haters gonna hate

Monday, February 25

( listen to Phil Collins " strangers like me"tarzan.. while reading this post )

No but really YouTube in listen to it while reading. 

hahaha I've decided being a trainer should deserve some sort of soundtrack and this song seems to fit so perfectly. 

Being a trainer is hard work but soooooo fun!! I've always loved teaching and helping others around me. 
It's like being a tour-guide!

Not to mention Sister Woodward is just the most pleasant peaceful nice person ever. 
On top of that she is a PROFESSIONAL baker. Our home has smelt like banana bread and cookies everyday!

Having a new missionary has really brought us ALOT of miracles this week in Germany. 

For example... A random lady from Spain and her 3 year old son wanderd into church because they had a feeling to come by.... 


I'm sooooo excited to teach her this Saturday.


There were two things if anything that I taught Sister Woodward that I told her i want her to remember is ..

1). Always have a book of Mormon out. Read it on the train, carry it in your arms, have it hanging out of your bag and work it

2). Talk to EVERYONE. No shame. No regrets. Don't let opportunities pass you by. YOLO

The real definition of YOLO:

not going out and making a fool of yourself but doing something with your life

I'm no YODA ( hello president kosak :) 
Nor do I have it all figured out.. 
But once in a while I do say something good. 

Hope I can continue keeping my 50,000 blog viewers happy.. I heard about you and love you

herzlich willkomen readers from Israel this week.. HOORAY FOR ISRAEL
Anyways.. sure enough Sister Woodward did what I taught and held the book of mormon the next day in her arms. 
While on the train a lady approached her and asked her about this Book of Mormon. 

Loooove it 

Later that night we applied the " no regrets" principle. 

I saw a lady sitting alone on the train and told Sister Woodward to walk up, hand her the Book of Mormon and tell her its a gift! 

She was a little nervous to do it so I took my own challenge. 

Secretly dying inside praying that it doesn't go over poorly like just about every other time so it doesn't scare Sister Woodward from trying it again

( kinda like when we were kids and my mom tried demonstrating why gambling is bad while we were in Las Vegas on vacation and she won  back her 20 bucks and we were all cheering WOOOHOOO YAAAA MOM!!!!!!.....hahahaha didn't go as planned did it? Bless your heart)

I approached the lady...told her I wanted to give her this book and she said

I briefly described what it was and how it could help her!

I left her our card and a testimony written inside the book.. I'm anxious to see what happens. 

One very true thing I learned and tell people is to never be afraid to give the Book of Mormon away.

The spirit and the Book of Mormon convert people...not us

If the person decides they do not want the book... It will end up on a shelf, or at a garage sale and eventually fall into someones hands that will read in and love it

annnnd hopefully that  person will later go for a swim!!

This week we did district power finding together.
It was a blizzard!
Blowing people off their feet everywhere and I couldn't see a thing. it was -5 degrees and I'd forgotten my gloves ahh

The Elders stopped and talked to an older lady and who appeared to be with her daughter and older grandson... 

I am not sure whether it was a bad baaaad day or whhhaaaaat but the 30yr old son got SUPER DUPER MAD!!!!! 
yelling all sorts of things at us. 

We kept walking and I turned around to look and the poor granny was having to hold this boy back from coming at us. 
Poor little thing haha

Then BAM I felt it. Just a huge snowball right at my back!!

Never thought I'd see the day when I'd voluntarily freeze my bumm off, 
get yelled at, kicked out of homes, get bags under my eyes, walk on blistered feet, 
doors slammed on my face, fed unidentifiable food, called names while wearing hideous skirts, 
wake up at 630am, no cellphone fb tweets tv, naps kisses and pinterest, 
annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd now have things thrown at me!?!..

Well on the bright side I had on so many layers I didn't feel a thaaaaaaannnng

Haters gonna hate
I do it because I know it's true. Because I know it's worth it.

Because I LOVE IT
I am happy to leave my mark in Germany...
.even though this week i had to throw up blood in the snow from my other new edition a bleeding ulcer

I AM leaving my mark. I bet noone will forget me after seeing that!!!!

That's all I have to say. All the other medical things, the work and stupidly taking well over 1000mg ibuprofen daily took it's toll. 
I gotta learn to calm it and not solve all the worlds problems..... at once. 
Just when I think I've heard enough or have too much to handle. I get a little more. 

God must have lots of plans for me....Or fell asleep laying on the:

" TEST SISTER D" button. 

But I will not stop. 

Lots has happened these last few weeks. But I know all will be well. 
Taking it a day at a time.. And praying for strength. 

I learned something a little while back that really put my life and problems into perspective. 

We were asked to write down all of our problems, troubles, trials etc.. on a piece of paper 

Then once we finished on the board was written:

all sickness of the world
all sadness of the world
all sin of the world
spit upon
called liar


shoot...That sure put me into place..

I know he lives. I know he loves us. 

and I know through our faith and prayers Kony can and will be found and STOPPED. 

hahaha remember that scandal? Was he ever found?... Does he even exist? Or just a clever scheme? Tusche 

Nah anyways
I love you all. I feel your prayers. Love your letters. And am working my best for you..
I love being a missionary. 

line of the week:
while teaching the plan of salvation

Me: Ok Nurretin.. that was a long lesson and alot to learn.. do you have any questions at all what so ever?
Nurretin: Can i have an example of a good question?
Me: uhm... why were on the earth?,,, what god asks us to do on the earth?,,,
Nurretin: OK i got one..... What does god eat?


sister woodward and i doing hood rat things with my hood rat friends.... not beavers like i thought..... but someone told us RATS
and me finding a door just my size

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