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Tuesday, February 19

That's right. I'm a mommaaaaa. 

Mission mama. 

I picked up my new missionary yesterday in Berlin!!

In walked a small group of new sisters fresh off the plane and they read my name tag and first thing they said was:

Hahahaha uhhhhhhhhh whoa I'm flattered

They said sisters in the MTC  quote me and all love laughing about every story and experience from 
Ramona, " ate it ", creepy elder lists, to go shawwwty birthday songs. 

I cannot believe it's been read everywhere from the Philippines, Israel, Netherlands and Argentina.

I gotta keep my game up now

Well so I got my new companion. 

Nervous as ever. Shaking. Sweating. Hot flashes. Stuttering. 

My new companion on the other hand totally was calm and composed 

hahahahahahahahhah bless my heart

My daughter is named Sister Woodward

She is a young sister ( one of the very first young ones to Germany) and from Colorado Springs!

Soooooo sweet. And soooooo tired. Haha today's our first FULL day together. I'm so excited to train and learn from her. I already love her!


Valentines as a missionary was just wonderfully awkward. 

I woke up and gave my companion Sister Warncke a BIG hug.. she's not a hugger but I caught her off guard

drank a nice American diet coke

Read a few scriptures about eternal marriage in LuB (Lehre und Budnisse... D&C)

We also came to the conclusion that our mailman is playing hide and go seek with us.. 
BUT when he comes back around he will have plenty of love for us. I'm sure he has a good excuse

Later that day at the mall that we walk through every morning as a short cut to get into the city, they were handing out free yellow roses.. 

So I sacrificed my lunch break and I did a few laps and eventually gathered a whole bouquet! hahahaha

Aww so sweet. I was flattered. 

( gotta do what ya gotta do )

Well I've had worse Valentines Days..

This week we were invited to eat with two older sisters in the ward. 

Schwester Pfannkuchen and Schwester Pfeffer 

Translation: Sister Pancake and Sister Pepper 

hahaha it was the best thing ever. While eating I kept choking on my food because I couldn't stop giggling at the names. 
Why is my last name not pancake?? 

We had the most authentic GERMAN meal I've had thus far.
 Kasseler mit senf ( unknown cut of meet with spicy mustard ).. 
And strumfnudeln (potato fried noodles) and last..

My arch enemy... SAUERKRAUT
Which is basically spoiled rotted sour shredded cabbage 


Right after we finished we stopped by on a less active Vietnamese member whom i adore.

When we walked in on the table I saw the dreaded rice potato balls with creme filling
 ( the same " delicacy" elder Lloyd showed up and pawned off to me in Kiel ) 

my heart dropped!!! It tasted like wet soggy socks with a cough syrup center last time with the texture of baby food.  

We sat down and I was just panicking. She had a plate for each of us both with 10 on it.

Before we began our lesson my companion said a prayer...

During the prayer I panicked and with my tissue just grabbed aBIG handful of them and attempted to put in my bag 


I began trying to shake the tissue and break them apart so it wouldn't be sooooo noticeable when ALL were missing. 

But they are sticky little buggers!!!! 

My companion being the champ she is caught onto what I was doing and prolonged the prayer for me 

Although struggling.. I finally managed to break some apart but the tissue was stuck to them! 

The prayer was coming to a close as I was scraping off as much paper off of it as I could....

but I just failed miserably. 

The prayer ended annnnnd my plate looked like a war zone


It was super sad saying by to Sister Warncke this week. I've served the longest with her than anyone in my mission. 
I've learned sooo much from her and I am gonna miss her like crazy. 
We've already planned on her coming to visit in Utah next Summer for a few weeks of all things American.

Root Beer floats
Four wheeling
Chuck a Rama
Country music
Corn dogs

whom I kidding I hate all of those things

But I am looking forward to taking her and mission buddies up to the cabin at Bear lake and take her on her first boating trip and to the temple! 

As for me this week I learned that the Lord has plans for us that we may not feel ready for. 
But I learned about " faith obedience"

For example... I'm not sure why I am a trainer. I'm still so young out. I feel like I just got here and still can't read these maps right. 
But the LORD knows I can do this. And that is what matters. 

When we truly give our lives to the Lord and put all our trust in him. We will see miracles
We will accomplish so much more and find happiness unlike any other. 

I am sister d
I am one of the last uncool 21 year old missionaries 
I'm lost in Germany
I'm a trainer
and I'm a Mormon
And never been happier in my entire life

Line of the week:
more like joke of the week..

They have been finding HORSE MEAT in products over here in Europe and now in Germany.... even found in LEIPZIG!!!!!! kill me now
The companies are making money off of claiming the meat is beef and instead... its horse.. mmkk

the joke here is::
Why are you talking to your hamburger?... because I'm the horse whisperer..

Looks like im goin VEGAN

photos from me and my new compycomp
the district zooo trip

Until next time...


  1. Love her blog! Just dropped off our 2 daughters at the MTC yesterday. This blog also was very helpful, uplifting, energetic .... for my girls!! Thank you for keeping up on her blog :)
    -Missionary Mom

  2. Love her blog! Just dropped off our 2 daughters at the MTC yesterday. This blog also was very helpful, uplifting, energetic .... for my girls!! Thank you for keeping up on her blog :)
    -Missionary Mom