Shark Week

Monday, April 15

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh My younger sister Olivia is engaged...WHAT IN THE WORLD?!

my world is upside down
Who am I?
I'm hyperventilating

I can't say I'm surprised they've been dating since they were squirteen years old

she did beat me to everything..walking..finding which knob is hot college..and now marriage..

bless my heart god love me

can't wait to be that weird unmarried RM fresh off the plane in those wedding married couple photos s.o.l.o dolo

You can find me sitting at the kids table at the wedding telling some classic mission stories
" so kids.. this onnnne time we were dooring this old building when all of the sudden..."


but seriously I'm so happy I could die

I'm the last person to know aren't I?

Please hold off the comments and pathetic line-ups nana joyce.
I love you..I promise I don't like girls like you suspect in us 22 year old unmarried women but I will come through one day and put a ring on it.

maybe later

this week was perhaps the hardest on my mission
but one I will never forget.

This weeks success was not measured by numbers

The joy did not come from a lesson in perfect German

Satisfaction did not come from achieving every goal we set

Exhaustion did not come from pounding the cobblestone


It was the phone call from Francesco just wanting to read me a cool new verse he found in his early morning Book of Mormon study, and his perfect understanding and love of it. 

It was at our weekly appointment with a small closed-off war widow telling me she loved me as I gave her a photo framed of us together

It was Xin being interviewed and found worthy to receive the priesthood

It was the back to back rainy days

It was watching my daughter Sister Woodward overcome her fears and talk to every person in our path

It was the overwhelming comfort I felt despite spending 4 days in the hospital

My mission has made me the happiest person in the world. 

Its the most spiritually,mentally,physically,emotionally exhausting thing I've ever done.

Take Sundays for example: Normally the most restful peaceful day of the week.


Wake up
Eat breakfast..with NO comics
Go to Ward Mission Council
Track down investigators
Quickly haul to less active member houses to get their bums out of bed
Translate the meeting into English for the senior missionaries
Attend all 3 meetings vicariously at the same time using super sneaky methods
Give a random lesson when someone is sick
Ooopps you forgot your giving another talk today/no one told you?!
After church eat heavy heavy German food
Fight to stay awake
Give a spiritual thought
Be attacked by German children and laugh playfully when your really going to cry if they yank out your bun one more time
Try and fail miserably to retrieve a referral #teamgermany
Play hide and stalk with everyone that didn't show up at Church
Teach a few lessons
Plan for 3 hours
Go to bed


excitement all around
From the looks of where we live, it's an old folks neighborhood.
Small gardens, rickety people with lots of lacey curtains and couch covers.

I beg to differ

This week our companionship study was not only interrupted by ACDC from the apartment above us...

but rather the shocking/realization/confusion whether or not our neighbor in the apartment across the street from us was watching shark week or adult film. 

Well much to my dismay it was not shark week nor are there any sharks for miles and miles from Deutschland.

Naja needless to say our curtains will NEVER be opened again

it can only go up from here..

Line of the week:
Nurse: would you like to go get fluid?

Me: nope thank you I always carry some in my water bottle in my purse

the nurse then breaks out laughing uncontrollably as I just sit there weirded out and confused.

Only to find out she was asking me to come with her to go give a urine sample

And i mistakenly/confidently told her I always kept some in my purse.

gotta love the reputation us American missionaries now have over here

My bad

god bless america

lost in translation.

Liebe Grüße
the last standing Diederich daughter

sister Olivia is engaged!!!?!!!!!

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