ill not sick!!!

Friday, March 8

(from Sister Diederich)
"Dear all readers of this blog, unfortunately, I was in hospital this week for some check-ups so I was not able to write the blog entry. I sincerely apologize".

We didn't post this Monday because we wanted to wait and get her results back from the biopsy they took. We received information this morning that she has gastritis in her stomach that has caused inflammation and bleeding but can be treated and healed .  She will return to the hospital in April to hopefully complete the treatment.
(a reminder it is Isabelle's birthday this month. March 25th. I told her that her blog is now up to 62,000 views and she said  "all i want for my birthday is to have all of them send me a dollar." haha)  I would love to have her locate the mailman this month with some birthday wishes!) xoxo the mom


I was asked to come to the Hospital early Thursday morning to figure out why i was throwing up blood..
Within 5 minutes of being there and not a clue of what was going on..

I was placed onto a bed.. rushed through some doors by a few attractive nurses..
had 4 different needles stuck into me and a catheter placed in my arm..
a gas mask around my mouth..
and last but not least injected with a blueish fluid

and passed out

I woke up 4 hours later completely alone.. no idea where my cute boots or companion were..
In a hospital room hooked up to a bunch of machines.. talk about a freak out
I had NO CLUE what happened and just began to cry... i hated it

A doctor came in.. because i started pushing buttons and trying to take out stuff
and told me that during the Endoscopy they found a bleeding ulcer ( worse than last time a few years ago )

But that wasn't all.. he also told me that the color and shape of the ulcer was strange looking to him..
and he asked me to return this Friday to be put under AGAIN to check the possibility of
the likeliness that there is a tumor somewhere in there..

So as you can imagine... this week sucked..
I was either in the hospital or at home..
( making telephone appointments because i was going stir crazy)

Late Saturday night just a few minutes before bed i began sweating and was in excruciating pain
My companion called the Elders and within literally minutes they were there and gave me a blessing.
I was so embarrassed but in too much pain and tears to care how i looked.. but they are all sweethearts..
Within seconds of receiving a Blessing i fell right asleep..

Today i am doing pretty good.. a little weak/nauseous and cannot keep anything but tea down..
I lost some weight ( not complaining )
and nervous but comforted for my other appointment this week.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and love in my behalf..

Line of the week:

Me: Sister Woodward... i donno if its the medicine or just a genius realization... Seals... are like dog mermaids
Sister Woodward: ya ya .... no wait... your totally right!


im ill
..... not sick

only about a handful of peeps with get that one.. love all of you who do

We have two young women that we are now teaching.
One found the ward house and wandered inside..
and the other found our Centrum.. both are progressing and have appointments with us this week!
Its amazing to see that even though i was in the hospital and couldn't really work..
that the Lord blessed us and brought people to me..

The work continues...


  1. AW she is many thoughts and prayers! What a sweet daughter/missionary you are!! We love you for who you are!!
    Shelli- CA

  2. Prayers are sent your way. Your blog helps me so much as I'm preparing to serve my mission in Alabama in a few months. Take care!!

  3. Sister Diederich, YOU ARE AMAZING.

  4. Now I know.

    You're hilarious.

    I got that reference, girl. I'm picking up what you're putting down. ;)

    1. Dain, she will appreciate your understanding! I had to ask her sister for an explanation. XO her mom