: ahh that means I am a year older than you!!

Frau Adam: YES but that is okay! You my lovely look genau wie schnee wittchen ( exactly like snow white )

......I'm not sure if she was referring to the fact that I was with 7 elders..

Or dropping a hint that I need some sun on my skin....


**I will be taking my p-day next week on Tuesday instead of Monday since I'll be in Berlin!

Ich bin sehr begeistert für dieses neu Aufgabe. Es ist eine neue Herausforderung aber ich bin bereit....hoffentlich. Ich weiß dass unser Erlöser liebt und hat viele liebe für uns! 

Shoutout to Anna Diederich (my cousin) getting ready to enter the empty sea (MTC) this week! Ahhh my baby girl I'm so stoked for you.
Seems like just yesterday you and I were kids stuck in a tree and you forced me to eat leaves. Now look at you!!!! Good luck girl.

Kill it

Hurrahhhh für Israel 

Liebe Grüße

Sister D

 isabelle's fave!!

just ballin'

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