sister missionary probs

Monday, July 15

I hate p-day... no i lied i love p-day..
I just feel sooo weird..
Sitting at these turkish internet ladens with not
a clue of what song is playing.. 
getting trunky emails 
and not being out working 

BAH I"ve lost it haven't i?? naja

lets see.

Lets start with what i learned this week...

note to self: never EVER  play the game... never have i ever.....
 with missionaries (what was I thinking)


Sleeping on a bunk bed and trying to be creative with 
sleeping in different directions results in a 


I couldn't walk, turn my head or sit up for 3 days this week!!

Our sweet senior couple rushed over and 
poured voodoo oils all over me to help with 
the pain.. Apparently there is some HUGE
new trend with these Oderra oils?? or something

Witchcraft i tell ya... but it works..
and smells good..

I smell like a walking advertisement for Icy Hot

I learned how to use chopsticks
( upgrade from my stab technique i had prior)

I learned that hairspray removes ink from letters
where you didn't mean to write something in pen..

I learned that this work is amazing...


Lots of weird weird encounters this week..
Things that are probably not blog worthy..

One of my favorites just to give you a sneak peek
was attempting to teach a New Members mother..
She owns a African Hair Salon called: '' Harlem '' 

We dropped by to share the good word
with her..She couldn't of been less interested in our message,
but we shared it anyways...

When we asked her how she felt about our message is all she answered:

Which one of you will marry my son?



Well.. Our happy little Elf Dirk is doing AMAZING..
This week leading up to his receiving the Holy Ghost
Satan was working soooo hard on him..


Dirk remained strong and is now the newest member
of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

wow... such a blessing. He sat down with me after
his blessing with tears streaming down his cheeks..
He turned to me and said

'' Sister Diederich... today.. my life begins ''


I love being a missionary
Why did i not serve earlier!?!?!
oh wait.... 

I'm one of them 22 year old dinosaurs you use to hear about

I wish i could share more.. but this week
was VERY NORMAL and working working working
I could swamp you with boring stories about
dooring, finding, rejected referral requests, investigators playing hide and go seek etc...

but i wont..

Instead i will compile a small list of


When Elders wear a loved ones Cologne
or in sister fugals case this week.... an Ex's (that is rough)

When you can't GOOGLE or PIN it.... so you 
end up trying to set up the Apartment Fan
with a can of tomato soup and a pair of scissors..

As a sister your the AUTOMATIC GO- TO for:
Mints, Tissues, Hand Sanitizer, What to buy your
girlfriend back home advice, Chorister for meetings, Baked
items, Decorating Calendars and planning events.

When your companion forgets to wear her nametag
and you walk around looking like JDUBBZ (jehovah's witnesses) all day..

When you get mistaken for a lesbian couple

At conferences meetings,, etc.. There is always
conveniently a bench saved FRONT ROW for you
by the elders.... thanks babe

After a week you run out of sweater scarf combinations

Your only outlet for decorating is ripping Ensigns apart
and gluing the pictures onto your wall

The Young Women think you toooo old and 
the Relief Society thinks your toooo young

Almost immediately following being asked
what your age is... Your asked why your not married
yet and on a mission instead


I love you all so much..
Hannover is amazing!! We are seeing
miracles.. This week we found
a new sweet young college student to 
teach! We have our first appointment
with her this Tuesday at a members home!!
The Lord is really blessing us and i couldn't be happier!!

Line of the Week:


Elder: Sister Diederich... do my shoes match my eyes?

Me: .....

(I  look up and down at eyes and shoes back and forth)


Elders Companion: Duuuudddeee she just checked you out!!!!


dont worry... hahah our Zone leader that overheard the conversation took care of it..
My Zone leader asked me how i would like my form of an apology..

I said in comic book form...
because lets face it... i don't like reading long essays..

sure enough... i got a comic book apology 

gotta love the elders

pampering session


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