Monday, June 3

There comes a time in the life of every missionary were they experience... a joint teach never to be forgotten.. unfortunately

I will not say names or with which investigator but will just give ya an idea of how it went...hahaha

Here we go...
Upon the first 3 minutes of our arrival
( note: while still introducing and getting to know one another )
our joint teacher brought up and taught the law of chastity..
donno why..way to soon!
check that one off our list 

For the lesson we had originally planned, and planned our message to be on The Restoration and the importance of modern day prophets
then.. it happened..
There are no words for how.. or why
The following topics were brought up/ demonstrated
by our joint teacher in a matter of 45 minutes:

The term '' joint'' ( yes the drug reference )
Asking the investigator why he isn't married yet
A demonstration of the ''foxtrot''
The lineage of the Brother of Jared
The JT demonstrating how to properly kiss someones hand..
with our investigator
Michael Jacksons death
The Judaic Law
The Catholic symbols for the sacrament
Paprika potato chips

and last..

explaining to our investigator that the reason why we cannot come meet with him alone is because:
''The church fears you will grope the sister''
The only topic i believe we missed was..

The planned topic of the restoration annnnnnd perhaps we could have
explained where Kolob is

I wish i could say i was joking... but i can't

Completely speechless i closed with a prayer

Seeing as how we had failed to rope back in the long lost lesson,
I took the opportunity of uninterrupted prayer to teach 
a small and simple lesson on the restoration..

'' we are so thankful that after centuries of being lost, that the
gospel of Jesus Christ was restored to the earth,, We know that
Gospel Blesses Families and that the Book of Mormon is evidence
that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God,, Bless us with the
knowledge that these things are true through the Holy Ghost''

We closed and then asked..
sooooo when can we come back?!?!
 haven't heard back from him yet.
on the bright side.
He now knows more church doctrine then the average mia maid


This week once again.. EVERYTHING FELL OUT
Seemed to be a theme this week to have
people i love just walk away..
Super discouraging week as far as that goes..
Breaks my heart to watch people you care so
so so much about just give up that easily on things..
But i believe that God has prepared people and
everything happens for a reason.. I just have
to have the faith to be patient and wait for things
to come in their own due time.. The people that
care will make a place and stay!
The Reaping is this weekend.. ugh. we will gather around the phone
listening to the President making transfers.
I cannot lose my soul mate.. Sister Madsen.
Well.. only one more year till she moves
into Riverwoods with me.. whoops.. yup
i said it...
I'M MOVING TO PROVO.. judge me

Everyone keeps telling me im dying.. 
People who see me love reminding me.. 
18 more weeks.. and your home..
I'm just trying to focus and not count time but..

as much as i'd love to blame no mail on the
forgetful mailman.. i cannot anymore
as much as i do enjoy shoving the mailbox
with chocolate so i don't walk away unhappy
later that day.. I need you.
there  is your guilt trip loved ones
Line of the Week:
Man: Hey would you like to get together some time?

Me: Ya we would love to get together at the church.

Man: No.. i mean like would you want to get together
and meet and talk a little?

Me. No definitely, Ya we would love to get together at the church
and talk a little about the Book of Mormon
Man: Nevermind

worst day ever

but sometimes we just have to laugh it off


  1. Holy smokes, your blog is the funniest thing ever! One of my very best friends just got called to Frankfurt, and I'm reporting to Rio di Janeiro in 36 days! I'm sooo looking forward to having moments like these haha

  2. ohhh my goodness I love this. this right here just makes me so much more excited to go serve! thanks for all the advice on this blog, I desperately need it. 114 dayyyyyys #blessed

    1. this blog is really right for the sister considering going on a mission.. i too must go, i should pray and fast for this feeling i have. good for you cait.. STAND FIRM.