MY 25

Tuesday, April 9

gotta love conference season as a missionary

You'd think it were Superbowl Sunday the way us missionaries gather round the television

In our defense seeing something on the tv screen other than the restoration film (now have memorized), Finding Faith in Christ or The district is quite rare.

ahhhhhh sweet freedom

The most exciting part for all the elders and sisters this conference was watching the BYU choir sing and all the missionaries chiming in
 " oh hey it's Anna! I know him!! She was in my bio-chem class!! Hey he was my home teacher"

As I just sat there -_-

Ehhhhhh ya ya ya 

Does the University of Utah have home teachers? mmk.

I also loved the small moment for DEUTSCHLAND
Specifically East Germany which just happens to be where yours truly is and has been for the last 6 months.  
famous for it's cold hearts, mystery meats and old ladies that randomly yell at me on the street for not wearing tights..

General Conference truly inspired me

An ongoing theme consisted of the word light.

Light is the one word that I highlight every time it's mentioned in my scripture study.
It's a word I have heard in multiple blessings I have received, and always loved the definition of the word
Its a word with SO many different definitions. I always try to model my life in a way that i can be a light to others.
Light is often used to describe Christ and the gospel.. Pure happiness is described with light
and something worth a little thought this week

Perhaps the one thing that touched me most was the story of the Vietnam Pilot who was shot down during the War.
Assuming he would never see his family again, he was allowed to write home a small note using 25 words or less.

Aside from the fact that it sounded like a VERY challenging # tweet.

It got me thinking.

What would I say? What do I want to be remembered for? Whether it be my mission of my life?

Is 25 words enough?

I remember growing up the phrases I remember most are the ones I heard the most from my parents. 

Every. Single. Day. while driving us to school my mother would say this small simple phrase.
I never realized till I was older the significant of those 5 words

be nice to someone today
The idea of what I would say or want to be remembered for kept me up all night last night.

So I took on the challenge of writing down the 25 words I want to leave behind.

I was informed my blog has reached just about every continent over the world and my number of thousands of readers nearly doubled.
Members or Non- members i encourage every reader to do the same and write down your 25 words.

Leave you mark somewhere

25 words or less, whether it be a post, tweet, blog, pin it, text or whatever crazy new technology the world has developed while I've been away.

Share it. 

I'll be sure to check back in next week to post my 25 and would love to hear the replies and what you all have come up with.

We will call it "my 25"

The work is truly hastening. More than ever people are approaching US!
They know who we are and what were here for. (swimmminn lessons)

One of them being our most progressing investigator Sandra.
Every time I meet with her I see that LIGHT in her eyes brighten.
The love I have for her and her son is indescribable.
It truly feels like home every week when we go to teach them.

Line of the week:

Elder who will not be named..
While discussing pre-mission life

Elder: yaaaaa not to brag but I use to have X-ray vision before my mission
Me: so what happened?
Elder: Well when I got set apart it just wasn't in the Lords will

Imagine that

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