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Monday, July 29

where do i begin??
oh man so ill just start from the TOP
I left at like the crack of dawn to get to Berlin
to pick up my new missionary.. I totally passed
out on the train and missed my stop..
So i was cassuuuaallllly and ffashionably ( a given ) late
for the trainers meeting..
We listened to a sweet little lesson about how
our new missionaries will NEVER forget their trainers..
Then we were assigned our new companions fresh
off the train..

I love new missionaries.. they look like deer in headlights..
Back when i first got on the mission ( look at me talking bout
them good old days).

When you entered the room you KNEW which one was
your trainer... seeing as how it would be the ONLY
other girl in the room.
But this new age change has totally shaken up missionary life.
A Sister who hasn't even been out 6 weeks themselves are
training!!! I assume that is how it must be alllll over the world
right now. I know lots get overwhelmed with new leadership callings
and they haven't even finished their training pamphlet! ahhhhh
well anywho..

I have been assigned to serve with

She is just a doll. She is from WEEZER Idaho ( i love that name... with a y)

Idaho. She is super super sweet annnnnnnnnd
is completely 100% IDENTICAL to

Selena Gomez...


i just look like either 
a. that awkward no name fan that follows her
b. her body guard

bless my heart
She has a SUPER big desire to work hard! I love it
it will be a great way to finish off what time i have left.

After the meeting we scurried along our way to catch
our train to KASSEL.... im still not over saying that ahhhhhhh
While we at Berlin Hauptbahnhof a man came up to us
and asked if we spoke english. He is from DC and needed
help buying a train ticket.. He was suppppppppper funny and
reminded me identically of usher... yeahhhh
He was super greateful for my help and then asked us who we are 
and what we are doing in GERMANY... We explained we
are missionaries from the church..
He said '' MORMONS??!!!'' I LOVE mormons..
I play soccer with like 50 a week.. but noones ever talked
to me about it... Geez how do i become one of you mormons..

Well sir... we would be happy to help you with that.
Unfortunately he was heading back to DC but we got his
contact info and will be sure to refer him :) haha. Before we left
he said:

 OH HEY.... what ever happened to those awesome
commercials you guys use to have??
Family... isnt it about... time?
They use to make me feel all good inside
After that exciting encounter.. I was star struck from the
days adventures and we continued trying to figure out
where the heck we were supposed to go.. Sister Tolman said:
'' I'm super excited,, what train do we take? where do we live?
what is the ward like? wheres the church? do we have investigators??''
no idea which train..
i have an address for our apartment
the ward is... um we will find out
the church is..... to be announced
and..... investigators? no not yet
Hahaha white washing is just wonderful.. But unfortunately
we don't even have a lost area book to pick up.. We are
starting from ground zero and trying to build ZION.
The train ride into Kassel was BEAUTIFUL!! It was all misty
and we were winding through huge green hills with cute villages
tucked up in them.. I legitimately thought i was on a train
to Hogwarts.. Sooo... stoked
The city is beautiful.. Best way to describe it
is where Pinnochio lived.. mixed with Heidi..

We got to our apartment and well..
ITS AMAZING.... I have no idea how the church got this for us.
Have you seen shark tale? You know his apartment??
( geez this email is full of movie references.. naja)
Well ours is 10 times more amazing.. We are like in the tallest building
in Kassel. on the top floor!! We have a 360 degree view of the whole city!!
Our apartment is all glass so you feel like there is nothing there!!
We have a huggggggge wrap around porch...
pday tanning..
ahhh for real there are no words.. its like my DREAM apartment..
post mission life.. ugh
While settling in we found a carved stick.. with a note from a little
member who helped set up our apartment a few days prior..
He told us that he has carved us this stick to help protect us
from vampires..

Well.. I'm at a loss of words.. Were just settling in and getting
going so not toooooo much to report on..
We did get some referrals from the Elders.. but they just
gave us all of the crazies.. I am eager to find new people and
help people take their first actual swimming lesson!!!

in baptismal waters..

Kassel is EVERYTHING and more i dreamed of.. I am so happy
to be here i wake up each morning and miss morning sport because
I'm too busy praying thanking god for sending me here.. hahahaha
I am so happy and can tell you right now
This gospel changes lives..
I look back on the last bit of my life and never dreamed i would
be where i am today. I am so thankful to my father in heaven
for helping me overcome trials and clear my path for me.. I feel
now more than ever i am where i am supposed to be and have
never felt so much TRUE joy as i have as a missionary for the
church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints.

Line of the week:
Group of new missionaries:
Sister: ohhhhhhh what am i going to do without
one direction in my life..
Me: Who the heck is that?
other sister: this AMAZING brit pop boy band
Me: soooo... kinda like nsync
well.. I'm out of the loop.
and 100% OK with it.

We are off to see some sites than begin our journey to turn this branch into a ward!
view from our apartment

our vampire weapon

TYPICAL area book referral from the elders.. thanks for nothing

i got a little excited about kassel... no i just spilled while sitting down

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